Миллионер / The Millionaire. Фильм. StarMedia. Фильмы о Любви. Мелодрама


Миллионер / The Millionaire. Фильм. StarMedia. Фильмы о Любви. Мелодрама

a Star Media Production based upon the novel by OLGA TASHLYKOVA written by MARINA MEDNIKOVA, OLGA SOLOVYOVA ANDREY KUZICHEV – Kirill YULIA GALKINA – Vika KARINA ANDOLENKO – Lena LIUDMILA KUREPOVA – Liuda Vikie, I’m not in such a big hurry. MIKHAIL TARABUKIN – Oleg Kirie, I still cannot understand why
you don’t want my Dad to call Kuzmin. SOFYA PISMAN – Melita Director of photography: VIACHESLAV LAZAREV Because I’ve been graduated with
honors and had lots of practical training. Production designer: DIANA KONDRATYEVA I have my head and my hands. Music by OLES KOROVNICHENKO And I’m able to get any job on my own.
Even at Kuzmin’s Department. Sound supervisor: SERGEY SPERANSKY No one doubts your skill. Edited by ARTIOM SUKHAREV It’s going to be simpler
and faster that way. I want to get the job on my own. This is why I need no patronage,
either your father’s or someone else’s. Produced by: YURI MINZIANOV, VLAD RIASHYN As you wish. Directed by Sergey Chekalov THE MILLIONAIRE Will you wait for me? No. I need to get back my
dress and do my hair. No. You’re the most beautiful without that.
Okay, see you tonight then. See you. Kirie… Good luck. Thank you. All’s going to be okay. Of course it is. You were supposed to be called… it’s… Wtah’s you name? Malyshev. Remember me? No, nobody called. Will you check up please?
It’s very important. Okay. I will. Please… Hi. Hi. And? Ah! The Commission is raging today. Kuzmin turns down every
single project today. – Does he?
– Aha. If they turn down you,
then I have no idea what they want. Come on Iggie, we’ll make it. Aha, we’ll make it… Are you coming tonight? I’d never miss such a noble
gathering. No way. Your father-in-law must have
invited all his bigwig friends. Do you know if Kuzmin’s coming? I don’t. I just understood that it’s high time to
move up, to a new, relevant level. It is, Iggie. It is. Yes, it is. Makarov. Malyshev gets prepared. Good afternoon. Good afternoon. Good afternoon. What’s your name? Kirill Makarov.
Kirill Mikhailovich Makarov. What are you going to present? I’d like to present a project of an entertainment
park under working title “Crazy Village”. Begin, please. All right. As public opinion polls show,
entertainment and show become more and more important for leisure
of a city inhabitant. And, as strange as it may seem, park amusements
are among the main objects of attraction. Let’s skip the introduction.
Come to the core. All right. Architecture and structure
of the park is decided here as a deconcentrated layout
of the park amusements. This allows preserving the existing… Put this in. It’s for you, sir. Daddy, hi. Can you talk? No, Vika. Not now. Call me later. Daddy, it’s very important. Pay with the card. It’s not about money, Dad. Okay. What’s up? Kirie’s having a job interview at Kuzmin’s
Department, presenting his project. You know he’s not going
to be employed without your call. Call there, please. Okay. I will after I land.
In a half an hour. Dad, it needs to be done now. Please. Vikie, I told I would. Love you. Thanks. Love you too, honey. Bye. And, the last area – family amusements – with
a Ferris wheel, bumper cars, bumper boats, The Crossroad of Fortune,
and a laser shooting gallery. Is that all? Yes, it is. If there is any questions,
I’m ready to answer. No. No questions. All’s clear. All right. The project, of course, is interesting,
but it’s far from nowadays realities… Absolute absurd. Call the next one. Hallo? Viktor Petrovich, my good friend!
What do I owe you call to? Ah! It’s such a really great event! Take your model. Accept my warmest congratulations.
Yes. Yes… I understand you perfectly well.
Of course yes. It’s such an honor for me… Surely, Viktor Petrocivh, of course yes. I wish you compliments once again.
Good bye. Where are you going, Kirill… Mikhalych. Mikhalych? I’m not finished yet. I think we need a fresh
perspective on things. A fresh blood, so to say. Therefore
I think you project is good for us. Come to my office tomorrow
and we will discuss the details. Thank you, I will. See you tomorrow. See you tomorrow. Thank you. Kirill… Mikhalych. Mikhalych… My congratulations
to you and Vika. Thank you. Good bye. He’s Brunevsky’s future son-in-law. Oho… Ah, I see… Rejected, Kira? No. Accepted. Wow… Well done! Congratulations! But how… What do you mean? As future member of the Brunevsky family. That’s great! What’s wrong about it? Nothing great, Oleg! Is it really so great
when someone decides for you? Wait, wait… You’ve got an Aladdin lamp,
so use it! Then what did I study for? Nobody claims your brain, buddy. You still have it and Vika’s care with
her dad’s connections in addition. All that’s needed for
a breathtaking career! Many guys marry frights for that purpose. And your Vika is smart and beautiful,
loving you in addition. And she’ll be deciding for me
the rest of my life. Oh, come on! Will you really
waste such a chance? It… it can happen only once in one’s lifetime.
It’s a dream! A dream… Come on! By the way, I’ve got an idea. What if I tell the Commission than we’ve
developed the floating house together? I’ll probably be hired too, eh? Go to hell! Okay, okay. I got it. Lady, can you imagine?
What project to you present? Sorokin! What? I forgot… Danke schon! Excuse me… Kirie, where have you been?
All assembled! We’re waiting for you! How’s your floating house? Accepted? No, they don’t.
