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Hey everybody! Welcome back to the Cierra’s Cynosure channel and welcome to a new video! Welcome to the third ever reading
vlog I have done on the channel! hope you all are nestled in. I have a lot going on
this week I said at the end of last week’s video if you watch the end that I
was going to be doing a reading vlog for this week’s video, and I actually said in
that clip I was like “I probably shouldn’t do a reading vlog next week”
just because there’s a lot going on, I’m a busy girl this term, school year, work,
and stuff like that. But, uh, we’re gonna do it anyway…so welcome. So it’s currently
8:30 on Monday the 17th a whole new brand new week ahead of us and I’ve got
a lot going on. Let’s take a trip down memory lane shall we? If you watched my
November reading vlog when I was reading Girls of Paper and Fire and A River of Royal
Blood, you will have seen this clip: I’m about to
go head off because I have an interview to go to you for this opportunity that
I’m trying to get in on so pray for me hopefully, it goes well! So I never really told you all what that interview was for and now that I am like,
however many months past then, I can now tell you! Basically that interview was for a
job here on campus my school does this thing called alternative break which is
basically like you do something over your– you do some kind of service project
trip over your spring break instead of I don’t know whatever else you do on your
spring break and I went on alternative break last year to Ashland Oregon,
and my trip was all about like environmental justice if you guys didn’t
know I’m an environmental science major. So I went last year on alternative break
to Ashland Oregon to do some like environmental conservation work and
things like that and I really loved it I love my group I loved just Ashland and
it was a great time so when the time came around again this year for
alternative break I decided that I was going to apply to go on alternative
break again but this time I was not stepping up a notch and I was going to
apply to be a leader of the alt break trip that I went on last year and since
I’m talking about it you can obviously tell that I did end up getting it so
that is my job that I am doing on campus currently but I bring up that
long-winded explanation just to say that I have work in a couple hours so I
need to like get up and get ready and start my day before I have to head into
my office. Um, however, another work-related thing is that I also
applied to have a different job in the same office that I’m working in now.
My position with alternative break will be over in April just because that’s
when the trip will be over and done with, but I wanted to stay in this office
until the end of the school year in June, and so last week I had an
interview for it and this week on Monday or Tuesday today or tomorrow I should
hopefully find out if I got that job! So with all that said and that whole tangent aside, let’s see what we’re reading for this week’s reading vlog! So! I am literally
like 50-40 pages away from being done with This Will Be My Undoing by Morgan
Jerkins. This book I don’t know if I’m going to be able to talk about it
coherently in this reading vlog just because this book has made me cry
multiple times reading it and you can see that I have tabbed it again and I’m
taking notes and I’m highlighting in it and I just…this book has like
effectively stressed me out but in a way that I feel like I needed just because
it has opened my eyes to so many things that I like I don’t even know I can’t
even get into it right now I’m gonna have to sit down with myself and like do
some–my Fitbit is yelling at me to get up. I’m awake. So yeah I don’t know if I’m
gonna talk about this book here on my channel but if I do it’ll be later and
also I am like 40 pages away from finishing it so I’m gonna do that
before I go to work I will see you later Hey everybody! So it is now Wednesday and it’s around 4 p.m. and I just got done with my classes for the day so whoohoo
for that I also have my lunch that I am like dying to eat so I am ready to do
with that but first of all I have something to unbox with you guys! You’re
also probably wondering what happened to Tuesday and let me just say I didn’t
want to add anything boring yesterday but yesterday was my day off in my
schedule right now and I basically did NOTHING but write an essay for one of my
online classes literally from 8:00 in the morning until almost 7:00 p.m. last
night so I did literally nothing but write necessay yesterday it wouldn’t
have been anything worth showing and I literally just sat in my chair by my
desk that’s my Tuesday does not exist in this
vlog but you didn’t miss anything I promise I didn’t really vlog anything
outside of my room today because it’s basically the same schedule that I’m on
for Monday what you guys already kind of saw so don’t want to be repetitive. But
with all that rambling aside, let’s get into one of the most exciting things
about this week’s vlog because yes I’m very excited! It’s one of those things
where have you been on my social media you’ve already seen this post by the
time you see this video it’s been up for a couple days so if you watch the last
of a reading vlog that I did you know that I am a Penguin Teen Partner which
still makes me so excited to say and part of the Penguin Teen Partner program
is that sometimes I get physical arcs to unbox and show you all and post on
Instagram and just enjoy so this is one of the books that I’m getting from
Penguin Teen this week! This time is book came in an actual little box so I think
I will be able to just…I have my scissors here I can just cut into this little
tape right here and pull it out so give me a second we’ll do that! Oh my god there’s something other than the book in here! I did not expect that! But here it is I’m so excited! iI you didn’t just see you as I held it
up I received The Vanishing Deep from Penguin Teen! This book is by Astrid Scholte, I believe, I’m not sure if I said that right I’m sorry I said it wrong. But I’m
really excited because I read the synopsis for this book and I think that
is such a cool concept I’m going to blurb about it in a second I’ll try my
best. You guys know I hate blurbing books I haven’t read because it’s stressful,
but I’m gonna try, and yeah like look at this cover! And the other thing that came
in the box along with the book is–oh my god it’s actually ceramic! is this alive?!
