Бумер (фильм)

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Бумер (фильм)

Subtitles translated and created by
Leon aka Smitty, Riga, 2006 OK, quickly, we are setting
everything on fire. I will put gazoline on top and you
should fill through the windscreen. Put more inside, so the cockpit
would burn entirely. Wait, Dimon, if it’s without an alarm,
I’ll take her to me. Do we want to punish that guy,
or do you need a ‘Boomer’? We’ll punish this businessman anyway, if I’ll take this Boomer to me. Great… Petya ‘RAMA’ – SERGEY GOROBCHENKO
Dimon ‘OSHPARENNIJ’ (‘Burned’) – ANDREJ MERZLIKIN Kostyan ‘KOT’ (‘Cat’) –
MAKSIM KONOVALOV Director of cinematography –
DANIEL GUREVICH Composer – Sergey Shnurov
(rock band LENINGRAD) So, what?
– Built in alarm, has fired. Now, if this jerk won’t wake up,
we’ll take her. OK, let’s go. Come on… Come on, bitch! Director –
Latvian car plates… 😉 BOOMER
(BMW) Look, does it looks good?
– Normal. Will finish in a week.
– Look, new plates. It’s a 2 day’s work.
I’m just way too busy. Don’t rush up, do it
carefully. I want to keep it. So, listen, I got some problems,
need your help. – What’s going on? Nastja, come on,
we have just decided everything. I am just talking.
But I am very serious about this. Hallo, is it you, Oshparennij? Kostyan, I got in a situation.
Listen… On the way home, bumped on some
crazy idiots. So, it’s difficult, I mean,
they threw me away from my MERCEDES. Got to meet them at
6 o’clock. Come one. We are now with RAMA.
LYOHA will arrive soon. Alright, I’m going. Will pull you…
– What ‘pull you’? Are you drunk? So, it’s all again?
– Yeah. Dimon blew his tire,
I need to get there to help him. Need to pull car till service. Nastja,
I will go out for an hour. At least see the guys
last time. Why do you need this?
– It’s belongs to LYOHA KILLA. Need to give it back? So, what’s we gonna do,
if they are not here? I have heard they speaking
about a place. Here they are. Come on.
– Bottom’s up… Listen, what’s your name? Hey look, this moron’s here,
came to beg us. Who is the ‘moron’?
Why are you setting this up? What are you thinking?
– Are your talking to me? What the fuck are you…?
– Easy! – Sit down! What are you doing bitch!
– You fuckers! Stop, mothefuckers, stop now!
Everybody, calm! Let him go! Move it! Hey you, why you got up?
Sit down, bitch. Don’t move! Quickly! I haven’t finished changing
chassis number! Need more time… So, what’s gonna do?
– Why you haven’t finished? We need to take car anyway. We have situation,
we are without car now. Listen, fuck with chassis number,
nobody will be checking it, anyway. Ok, now I’ll put everything up
and you’ll take her. So what, everything’s alright? Not exactly. Why are you so freaked? We just escaped from some
‘kids on bikes’. They followed us.
Somebody sneaked that we’ve visited KULIBIN. Cops visited KOT’s mother. How they sniffed us so fast? How? Your car left there.
They could seen plates on my scrap too. …or these morons framed us. We need to go down for
a couple of weeks. I’ve called Sanich,
we’ll visit his summerhouse. I think it’s serious. Have you got
guns? – Everything’s alright. Got ‘TT’ and ‘MAKAROV’. – What about
GLOCK? – No bullets. It’s you, on recent barbeque
both clips have emptied. Fucking freak! So, we’ll stop or not?
– No. Let’s go… Stop.
He’s talking someone’s on the radio. Good evening.
Leutennant Zavazalski. So, commander,
sorry. Our fault. No, you’ve done nothing. Commander, what are problems?
We are sorta rushing. So what?