Said it’s far from nowadays realities. They first said me this too. Of course they did! Okay, come and show them what we can do. Gentlemen, I appreciate you’ve come to support
me and my beloved daughter this important day. See? This all is because of you. Is Vika already here? Of course. There she is. Hi. Kirill! … To the fridge… and hurry.
Hurry. Hi! Hi. Kirill, what’s up? Why are you
late for half an hour? Why should I wait for you alone,
like an idiot? Why did you call your father? I didn’t. Vika! Eeh… Guys, I leave you. Freeze! Will you wait for us? Kirill
and I are going to, aren’t we? Vika, do you take me for an idiot? Eh… I’m leaving. Okay. Yes, I called him. What’s wrong
with this? I’m doing this for you. We had a deal, didn’t we?!
You knew I wanted… You wanted to work… you wanted
to work for Kuzmin. And eventually you do. I’m not talking about the result now.
I’m talking about the means. I don’t want to use the protections
of your father. Then you perhaps don’t like
my family, do you? Vika, I do like your family. But I want to have my
own family together with you, understand? I want to count on my own only. Otherwise I’ll be Brunevsky’s son-in-law,
not Kirill Makarov for the rest of my life! Don’t shout at me, will you?! Or you will fail to become Brunevsky’s
son-in-law indeed. Come. Why did you put on this ugly suit?
I’ve bought you a new one. I feel more comfortable in it. I’m so sorry! Are you okay? That’s okay. Eh… It needs to be sprinkled
over with some salt… What salt! You… Do you understand how much does
this shirt cost?! More than your year’s salary, goose! I didn’t mean to, I really didn’t.
Forgive me. Of course you didn’t! Mind your step when walking!
You’re at work! Vika, enough! You’re at work! Vika, it’s okay. Hear me? It’s okay. Don’t worry. – Okay?
– Don’t worry please. She spoiled my celebration! It’s okay! Forgive me, please!
I’ve I made my apologies, didn’t I?! What?! Apologies?! Call the manager now! Call the manager! Now! Vika, don’t. It’s okay. No. She’s spoiled our celebration,
don’t you understand it?! Don’t worry, please,
I’ll clean it up. I’ll… Get out. – What?
– Get out! Vika! Get out of my sight! – Vika, enough. Calm down please.
– Get out! – I said no. Vika, calm down!
– – Get out! Gentlemen…,My apologies for this confusion… Music please! Kirill, I think you should change… We dance… Excuse me. I’m leaving now. No, miss, no! Don’t do. I will leave! I’ve spoiled your shirt, forgive me.
I’ll wash it. Right now? Not now. I’ll give you my phone number. You give me a call, bring it
to me and I’ll fix it. Dear miss, please. No need.
I’ll fix it on my own. Take this, please. Do take it, please. Okay. Forgive me once again. That’s okay. Good bye. Don’t be angry with Vika, please, okay? She’s a good person. It’s just that she always received
things very easily. Really? You too? Me? No… … I’m an ordinary man, just like you.
Would wish to remain one. So, what prevents you? Doubts. I’m told I’ve received
an Aladdin’s lamp and don’t use it. Aladdin’s lamp is nothing but a tale. Only a man is responsible for
his own live and happiness. You’ve got a hard job. I don’t work here anymore! Studying? Yes… Third year, the teaching college. I was working when studying too. As a waiter? No. At a construction site. I see… It’s easier to work there.
No encounters with such difficult clients. Really? Know how difficult
foremasters might be? Smoking kills. It’s not for serious. Ah! Here you are. We go, eh? Hi. Hi Forgive me. Good bye. Good bye. What’s your name? Lena. I’m Kirill. Nice to meet you. Me too. Thank you, Lena. A wise man had a daughter. And two men asked her in marriage –
a rich and a poor. You… Where have you been? Come. Come now. Wait, Vikie. We need to talk. And the wise man told to the rich:
“I won’t… give my daughter to you. And gave her to the poor. I’m leaving. Where to? It’s only about to begin! No. You don’t understand.
I’m leaving…. you. For ever. And when he was asked why
he did that way, he answered:… Are you crazy? “The rich one is stupid and
is sure to become poor. The poor one is smart – he’s sure
to reach happiness and well-being. Vikie, you… you’re very beautiful!
You’re very smart! You’re outstanding! You… you’re a dream girl, but we cannot
be together. We’re way different! Wait, wait… It’s because I called
my dad today, right? No… Right? Well… Not quite. … brain, not money, is to be taken
into account when choosing the fiancé. Thank you for everything. But this
way would be better. Forgive me! Kira! What’s it with you? What’s up? We’ve parted. How parted? Why? It’s all
right with you, isn’t it? Not so good.
And would become even worse. I see… Are you sure? I am. Well, Makarov… I knew you would
do in your own way!… What now? Don’t know… Hi. River Street.
We can’t pay more than 100. Get in… Get in… Wait… A minute… Hi. Hallo? Good evening. Kirill? Of course I remember. Do you want to clean your shirt
in the middle of the night? Lena, come on, Get in;
you’ll finish in the car. Wait. I’ll be with my friend. Me too. Nice coincidence, isn’t it? What? See you. Get out. I say get out. Excuse us. Excuse us, please. We’re not going. Going, not going… You gals
never know what you want. Excuse us, please. That’s okay… Who was that? The guy I was talking in the back yard. He and his friend invited us on a date. Kira, think they’ll come? Not sure… Good evening. Evening. Hi. Hi. Is that you? Shall we go to the cinema? Nice idea. Guys, come on.
Why standing there? I’m Oleg. I’m Lara. We go to the cinema too? Why not? Lara, has anybody told