Follow me. Open engine. Why do we need to show engine… Cop’s, bitch! Nobody will open this
damn engine now. Wha’s been there? – Had to give all
cash to him. He’s been crazy,
Asked for a 15 grands. It was hard but we managed to
get away with 1000 bucks. Fucking nobody will get
to engine, won’t be able to open. And how you gonna fill oil?
– Ask your smart ass. Can you turn this shit off from radio! Petja, this ‘shit’ has been written
by Mozart. – And who is this? Hallo. Hallo… HALLO, fuck! Silence. – It’s sniffing…
Trying to locate us. Unhealthy shit. Need to switch off
cellphones, as they can find them. Nobody knows my number. Knows or don’t knows?
Do you think they are stupid assholes? – Yeah. My number nobody knows,
except you. Need to switch off. What? – Can’t find my phone.
Nobody seen? Look in front.
– Look under the seat. How long we need? – About 100 miles.
– The car won’t ride that much! Hey, we’ll stop some jerk on truck.
– My phone… – May be you left it in KULIBIN’s? He’ll be ok if someone’s find it,
he’ll say somebody left the phone. We’ll say that doesn’t know anybody.
– Take out batteries as well. What are you scaring us?
Batteries, mothefucker! I think he’s watched
JAMES BOND too much. I think it’s real. The phone
gives signal anyway. OK, take it, or
you won’t stop this shit. Gas station soon.
– Anybody’s got money? I got 20. – On -that- 20 you only
get some milk from granmother. Hey, is anybody here?
– No, everybody’s gone. Can we get gas somehow?
– I don’t know, nobody’s here. Your car? – Yeah.
Great car! Boomer 7 series. It’s 750.
– 5-litres? -Yeah. So, what about gas?
– I don’t know, noone’s here… Get this stereo, sell to someone,
KENWOOD, it’s working. Take. – Keep it, I will fill you up for free. What are you doing? Hey, take that, ‘boss’
will be kicking assholes. Alright, get car quickly until noone’s here.
– You are good guy. Do you have place to wash hands? Real? Yeah, we had one baseball jerk
from his “America’. What are you doing here? – No money,
nothing to do. Father’s drunk. So what? I had no father and
look, became a person. In this life until you take it
yourself, nobody will make you gifts. Look at you,
you looks normal. Could have gone to construction
or to factory. Oh, I will go fill her up.
– OK. What are you doing?
Why are you filling your car? Station is closed.
Take it out. Why are you talking this way?
– Take it out, I said. Where are you from?
– This is MY station, actually. Your station?
– Yeah. OK then.
– Move, move. It’s stuck. Take it out.
Now pay. Listen, problem with cash, here’s
good stereo. – Why the fuck do I need it? Give your gasoline back. What’s the fuck!
– Give money for gas! Are you crazy?
It’s our station. Why are you talking like this?
Who’s crazy? Who’s crazy? We’ll talk now. Who are you anyway? – OK here are the
bosses, then we talk. Hi guys!
– Hello, Serjoga. What’s problem you got?
– They don’t want to pay for casoline. Look guys, this man work for us,
and you can’t get away with this. Nobody wants to do this. We really have problem.
Why this guy talking this way? No money, but we got stereo.
– Why do I need this fuck? Pay!
– Wait a sec. Looks good. Someone’s stole
stereo from KOLKA’s ‘PAJERO’! Ok guys, drive.
– Thanks guys. Bye. Good luck!
Don’t do this again. What are you looking at?
Film this! You don’t understand? Quckly…
Film me, quickly! What are you looking? – Not your business.
– You’ll get problems, fucker. What’s wrong, guys? Film this. OK get out of here.
– Let’s go! Help! Get this! Hold it, son of bitch! Son of bitch! Fuck..
Moron! RAMA, pull over! Look at him, bastard! So, great car?
– Yeah, car’s in great condition. Don’t relax! What’s up guys?
Break down? No, commander,
everything’s fine. OK, then let’s take a look
at your documents.. . . Why? Have passports ready too.
– What’s going on? We have something…
– What ‘something’? – Problem. You. Open engine.
Look inside and in trunk. Pull it! Look, commander,
it’s stuck… Really?
– Strange. Hold it. What to pull here? – There. How you gonne put oil in there? Here’s you can put it straight in to tank.
– Yeah, together with gasoline. You, jokers! Alright then,
good luck. What’s do you have here, in the paper? I never read such newspapers.
– We’ll take a look. Looks like grass, lieutennant.
Looks like green tea to me. Finish up your performance, commander,
You put it here yourself. You thin we are idiots? – Go to your
farms and make joke on you farmers there. This is crime –
keeping and selling of drugs. So, we’ll go to the precinct,we’ll
find out who’s making jokes on whom. And your engine we’ll check
up too. Take a wheel. 12th, 12th, I am 31th . We’ll get to you with
‘cool’ Moscow criminals. They appears to be narco dealers. Listen, commander.
What’s the problem? I don’t have problems, son.
You have problems. Narco trafficing, aren’t you? OK, let us pay ‘fine’ on the spot and
you let us free. I will pay you.
You are their boss? What’s name? – Kostja. Are you crazy?
– Freeze! Don’t move! I will take it out myself.
– Don’t move I said! You motherfucker! Looks like you don’t carry
your cash in the wallet. Wrong. Banknotes are better in the wallet. What’s this?
Fake? Yeah, to give it to jerks.
– Confiskate. Don’t take everything from them
– You think they haven’t got more? Take. Considering paying penalty on spot,
you are released to go. Good drive, as we say,
visit us again! Let’s go. – What are you looking?
Let’s go. Drive faster from here. CAT, where’s you got money?
I don’t want to say anything…, but why did we had this show
on the gas station? You said that you gave
all cash to the cop? What are your problems?
What are your pretensy? Do I look like a ‘rat’ to you? You saying this to me?
Are you motion sick or what? Did you moved the money?
– No. You mothefucker!
Great! How many times I was telling,
don’t leave money inside. ”Leave them something”. We’ll just return and shoot them.
– Where? Go! Work it out! Moron! How did you came to idea,
to search cop’s car? So, I see this shit. I think, they are framing you,
what should I do? Yeah, these cops are totally
crazy. Without any reason… We are too noticeble. Third!
Third! Bust everybody! Look. We’ve busted
fake money producers. We got them when they started print
2 bucks instead of 1. They think we are idiots. Oh, God! Bust them.
Everybody! I get to them. Evrybody
will be busted! Good! We’ll bust eveybody! Open up another champagne! …”Our Radio”…
CAT, could you find something else? “Good morning. It’s radio “CLASSIC
WAVE”. We continue with your calls…” We have a call: Hello!
What’s your name? – Hi. This is Max. Whom do you want to send greeting? – To my friends.
To my friend Dimon. Does your friend have a surname?
– Yeah, yeah. Dimka Pashparin, we call him OSHPARENNIJ
which means ‘Burned out’. – Great. Go ahead. Dimon, Dimon, if you hear this,
if you are driving there, where you know… Hey Cat,
make it louder! What are you doing? Do you want
to turn your fucking classic music again? Don’t you see – we are listening?
– Here he goes again with his classic shit. …very original you had,
your greeting. .. so for ‘buned-out’ Dimon… who shouldn’t go where,
where he knows himself, so so it woun’t happen to him,
he knows what may, we put song… What do you want?
– This… Shalyapin. – What exactly? Just put what you want…On your decision.
– Hear that shit! Have you heard this?! …so we put romance ”Hesitation” with the
performance Fjodor Shalyapin. Good luck. So… I think we
won’t go to Sanitch. What a shit! Imagine we’d go there
they’d quickly lock us up. Max is cool! What a trick!
Imagine – message through radio! Now imagine if we wouldn’t heard that?
– What we gonna do? Can you call to your known,
agent guy? – Exactly, Cat. They should have some
information there. Where we going? Drive to that coffee bar.