to you that you’d film well? And you’re a good mixer. 10 YEARS LATER Kirie! Kirie, come here! Coming! Ilya, who’s supposed to
take your toys after you played? What’s up? There. Sparks again. Be careful. Aha, I’ll check it up. I said many times we should buy a new one. Why new one? It’s only a crack in the case.
I’ll tape it and it’s going to be okay. There’s nothing left to tape. Just a minute. Aah! Here. Got it! Where’s the tape? Check the upper drawer. Lena, you’ve chopped
the stuffing too roughly. I’ve done as needed.
Re-chop if you dislike. Mom, Oleg’s come! Olie, remember to take the present. Mom, Ksiusha’s come! Put on the cap! Here. No toasts… But we have tasty patties. Ksiusha, put on the gloves. What a fresh air is here! Stop it! Are you saying my
toasts are bad? Eh? Okay… No, I’m saying you dishes are the best. Let’s exchange. Okay. This is for Makarov, this is for Lena. Please, put the cap on if you’re told to. Oh! That’s the day he’s going
to obey! Sure! Hi! You strong guy! Don’t break my hand! Hi. How’s it going. Lena, I’ve got a reason to celebrate too. You finished?! 400,000 characters. Well done! Sent it? No. Afraid to.
What if it’s not so good? Come on! You’re… Your stories are so nice,
Lara. They must publish them. And I want them to. I even invented
a pseudonym – Lara Belts. To my mind it’s much more poetic… – Think so?
– … Than Larissa Sorokina. Really think so? Belts is more poetic?
I’m not sure… The city competition finishes in 2 weeks. We could be in time if we did a push. No. I’m out. They don’t need us. With no connections…
I bet: some guy from Kuzmin will win. Listen, Makarov… What a stupid
attitude you have? No pains, no gains. And you know…
I don’t like you like that at all. You’ve lost your ambitions… became eh… gloomy. Kira, is something serious happened? Eh? Nothing. Nothing happens to me,
Oleg. You know this. For long. And that’s the point. I work. I’ve got some drafts, I’ve got finished
projects. But nobody needs them. Change the surroundings.
Go somewhere and have some rest. You’ll recover and go in action again. Where to? Thailand? Why not? Oleg, I can’t. Ilya’s growing up and needs
things to be bought again and again. His foot is an adult size.
I’m torn apart. I’m no millionaire. This is it. I’m talking right about this. Agree to my project and
you’ll become a millionaire at once. Guys, are you coming? We’re prepared. In a minute. Coming. (song) “Going down the river I
noticed one day it was ice-glazed. I was too far and was seeking for the tail
wind and breaking the ice with the paddle. And I reached the end of all
possible distances, absolutely light, With no crown or castle – with hot coffee
in hand and the map of the globe in my sack.” Going down the river I noticed one day…” Showed the beds? Aha. How about Lara’s novel?
When do they publish it? Don’t know. She’s afraid to send it. Why? Afraid of being rejected. She surely will be if she doesn’t send it. Really? You don’t send your designs too. Don’t compare. It’s absolutely different. It’s just the same. You cannot win if you don’t bid. It’s going to be okay. You’re talented. He who earns money is talented. You’ve got so many amazing ideas.
It’s just no one knows of them. Lena, enough. No one needs them. Stop saying like this! They do. You should just be a bit more active. You’ve got an incoming message. Shall I read? Go ahead. But bear in mind: I’ll get
jealous if it’s from a woman. Invitation for the graduates
from the Architecture College. Oh! It’s 10 years that
I graduated the college this year. Great… But I won’t go. Why? Of course you will. What if you meet there someone to help you? You told you were almost hired
for Kuzmin’s Department, weren’t you? Almost. But the conditions didn’t fit. Okay. Let’s go to sleep. You go. I have some work to do. Good night. Good night. Why awake? And you? I can’t. Bad mood. You know, Kirie’s been invited for a class
reunion and he doesn’t want to come. Why? Don’t know. Perhaps he’s afraid
of everyone boasting at it. And he has nothing suitable to put on. Let him not go then. He might meet that
millionaire’s daughter there. Hope she’s become old and fat. I doubt it. She’s going to look like a queen for the
rest of her life with the money she has. As opposite to my case. I’m growing
fat year after year. I want to make a present to Kira.
It’s his birthday. I mean letting him feel an achiever. To book some deluxe suite in a five star
hotel, with everyone buzzing about him… And it doesn’t work. Why are you so nervous, eh? As if you’re pregnant. I am. You are? I am. That’s a good present indeed. Right for Kirie’s birthday. I’m going to be out of work
for some two years. And he’s going to shoulder
all the family burdens. And I cannot abort… What would I say to him? I feel in my heart it’s going to be a girl. Lena… It’s going to be okay. Aha… O my gosh! What a nasty sound! Just a world’s champion in nastiness. Why setting it every day?! You won’t believe, but in need to go
to the school. I work there. Sleep. Just stop reproaching me
with your work, will you? I don’t. You just asked, and I answered. You think I don’t feel your hints that you
might stay at home caring about the son, if you had a different husband? I don’t need a different one.
I’d be quite satisfied with this one if… If I had an income, right? Come on!
Spill what’s on your mind. Go ahead! And what’s wrong with it?! Money is never a bad thing! By the way, do you remember we must repay
the loans the day after tomorrow? Do I look like a sclerotic man?! Why so much annoying?