They should have a phone. Where the fuck is
my cell phone? Bar-coffee
LION and BULL Hi, Kirill! Recognized?
– Sure. Don’t call this number again.
I can’t talk to you right now. It’s very serious down there.
You should loose yourself at all. Don’t call ANYBODY.
– What’s up? Don’t you read newspapers? – No.
– And what about TV? – This neither. Now listen.
Two days ago, 4 idiots… …started a conflict with
another guys. …Started a shootout. Shot them
and my undercover colleague… You mean…? – Exactly. This criminal gang was under a watch
of special division… …specialized on the
confiscated items… Our man was there undercover.
And these 4 morons are in deep shit. Right now they are identified.
Search is underway… Come on, Cat. I got you a soup here.
Good stuff. Home cooked. Eat up. So what’s there? What’s wrong? Deep shit! Why the fuck you started a shootout? Do you think I should have
started a gladiator fights? Any casulaties? What the fuck you are
smiling, Batman! There’s a KGB guy got shot.
– What a shit! Yeah, unlucky fella. He was not
in right place in wrong time. You don’t understand? There’s truckload of shit,
we will be tired from cleaning it. Fucking shooter! I don’t understand…
Do you blame me? Or do you think I did
this for myself? OK, I can go to cops myself,
if you mean it. What should I have done
with these morons? This dumb-ass lost his car,
you got under attack… …that guy tried to reach his gun. Do you want to be called ‘beggers’?
I don’t want that. Is that clear? Can you calm down?
– Why he’s playing a ‘boss’ game. It’s already enough, why start
battling with each other. Who’s gonna win out of this. Where’s our meal? I know another guy,
we can stop there for a while. Need to call him, but
not sure if he’s there. Where are you going?
– I’ll be right back. Let’s go! Tell me, Dimon! From out of nowhere,
how they got car from you? They just pushed me,
while I was talking. Motherfucker. Is that your trucks?
– Yeah, I mean, ours… Why did you put them
this fucking way? I think they are ok.
– What’s the problem? Do YOU want problem!?
– What’s wrong? We can move’em.
– OK for now. I moved myself. Need to go.
I think he’s there. How far? – 500 miles. Too far, need more gas.
– There’s ‘gas’ sitting. They got 2 trucks there,
I think they are sweeties.. OK let’s push them?
– That’s what I mean. Will talk to them. Hello, guys! Where you going?
– We are nearly there. The others waiting for us
near next town. You can get trouble
until you get there. Any proposals?
– You should make proposals. Alright, we are going same way, can control that you and
your cargo be safe from troubles. So-o tha-ank you!
– Yo-ou are we-elcome! Of course it’s not free.
– We don’t have money. Our chief got money,
and waiting us there. While you thinking about your
money issues, you forget others. I am not rushing you,
have your time. So, didn’t worked out? – I’ll shoot
their tires – then it will work out. Wher’s your t..t..?
– Toilet in the back yard. – Telephone! Is that your trucks?
– Yep, ours. What’s about it? Nothing.
Need to talk. What’s going on?
Let’s talk here. You need to move your trucks.
We are want to unload the cargo. Let’s go. No time to eat, damn it! Now these locals take everything.
And we lost our time. I was telling,
these jerks! So, shit your pants? Go and see,
what’s going on with your friends. Go, go. What to do?
– Nothing. They’ll unload half of your
cargo and go away. How much money you got? Money got our chief.
– Then go and eat this shit. Bucks… 300.
– How much? Not enough. Listen – anyway, we say that
cargo ours and you confirm that. Understood?
Let’s go. …give money or will stay here… We don’t have money.
Everything got our chief. What chief?
– Next town. You need 1000 to pass through.
– We don’t have money. Hi, guys! What are the problems?
– And where are you from? We’ve been here all the time,
and where are YOU from? This is our location.
We are working here. Everybody knows. I am Hmelya,
and these are my guys. So who are your, again? Alright guys, this is our
cargo and we are watching it. What the fuck are you talking about?
You think we are idiots? What this guy talking about next town,
about chief? We think we are suckers?
– I don’t give a fuck, what’s this guy told. You listen what we are saying you.
– Where you’ve been before? Where you’ve been before? You
know that they owe us already. What did you said?
That you don’t have money, gas… The car has broken down.
– Yes, it’s broke down. How many times did we tell you, that you don’t talk without us. Do you want make us conflict? Go to your truck, fucker
– You son of bitch… Go to your truck.
OK leave him… And what about you: how many times
I told that you don’t do this shit. Go away! See guys, what can happen
because of such mistake? We are working for Suharev.
Do you want this point? With Suharev? – Yeah.
– We see… Alright guys!
Have good road. OK guys!
– good luck. I don’t like this shit! Don’t
look like their cargo! Their car got Moscow plates and
trucks’ – hell know. – I think they just arrived… Have you seen, what’s in the trucks? I think vodka.
– Hold them. I’ll go and check.
Hold it, guys! What’s cargo? – Why asking?
– Guys are interested. It’s…. vodka. – May be you give
us couple of boxes? No, guys, bad shit. – Really? We better give you something
on our way back. OK then, guys, good luck. Moscow assholes! Release them.
– Go! Checking us,
motherfuckers. Good work! How did you know
what’s inside? I have checked them in advance.
– Good work, Lyoha! We don’t need the shit with locals. We need to get 300
bucks from these guys. OK.
I’ll be right back! Let’s drink! – What’s going on?
Have you heard that story… – Fill my glass too, damn it. How was your trip?
I thought you’ll be only in the morning. Appears it was normal. Need 300 bucks.
– What for? There been gang, almost lost
our cargo. These guys helped us, so we need to pay.
– Also criminals. Gangs! – Where we get fucking money?
– Don’t swear, here are ladies. How many? – Four. From BMW.
– Send them to hell! If they don’t want to go,
we’ll punish them. Do you remember, when
five guys beaten you. How much our blood
did they drank? And you, Mihalich, do you remember
how your truck was fucking burned? Remember. – So. What’s you say, Fjodorovitch? I would propose… We will smack them, ‘a little’,
and later give to cops. Damn about time! For health… This is only for me –
$150. You need to go, guys.
These men went totally crazy. Are you fucking nuts?
How did you move the truck? What the fuck are you doing, moron?
– You want money? Yeat this! Vardjas! Get this, bitch! Guys, Kostya!
Let him go! Fuck… Get from car, bitch! Don’t move, bitches! I kill
everyone, who moves. What did you took?
Don’t show me your gun! Get down, motherfuckers! That’s it, motherfuckers,
what did you want, bitch? Kill motherfucker!
– KILLA get the wheel! Get in the car! Rama, whatch for Dimon. What’s there? Heavy wound. How did you managed,
brother? This short motherfucker, get
me screwdriver in the stomach. I got him, like a pork. Get to me, my dear!
– Serious? Wait! You fucking nuts!
This is my screwdriver. I fix my cockpit with it.
Get lost, whore! – Fucking moron! Get out of here. I wish you die in your cockpit, moron! Go inside, undress. Don’t give up, bro’.
We’ll find you a doctor. We’ll find fucking nothing here. Stop, we say! Do you hear us?
Stop, at once. Pull over, idiot! Stop, idiot, stop! Where’s doctor?
Our man is dying. Here’s no doctor.
– You don’t understand? To hospital! Hey, inside, do you hear?
– Anybody there? Man need help.
Where’s doctor? That’s my car,
there’s no doctor. – Open up. I am not working in the hospital. Where’s nearest hospital?
– In the Polina’s. What, fucking Polina’s?
– In the district center. OK, turn round, get your stuff out,
we’ll drive to Polina’s and show us hospital. I don’t have enough gasoline! You don’t need to go there.