I just reminded you. And remember to have Ilie’s trainers
mended. Let they glue them up. Stop humiliating me. What do you mean? You think I cannot afford
new trainers for my son, right? Can you? No, I’m not a millionaire.
No, I cannot solve all our problems at once. I’m not picking a bone with you. Thank you. Never do. And don’t sigh like that. Find the money
for a new coat for you from what we have. How does the coat come in all this? You want it don’t you? To be frank, there’s a big fat zero can be found
in what we have. Not enough for a coat. And no one cares a damn
about what I wear. Right? I haven’t a stitch to wear
for the class reunion. Borrow a suit from Oleg. Outstanding! I’ve borrowed a flat from you, a summer house from your parents,
now a suit from Oleg! I have absolutely nothing.
I’m a beggar! You’ve got your son and your wife. Lena… Lena… Quick now. hurry up! Oh! Sasha, hi. Excuse me, do you have a light? Kirie, is that you?! Iggie, hi! Hi! I didn’t recognize you!
You’ll be in the money. I first didn’t recognize you too.
You’ve so much changed! Got imposing. Where are out guys? There, in the corner. Come on.
A personal identification process. 10 years passed. It’s no joke. Hur-ri-cane! Ah, Kirie! Hi there! Hi, Maks. From your appearance you’re all right, eh?! (Song) “You don’t remember how it
was and don’t know how it’s going to be…” Makarov!!! Come on! Take a seat. Come here! Hi!! Long time, no see! Hi! (Song) “Life now is just frozen. You used to be
daring, you used to be full of ideas…” What are you having? Beer? Yep. I’ll take one too. You go. (Song) “Life starts its flow again, and one word
is enough to change it. Only a reason needed…” Hi, Kirie. Hi, Vika. I searched for you and couldn’t find. I don’t live in town. Really? Where? We’ve got a house in a suburb. Oh… No. It’s not what you thought of.
Not a mansion. A summer house of my wife’s parents. And how do you find it there? Like? In the summer house
of your wife’s parents? Excuse me. I see you’re all right: a job,
a house, a family… Are you happy? I am, I believe. I’ve got a son. And you? Are you married? I was. And didn’t like.
Prefer being single. (Song) “Life starts its flow again,
and one word is enough to change it…” Isn’t it beautiful? I’ve bought it today. How are you going to drive?
You’ve drunk alcohol. Kirie, don’t be a dopy. I’ve got a driver. A new one too, by the way. Nicolas. What is it with you? Vika, are you okay? Wait a second… You’d better sit down. Aha. Shall I bring some water for you? Nope. Wait, just a minute. Ouch… it’s going to ease off now.
I felt giddy. Look, maybe you should see the doctor? I have. Hope there’s nothing serious? It’s cured at this term. Don’t look at me with the eyes like these.
Yes, I am pregnant. And have no time to do an abortion because
of all these gatherings and parties. But I’ve booked an appointment.
For tomorrow. What? You don’t want to have kids? What kids? All the more with a first guy around. Kirie, you did well. You did it right.
Just as you wanted. And I’ve got nothing
but tinsel in my life. Farewell. She looks great! Did you see her gems?
It the last Cartier collection. I saw it. At a show in Paris? On a magazine cover. Just a few are lucky
to have parents like she has. I’ look even better with
such money she has. Believe me? I do. Hands! I’m wondering at you, Makarov. How could you let
such an Aladdin’s lamp go? I’m wondering too now. Let’s hit the cork, eh? My wife’s waiting for me at home. A few drops? Although… Let us hit it. Get in the car. Thank you. I’ll walk. The River Street is too far. Come on, get in. Don’t be afraid. I’ve never seed a lady taxi driver. It’s an early hour, isn’t it? A wife, kids, family troubles, duties… Things could have been different… Only a man is his own life’s master. Absolutely. I changed things
one day long ago. I did. And There’s no going back now. Do you want to have it back? I wish. But it’s impossible. That’s not true. All things are possible. In this case everyone’d
use this opportunity. What for? What for? So many times I read in the papers
and watched on the TV… when a person was asked: “If you had
a chance to start your live anew?” And everyone answers:
“I wouldn’t change anything.” Lies! Everyone would wish to change some things. I’d do a radical change. Are you sure you really need this? I am now. Let it be so. Your fates are in your power. Strange indeed you are, humans… Lena?.. Lena?… Okay, okay… Good doggie. Lena!.. Lena?.. Lena?.. Kirill? Kirill? Do you hear me? Lena… It’s Lena now… Vika, what are you doing here? Sir, can you rise?
Let me help you to sit up. Who are you? It’s again… He must be hurt… Aha. I’m your butler. My name is Arkadiy. What butler? How did I get here? You have been living
here for ten years already. With me… How’s he, doctor? Well… No fractures… No obvious damage too… Only some bruises, which is absolutely
normal for a fall like that. What’s it with his head? He doesn’t
recognize people, asking strange questions. Really? Wait a minute. Kirill Mikhaylovich, do you recognize me? I don’t. Yep. Great Pavlov was absolutely right.
He doesn’t recognize even me! But I wouldn’t draw any conclusion
without a proper examination. O my God! What shall I do?
It’s his birthday!… Should I cancel the banquet? Ah banquet… No, of course not!
You know what? Let’s observe him till the lunchtime. If some complications arise,
call me at once. Perhaps, he’d better have a drink, eh? Of course no! No way! Arkadiy, will you attend…