‘Dog-woman’ taking care of us, if we sick. What are you saing? What Dog woman?
You nuts or making jokes? Hold on, guys. Tell us about
Dog woman? – Old woman. She’s taking care of wounds or births. Last year Vitya chopped off his
leg with saw – so she’s put it back. OK, let’s drive to your Dog Woman.
– No, I won’t. I’m afraid. You don’t understand?
Move! I said, I won’t. – You bitch,
went insane or what? Stop this!
I’ll kill this moron. What are directions? – 0,5 km
on the road, then turn. The road will be very bad. …then old machine, the first house – Dog Woman. Go to hell!
– Alright, man, take care. Thanks. Turn here! That’s the place! The car’s stuck! Come on! Faster. Go, go! Don’t push too hard! Carefull! That’s it!
What a shit! Wait, we’ll push again. Where you go, Rama? Do you listen to us? Where you going?
Wait I’ll help. So, what am I suppose to do? I think we are going wrong way. Why are you quiet? Cat, at least you tell him!
Where do we go, in this shit. Hey, is anybody home?
Hey, err, Dog Woman, open up! Go inside! Carefull! Cat, go here quickly. Look! – Dog Woman!
Get up! I think she’s dead.
Her eyes like a glass. Listen, if she breathes?
– You listen. – No way. Let’s find some medications. Everything sour!
– Enough eating. I shouldn’t leave the drink
Still alive? What do you need?
You want to steal something? What’s she’s doing with him?
May be we should see? It’s ok without us, I think.
Screaming – then he’s alive. What’s with tires?
Blew? – You don’t need to know. You have too many nails on roads. You seems from far away.
Meeting someone or what? You can stay even at Dog Woman.
She heals people from whole state. You have too many questions, for a driver. Don’t afraid of Dog Woman? Listen. Pull carefully, slowly,
or you break this to hell. I am just asking?.
You seems very angry, ‘city people’. Do you need this –
‘where are you from’. Less know – longer live.
– That’s fair. Ready?
– OK, slowly. Go, go, go! Thanks, man, take it. Too much. I may get drunk from this.
– I don’t have less. Then I’ll have to get drunk, understand? Looks like you’re ‘in charge’? She’s told that she’ll cook us potate if we’ll peel it.
I am damn hungry. How’s Dimon? She says he’s ok,
but don’t let me see. He’s crying all way,
it seems he’s very bad. She’s cooking some herbs.
Damn smell! When do you plan to be quiet? What’s caused that injury?
Screwdriver? No, granny.
That’s he’s on construction yard… Do I look like a rounded foul? All of you get killed…
for nothing… It’s not we, who are bad,
it’s the life, that’s bad. The car is scary too.
Like a catafalc. Hello! – Come, dear to the kitchen.
I have prepared everything. What are you looking?
Get undressed, fast. What are you waiting?
You all look like wearing a shit. Katjka will wash everything
and get it back. Do you have something for us to wear?
– Wait. Not so bad.
Nice girl! So, ‘wear shit’. Shall we?… So what’s looking? Let’d do together!
– Stop annmoying lady, ok? Look, he’s like a gentleman!
– And why don’t you undressing? I’m OK. – Shy-guy?
– He is … Take it. And this. Ok then.
– take. What are you looking now?
Liked our Katya, aren’t you? Now look at me!
She is only one in our countryside. Her mother is paralised here,
so he returned here from city… So, got potatoes, come.
Will feed’ya. What should we do, Cat?
Do you want to leave him? Do you think it’s better to make a band here.
Until everyone knows… Look at them, they haven’t seen
such car for life. I bet there are rumors now already. Also what’s with those crazy truck drivers? Do you think I want to leave him?
I don’t understand. Any proposals?
I am with everyone. Where are you going? – Will go through,
look for spare tire. If I only knew, I’d get one more spare… Hey, stranger, hello!
Do you visit somebody? ‘Brother’ let’s go for a drink.
I’m celebrating. End of army… I am not your ‘brother’, you crazy? Hey, you, go back. Get back, I said! You don’t recognize me, bro? Go to hell, get lost. I am busy. Understand! See you in hell, bastard. Do you know what I have done with
likes of you in the army? They washed my socks!
Understand? Pashka, drunk again!
– What’s wrong? I am celebrating! I gave my blood for these morons… What fucking blood?
You cooked for 2 years. Just eating….Bitch!..Parasite… What are you taking sunshine?
I think I made myself clear. We have ‘eating pause’. – We have
done with wallpapers… Tomorrow buyer will come,
and it’s not finished. Why are yu nervous?
Can’t take decision? We have all visas. What is linking you to this place?
Your ‘brotherhood’? What I will be doing there?
On gas station or garbage man? I know only ‘Grand Mercie’ in French. Nevertheless you know all criminal expressions. How long do you think it you will be getting clean out of that? I don’t want to be your
jail visitor. Or visit your grave.
– Don’t say it, OK? I am ashamed of guys.
looked like a traitor. Nobody will let you free. How’s about your ‘prestige’? Your KILLA and ‘BURNED-OUT’ are closer
to you than myself… Nastya. Why are you saying this? I will take my own personal decision. – You lie! I have heard million times.
I am leaving this… Then your KILLA or BURNED OUT come… and evrything starts again! Nastya! Please.
I think we decided everything. I mean everything. It’s not easy. I like you very much, Katja. Listen? I gotta go.
My mom probably woke up. Will go. Katja, we have to fix some things…
but I’ll come back… Will you go with me? Will you be back? May be we should settle here. Yeah, and take country-side names. Rama will be TRUCKER-FUCKER… I mean that’s weird –
DOG WOMAN. Do you think it’s from name or surname? Now think if you’d have the same name? No I wouldn’t. Cause DOG WOMAN is woman! You’d be DOG-MAN.
Or just ‘DOG’. Do you know somethign about Dog Man? Alright, Dog,
make us by 50 gramms. Ok, guys! Dimon, why did you stand up? I’m fine. Just taking a breath. Sit down. How do you feel?
– I’m fine. Wanna wear?
– No, thanks. I don’t want to sit,
will go outside a bit. I’ll help.
– No need! Here’s our Dog Woman!
Healed him in 2 days! Why do you sit here? Who let him go? Get him back! Quickly! Dimon! Carefull! Easy! Carefull, you, apes! You need to get away. Pashka – Katya’s ex boyfriend,
everytime asking me -“who are you”. I said:
”What’s your business?” And he’s: ”I will call to my uncle –
to district centre – then you’ll know” He’s a policeman. He can. He’s such jerk. Stop! So… Going to Katjka?
You liked it? Can’t do without a gun?
Looser? I warn you last time. “and what”? I will kill you? – So, come on. I will kill you, man.
– Come on! Take this! What are you doing, son of bitch? Scum! Like it? Shut up, bitch!
Or I’ll really kill you! Animal!! How could you! I am with her from the
first grade in school… On one table. Should load next time, when want to kill!
– I wanted to marry her… Did you fixed the tire?
– Yeah all night, with rubber cement… The owner of the cement will come in the morning. Come on, Cat.
Need to go. Carefull, Dimon. I think it’s OK. Did you left some money to grandmo?
– Left some. She’ll understand. Will thank you more next time, if we’ll be alright. We need all the money we can get now… Morning, whore! Look, good! Hello ladies!
– Why did you came? Look Katya I thought…
Please marry me. Now to the right, in the yard. Guys, we made it! His car? – Yeah,
it’s only one in town. – Nice car! Pull over, Rama! Elephant! Oh, guys!
Where’s elephant? How do you linked to him?
– Nothing special, just passing by. Why are you asking?
– Because he’s got away with our many… and framed some important people to cops… He owes us too. – This bastard framed whole damn city. So, guys, stand in the cue, please! OK guys! If you’ll have any info,
I’ll be back. Sure, come back. You also please be here, just in case. Let’s go. Find some place to stay.