Kirill Mikhaylovich while I’m seeing off the doctor? I’m Anton Grigoryevich. Yes, Anton Grigoryevich. Well, you know… as academician Pavlov…
would say… it’s still disputed that… Tell me,… Arkadiy. Arkadiy… nice to meet you. Tell me, Arkadiy, you’re an actor,
aren’t you? I’m a butler. It’s the role. Tell me, was this Lena who organized
all this? A birthday surprise. Eh? I wouldn’t recommend
you to mention female names even when Viktoria Viktorovna is absent. She even instigated Vika? She’s great! Okay, what’s next in the script? Usually, you go to your work. And where do I work? Beta Plus Company. Where? Former Kuzmin’s architect company. And what’s my position? You’re the CEO of the company. Wow! Then we go. Want to see this. Is this my car? Yes, sir. Is he my driver?
My personal driver? He is. His name’s Emil. Eh… Good morning. To the office. Emil…
Kirill Mikhaylovich is indisposed. That’s why call at once if anything
goes wrong. Do you understand me? Have a nice day, sir. Actors indeed! Is this my office? Good morning, Kirill Mikhaylovich. Morning. Good morning, Kirill Mikhaylovich. Good morning. Morning. Morning. Good morning, Sir. Morning. Eh… Are you not going? You go, Kirill Mikhaylovich, we’ll wait. Ah… Excuse me, what’s my floor? 18. Aha. Good morning. Good morning, Kirill Mikhaylovich. How do you feel? Great. Thank you. Would you wish some coffee? No, thanks. I’ve already had it today. There was a call from the City Hall.
They confirmed the invitation. And you’ve got an appointment
with vendors in 2 hours. Excellent. Excellent. Viktor Petrovich, I propose to send
the present with a courier. Yes, a good idea. Do as you think best. Kirill? You’re here? Vika told you felt unwell
and would be absent from work. But it’s for the better. I wanted to discuss
Timofeyev’s proposition with you. Come. It’s a bit too much. Come. Excuse me, sir. This is unnecessary,
I mean it. Excuse me for God’s sake. Excuse me! Excuse me, for God’s sake!
Enough. That’s enough! Lavrukhin, Lazarev, Liubov Dmitriyevna… Lena, hold on! Where’s my phone? It’s in your hand. Not this one. Mine. Are you kidding, people?… Bye-bye… What? What’s going on? This is your life. It’s not my life.
It’s different all around. Of course it is.
YOU chose this one day. I don’t understand. One day you made a decision, a choice.
And now your life was what it was. Then you regretted of you choice and had a
chance to change it. And I helped you a bit. Now you live in a luxurious mansion and have
a flourishing business and a charming wife. Now you are in no want of anything. Am I rich now? One might say yes. Is this for ever? Will it
disappear when I wake up? It’s not a dream; it’s your new life. But if you say you dislike it… No… I won’t… I’ll never go back. Well… But if you change you mind… I won’t. Farewell! And thank you.
Thank you for everything! It’s not the destiny who chooses
the man, but he chooses it. Good morning, Kirill Mikhailovich. Good morning. I’m Boris, your personal assistant. I’ve
been working with you for 4 years already. Accept my warmest congratulations
in connections to your birthday! All are assembled in the conference hall. All right. Thank you. The coat. May I, sir? All are waiting for you. Good afternoon. Congratulations. Dear Kirill Mikhaylovich. We congratulate
you with your anniversary and would wish to present you this. Accept this please. Thank you very much indeed. Let’s see… Wow!… Take note of the engraving. Eh… On its barrel. “Your fates are in your power”. Exactly. Does it work? Of course. It’s a real rarity. You probably know I was clumsy
to fall down this morning. I thank you all for your
gift and attention. That’s all. CEO, Kirill M. Makarov Boris? Yes, sir? Do you know if Oleg Sorokin
works for our company? He’s an architect. We studied
at the same college class. I couldn’t have missed to hire him. Well, I don’t have this information,
but I can find out if you need it. Yes, please. Do it as a priority.
Oleg N. Sorokin. I will, sir. Kirill Mikhaylovich. There’s no such
name among our employees. Strange. Very strange. Boria, could you find
out his address for me? Just a minute. Kirill Mikhaylovich, I’ve found out
Sorokin’s home address and phone number. I can get you through now, if you wish. Do it please. Hallo? Hallo! Olie, hi! Who’s that? It’s Kira! Who’s Kira? Kira Makarov. Don’t you
recognize your best friend? Boria, it was something
wrong with the line. Yes. It disconnected.
I can redial if you wish. Well… No, thanks. And what’s his address? Wait a second. Apt. 14, 23 Nakimov Street. And by the way, Viktoria Viktotovna called. She
asked whether you would come home to lunch. I will. Sure I will. Get out now! Boria, lend me a rouble, will you?
Ah! You’re not Boria. Hi. I’d like to see Sorokin. Thank you. Make way! Make way! Damned limp dick. Fumbler. Hi. I’d like to know
where Oleg Sorokin lives. Huh! Just wait! Fumbler, you’ve got a visitor!
A midget just like you! Goose! What?! Know how many skirts I had?! An eunuch has plenty of skirts too! I’m an artist! Have this! Oleg, hi. Long time, no see… It’s me! I see, an onion… What do you want? Sorokin, are you bigheaded? I’m Kirill. Don’t you recognize me? Why not? I do. I did when you called me. Then why did you put the phone? Because I recognized you. Come in once you’ve come. Do you drink, old chum? You don’t? I… I don’t remember. Which means you do. No, you don’t understand. I fell down the stairs… … and I don’t remember anything. I remember only college events, before we
graduated, and what was after I fell down. And nothing about 10 years in between. Lucky you are. And you know, I drink
and drink again and fall and fall again… and still remember everything. And it’s painful to remember everything,
buddy, very painful. Olie, Olie… What’s it with you? You were always full of brilliant ideas. I still remember your floating house. Why didn’t you come
to see me when you had troubles? Zinka, where’s TV remote? How do I know? Ask Sorokin! Stop yelling! I didn’t touch it! Why didn’t? I did! But you couldn’t care less
about my brilliant ideas. Your profits were good enough without
them. Why changing something? I don’t understand. Did I refuse you? You know, I wish I could tank up so that could forget everything. You chucked me out… together with my floating house. And this… “Know, old chum,… … new ideas mean
not only potential profit but certain risk too. And only he who has no possessions
can afford risking. Because in this case we win if
we win and we don’t lose if we fail. Did I say that? Do you play dumb on purpose?! Do you?! I’m telling you I’ve got amnesia –
I don’t remember anything! Understand this?! A-a-ah! Alky! Already feasting? What is that? Look, you Makaronov!
Makaronov, right? Get out of here. See a dame’s waiting for me, eh? You’re a man of business, busy with all kinds of
contracts and whatever… Go mind your business. Hear me, alky?
Shall I fry potatoes for you? Yeah! Fry it, Valia! Look, I’m the CEO of my own company now.
Just call me and I’ll hire you. You shall have a good salary.
Everyone in my company has… Oleg… Leave me! Piece of businessman! Look, wait. And where’s Lara? Take off your hand! Valia, he’s looking for some Lara.
He’s nuts! Kirill Mikhaylovich, can I help you? Thank you, Emil. It’s okay. How was your visit, sir? It’s okay. I feel like eating something. The lunch is ready.
Victoria Vikrtorovna is back too. She was absent in connection
with the today’s celebration. Ah… yes. It’s my birthday today, isn’t it? Congratulations, sir. Thank you… Arkadiy Arkadiy. It’s really something
wrong with my head today. Drop me hints where should
I go and what to do, will you? Of course. Come in, sir. Good evening. Good evening. Good evening. It’s pleasure to see you. Good evening. Good evening. Good evening, Kirill Mikhaylovich. We’re happy
to offer our congratulations on your birthday. We’re always glad to work under your guidance.
Many happy returns of this day. Thank you. Congratulations! That is a London banker with his new lover. Good evening, Charles. Good evening. Hello. Hello. Dear Kirin Mikhaylovich, I’m very happy
to extend felicitation on your birthday. and wish you all the best. For since the
beginning of our colla… collabor… … collaboration … collaboration you proved to be
a reliable partner. Just a second… I hope we will continue to be friends. Chin-chin. Cheers. Cheers. Charles loves to drink and,…
you know what I mean. They are our vendors. Good evening. Very much pleased to see you.
Good evening. Good evening. Good evening. It’s really nice of you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. If you will excuse me, I need
to leave you for a moment. Ah… yes. Kirill… Are you crazy?! And the guests? Off with them. They’ll wait. Turkeys. – I’m constantly waiting Ilie
might come in any moment. Who? Our son. Where’s he? Left? What? To grandma and granddad? What? Or we have a daughter? What’s up? I just wanted to know… We have and never had any children. Why? Kidding? Well, I really don’t know.
I don’t remember. You’ve bashed your head really hard today. At first you said we should live for our
own pleasure and to see the world. Then – when I got unexpectedly pregnant – you told that kids would distract
you from your career, your life. Then you made me do an abortion and I did it because I loved you. This cant be true, because I love children. In theory. And it cannot be checked in practice. I’m infertile, Kirie. And my father, by the way, doesn’t know
this, that’s why he asks of kids so often. Don’t say you feel sorry for me. You’d better feel sorry for you. You’ve lived all you life with
a woman you’ve never loved. Vikie, wait. Just wait. You…
Is it really so bad with us? Us?! It’s brilliant with us! We live in a large and beautiful house. You own a flourishing business.
You… you’re a millionaire! You’ve achieved whatever you strived for. No. I wished a family, wanted to have kids. Go to hell with your wishes!!! Get out! Arkadiy, I need you help. I need to find a woman. Lena? How do you know? You mentioned her name after you fell down. Yes, I need to find Lena. Her maiden name is Kuznetsova. I don’t know the present one. She’s got a friend – Larissa Sorokina.
Maiden name Belts. Lara Belts? You know Lara? Everyone knows her. She’s a famous writer. Lara’s become a writer? She has… She writes harlequin books,
but they are truly good. They even are filmed. Arkadiy, I need to have her address. Beg my pardon, what’s your name? Taisiya Sergeyevna. Taisiya Sergeyevna,
I must apologize for such a late visit. That’s okay. Larissa Nikolayevna
almost always awake at nights. She was glad to that you called her.
Come in, please. Larka! Do I know you, sir? Yes… We met once at a student party. Oh!… That was in another life. Do you know of another life? Pehaps, even better than anyone else. Were we on short terms? Actually, yes. Of course. We were young… But I don’t remember you. Come in, take a seat. I would never figure that someone of my
acquaintances would become a company CEO. You were always writing.
You wanted to become a writer. I’m glad your dreams have come true. They have. I had no other choice