– What’s wrong? Damn, such a crap-hole! Even can’t find decent fucking food. Do you htink you are at SPA center? Why oh why I came here? I am sick of your shit! Our shit? Will go outside and think of something. Yeah, go, you ‘boss’! Drove us to shit-hole! Why do you pressing on him,
how he could knew what will happen? And who should knew?
Sit here like rats. What’s your proposal?
Return there? Now, Dimon, tell me! How could we end up in such a shit from
such nonsence that started? Look, who was your driving teacher? You think you put those cool glasses
so you don’t need to watch for people? What you talking,
want some problems? So cool, aren’t you?
– What did you said? Now look at you, fucker. You car we’ll take upon ‘investigation’. Got it? And tell your ‘brother’s how it was.
– OK we’ll mett you at 6 o’clock. Take anybody and we’ll explain them
– who are you and what are you… Got it? Take car,
we’ll meet at the place. Get my mobile.
– Give him. And what would you do? When five guys push you and just kick in the face. I woke up – shit!
No key’s. – Fucking nothing. Who should I call? If I only knew about this shit
the hell with the MERCEDES… Calm down Dimon, I will kill 10 more
people for your MERCE. Such a cool MERCEDES…
was… Let’s go and get some girls? – Let’s go. Hello! Please ask for Nastja. What?
– They say she’s went away. Thank you. Hey, we’ve banged such nice girls… Look at this?
Does she look’s great? OK this is shit,
there’s project. One of these girls works in the computer
selling company… She’s got drunk and told us that they
get a shitload of cash by the end of week. And one looser for a security. How much money?
– Just think. Wholesale computer dealer. I think by the end of the week
they’d get 100 thousands or so… Looks fishy!
– Why fishy? She’s got drunk like a lie-detector. Coul’d have asked anything. Alright, Cat,
need to decide, today. I got masks already. Need another shootout? Come on, Cat.
Who’s we need to kill? They are jerks. We’ll point guns at them – they’ll shit
in their pants and give evrything. Why did you so excited! Listened to some shit from a drunk lady and
lost your head already? What is something happens to you?
Dimon will die here alone, or what? What do you mean ”you”?
I don’t understand. You don’t take part? Or did you called your
fucking lady and cleared situation for you… Shut the fuck up, it’s my own business! It’s not your fucking business, got that?
– We gave you a solid project. Hands off me!
– Calm down. Let’s do that or let’s split up.
– OK that’s not me who said that What the hell are you saying?
I don’t need your shit, understand? I will jump to my Boomer
and we’ll leave. Come on! Alright guys.
Why did you started? Do you go or stay with those loosers? I see that you don’t give a damn about me. I won’t stay here.
I will go with you. Dimon, you’ll stay here. OK, we do this shit and get lost. There’s a manager with glasses.
One security guy, seems like without gun. Secretary. Looks like the one you fucked all night. There’s safe near manager. Not serious. Why do you need 3 guns?
Going to war? Give one to me, I’ll backup you here. I am not handicapped. That’s it? Let’s go! What’s there? Come on! Easy, easy. KILLa! Killa!
– Freeze! Dimon! Don’t shoot! Dimon! Right here! UFA, UFA, it’s PERM, copy!
I am under attack, need backup! Come on, shoot! What the fuck are you waiting!
– I am trying! Patrol is under attack. Need help. Leave me!
I am dead man. Dimon! Drop gun!
Don’t move bitch! Lie down! Don’t move.
I ‘ll kill you. Hands behind the head, face down! Why the fuck are you moving there? Don’t move, drop your gun! What do you thinking?
Show your hands. Lie down!
Face down. Move your gun out! Kostja!
Where are you? Subtitles translated, converted and created by
Leon aka Smith from Riga. Feb.2006. Russian cinema rulez!
See ya!

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