but to become a writer. Thank you. Let’s come to the business. It’s true I was surprised
at your secretary’s call. Do you want to invest in filming
of a novel by me? I do. Which of them? Any one at your discretion. Ah. Are these all yours? Yes they’re mine… my children. Wow… Some tea? Yes, thank you. I thought all world knows I’m disabled. How did it happen? An accident. Multiple surgeries didn’t help. But your hands move and brain work even if
you spend long days in the wheelchair. So, I became a writer. I had no other choice. Sometimes I think if I had
a husband and kids… I probably would have never
found time for writing. I’m very sorry it happened like this. Oh, don’t… I was lucky – I survived. And my friend didn’t… she died in that accident. What friend? My college friend. It happened 10 years ago. We had part-time waiter
jobs at a restaurant. There was some party there. And we got a cab after it. We fell asleep in the back seat,
and the driver in the front one. Arkadiy, what is going on?! Why should
I search for you everywhere? Where’s Kirill? I have no least idea, ma’am. How?.. It’s your job, isn’t it?! Yes, ma’am…
But Kirill Mikhaylovich didn’t report me. Ah… He didn’t report you… Kirill! Kirill, what’s going on?
Where have you been? Why did you leave
me alone with your guests? It was me who killed Lena… What are you talking about?
Are you drunk? I was the cause of everyone’s misfortunes – you, me, Oleg, Lara… It was I who killed Lena… Emil, what on earth is going on? Kirill Mikhaylovich feels unwell. I see this! Kirill, listen to me, please… You should come to your senses,
come with me to our house where your
friends are awaiting for you. Kirill.. Kirill!.. Kirill! Don’t come any closer!
They are not my friends! Stay where you are! They are not
my guests! It’s not my house! Vika, forgive me please. I’m very much guilty toward you. No! Don’t dare you!! I’m begging you… Having no children doesn’t mean
we are not happy. Many couples live like this! I don’t wish to! I don’t wish living like that…
I wish it to be just like it was before! You’re very tired. Very much tired. It’s your damned work.
Want we escape?! Want you? No. I don’t. I don’t want to escape… Let’s escape right now…
Come to a club to dance? I don’t want to dance! Okay, then we go to
that bloody class reunion. You wanted to be there so much!… Class reunion?… Graduation’s 10th anniversary. They’d be happy to see you.
It’s at your favorite restaurant. Restaurant… Taxi… “… Own life’s master…” O my God! O my God! O my God! Thank you, Vika. Kirill!… “Your fates are in your power”? We’ll see. Wait… Lena… I’m coming… Wait… Damn! Damn!! Damn!!! Here. That’s better. Isn’t it? With such good progress,
we’ll discharge him very soon. You can say happy new birthday
to your husband. My God, Kirie! You gave
us quite a turn with this accident… Thank God you’re alive. Lena… I… I love you so much, hear me? Me too! Thank God you’re alive. Forgive me. Forgive me, please… No. YOU forgive me, will you? I love you, Lenie. I love you so much too. Forgive me, please. Dad! Dad! Ah! Ilie! Ilie! Lena… Know what I want? What? A girl. You do? So, man… Hi there! Hallo! Yes, Kirie’s come to his senses… Did you help your mother? I did. Good boy! … Yes, floor 3. Come up. You’re a man, you’re responsible for her…
got it? Aha. Lara and Oleg. And Ksiusha? Ksiusha too. Hurrah! Ilie? Wait… I’ll be right back. So… Hallo? Who’s that? Hi, it’s Kirill. Who? Kirill Makarov. Aah… Kirill Makarov… And what do you want, Kirill Makarov? Vika, have you seen the doctor yet? Are you watching me? Or fallen in love again? You told it at the party… Forget it… Vika, please, don’t do that. Leave it. Leave what? The baby. No matter who his father is. Counts only that
you’ll become a mother. Do you understand me? Get out! It’s not you. How do you know? Just leave it, and you’re going
to be happy… Promise me! I’ll think of it. Goddess! Quiet… Come in, quiet… Kirie… Kirie… Hey. Look who’s here to see you. Good afternoon… Who are you? Kira, stop that… Kirie, what’s it with you? What do you want? Kirie… You’ve scared us… Piece of stupid indeed! – How are you?
– Hi! By George, I’ve missed you so much! Easy, easy… It’s just as if I haven’t
seen you for years! You’ve tricked me, you did! Off with you! You’ve tricked me like a child…
And I swallowed. Lena? Go! Go. It’s children’s champagne,
I’d say Demi-Sec… Open it up! Kira… Here… Take this. Here are tangerines, vitamins… Thank you. So, I wish to drink
to your fastest recovery… Yeah… No! No! I propose to drink
to our future writer. Oh, come on. Not a writer at all… Yes, you are. A true writer. Listen to me. Lara, I believe you should
muster up your nerve and sent your typescript
to every publisher. You will surely make it. They ought
to publish it. What say you? Thank you, Kirie. Perhaps I should… Why not? I’ll do it. Good idea! Why not? That’s right. That’ll do. By the way, Olie, you said about some
new competition, didn’t you? I was thinking, perhaps we should give
battle to Kuzmin’s guys, shall we? Kira… You recover, and we’ll give them battle and will become millionaires! I already am. Hurrah! Hurrah! Ouch! Sh-sh! Kids, come here! Excuse us, please. We’re in the hospital!
Excuse us for God’s sake. Hurrah. Kids, come here. Kids, come here. And, respectively, this axis that’s going
to be formed with the tower here… Aha… And with another tower here… Aha… should look that direction,
toward that tower, you see? Ah, I see. It’s clear now. Of course, that direction… I see. It’s clear.

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  69. Leyla Sky says:

    Такая вся правильная и сразу согласилась с ним на свидание, если знает, что у него есть невеста.
    Нет ничего плохого, чтобы войти в богатую семью и пользоваться ее преимуществами – если все честно, по любви. По разному же в жизни бывает. Если судьба дарит более легкую жизнь – пользуйся, значит заслужил, но нет, ему нужно пострадать, помучиться – есть такой тип людей страдальцев и во всех проблемах и трудностях винаваты сами, т.к. выбирают их сами – эго слишком большое .

  70. Nick Berg says:

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  71. Архангел Михаил с нами says:

    Чмошные пародии на английское гавно, даже строения и дома слизывают фу. Как противно смотреть что наш народ тянется, или навязывают все это заморское дерьмо.

  72. Евстафий Елисеев says:

    Хотелось бы видеть главного героя действительно умным. Ну должен же понятие иметь, что институтам и практически всей стране нужны спекулятивные короткие деньги. Просто потому что нет другой цели нет. Нет доверия. Таланты не нужны. Добиться можно чего либо, либо лизая чужую попу(продать себя), либо торгуя чужим(предавать).

  73. Евстафий Елисеев says:

    Редкий актер в главной роли… То есть не понятно вообще как человек попал в актеры. 2,5 эмоции лицо изображает, причем глаза одинаково холодны, и когда улыбается, и когда… эээ, грустит. Или может быть это такая задумка, как там у Высоцкого? Про свинью, которая сколько не рождайся, останется свиньею с 1 извилиной. Что бедный в кадре нихрена не делает, что богатый , глупо блымает глазками. Ну и сценарист охреневает, нищий мужик очнулся в замке, и зовет Жену… Ему не приходит вопрос ГДЕ я? Ему почему то кажется, что в замке обязательно есть Жена, которая на околонулевую зарплату сняла замок, наняла актеров на Его день рождения.

  74. александр кобелев says:

    охуевшая кобыла,по городу так летать,а потом людей сбивают,а ,папики, их прикрывают,суки

  75. александр кобелев says:

    Андоленко ,прелесть! Она везде играет как живёт!!!

  76. Ольга Вагнер says:

    Замечательный фильм!!! Браво!! Есть над чем поразмыслить..

  77. Александр Волков says:

    van7777.ГОВОРИТ и показывает и не только ЭТО ИНТЕРЕСНО ЭТО ДЛЯ ТЕБЯ МОЙ ДРУГ и так смотрим ДУМАЕМ и СЛУШАЕМ ВМЕСТЕ если ПОНРАВИЛОСЬ van7777. СПАСИБО АВТОРУ!

  78. 77 77 says:

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  79. Дезинфектор дез says:

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  80. RecentVideosss says:

    Музыка очень мерзко подобрана)

  81. Jef 🌸 says:

    А если бы он прожил богатым , то и хотел бы вернуться в богатую жизнь . Фильм "за бортом " с Расселом.
    А здесь спецом для бедняков наснимали эти сопли.

  82. Ugur Mammadli says:

    Отличный фильмы. Браво браво

  83. Zaichick XQ says:

    Thankx for sharing

  84. marta mare says:



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  87. Infinity Space says:

    Очень хороший фильм всем рекомендую !!! И после фильма за думай тесть ….

  88. Iryna Lisovska says:

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  89. Валерий Коваленко says:

    Все американцы козлоебы и придурки посмотришь на их фильмы точно придурки?

  90. Бакыт Аденова says:

    поучительно, благодарю !

  91. DR. Galina says:

    Фабула такова: Мы все в ирреальном мире, в Матрице. Смысл то не богатые -бедные. смысл – глубже.

  92. Sasha Rishakova says:

    Подпишись на мой канал.

  93. Ольга Пригода says:

    Кому суждено быть богатым,тот таким и будет.А кому не суждено,то не суждено.К сожалению.Это заложено в астрологической натальной карте рождения.

  94. Амакелди Кочорбаев says:

    Хороший фильм..
    Смысл в том что – все что делается, все к лучшему и судьба мудрее нас..
    Но,мне очень жалко Вику,ведь она не виновата за то что любила и за то что она дочь состоятельного человека,она заслужила большего..

  95. Larisa Swift says:

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  96. Yuliya Shigrina says:

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  97. Мара Райнер says:

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    Когда люди поймут, что счастье не в успехе а в пути у успеху-они станут другими… Спасибо авторам за мудрость, а актерам за хорошую игру!

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