Wait a minute–no–they sent me this little– is this a succulent? Is it alive? No, okay no it’s
not alive but it’s so cute I couldn’t tell for a second and I was like “it
looks so perfect how did they get it to stay alive?” Awee, it’s like a little
succulent thing I appreciate that! I didn’t know this was coming I thought
it was just going to be the book and now and now for the Instagram post you guys
again well I’ve already seen this so you will see it but now that I have it in
real time I have the idea of putting all this little like you know confetti stuff
around the book when I post about it so that’s a good idea and I’m gonna do that
so again here’s the post since it’s already gonna be up go like it if you
have it so now it is my time to try to not lose
my mind blurbing this book so pray for me, let’s start. Okay, so this book follows
our main character Tempe and this is like a dystopian story so basically I
think the story is set a hundred years… after the great waves hit centuries ago
so okay I was off already we’re off to a bad start. A huge tsunami hit Earth a
couple centuries ago and totally wiped out humanity and the way of living that
we knew it. Um, it didn’t wipe out humanity because humans still exist, however, they
have learned to live with the water and on the water. Tempe is born into a world
of water she knows nothing else and she actually becomes one of the people that
are designated to dive under the water back into like ruined civilians and
societies and scavenge anything useful there’s also a little bit of a sci-fi
element of this book because apparently there is an organization on
Tempe’s island that is able to basically bring back the dead people that perish
in the great waves and bring them back for a day and allow you to reconnect
with whoever you lost. And Tempe’s whole motivation for being a diver is to gain
enough money to be able to pay to bring her sister back there’s also a little
bit of a mystery in this book because apparently, Tempe’s sister Elysea died
with the secret of knowing why her parents died and she wants to know what
her sister knew before she died and why she didn’t tell her. So eventually Tempe
gathers up enough money to pay to have her sister Elysea raised from the dead
for a day and she does and Elysea comes back and swears that she actually has no
part in the death of their parents. She also says that she does not want to
spend the one day that she has left on this Earth being interrogated for
something that she didn’t do. So instead, she convinces Tempe to break her out of
this facility that’s able to bring people back from the dead and just spend
her last day on earth like exploring what’s different. It’s also a quest to
kind of figure out what happened to their parents and like this whole
mystery I don’t know what else there is about this mystery–obviously because I haven’t
read it yet–but the whole thing is for this day we are following these two
characters and finding out the mysteries of their past and happened. And the entire time that we’re following these two characters while
Elysea is alive for the day the people that are able to bring her back are on
their trail because obviously she should not have escaped the facility. And the
kicker for this book the selling point the whole like what will happen thing is
the people that are able to bring people back from the day it says: “they will stop
at nothing to bring them back before the truth behind the revival process and the
ultimate cost of life is revealed.” So there’s a hidden cost of being able to
do and bring people back from the dead for the day and I am dying to find out
what it is! So that’s my best attempt at blurbing The Vanishing Deep this is also
the author that wrote Four Dead Queens, and I never got a chance to read that
book and I really want to, so maybe after reading this book I will be prompted to
read Astrid Scholte’s other book, but yeah! So huge, huge thank you to Penguin Teen
for sending me this book and this little cactus like fake succulent this is so
cute I’m gonna put it on my desk and yeah so it’s kind of interesting this
came at a good time because after I finished This Will Be My Undoing
yesterday or on Monday when you guys saw it I was kind of in this like well limbo
where I was like “oh I don’t know what I want to read now. I don’t really feel
like reading any of the books I like, actually own,” but now that I have this
I’m like let’s do it! I’m gonna start reading this if not tonight, tomorrow,
but now I’m about to go eat my lunch because I am starving and I will catch
up with you all sometime later. Hey everybody! It’s now Thursday it’s 1:30 and I’m
about to head off in a couple minutes to go to my very long biology lab it’s a
lab from 2 to 5 p.m. and it’s the worst thing ever but it’s only one time a week
so I just power through it. Only three weeks left we love college. Anyway, I have been reading a little bit of The Vanishing Deep as you all just
saw I’m not that far into it I’m only about fifty pages but I think I just
came across the reason why this great wave happened and like wow it’s crazy so
I’m enjoying this book so far it’s got a very like ominous tone and also she just
mentioned something about like there’s something else or she says it’s
something other lurking in the sea that is very much for shadowing I think that
there is definitely something else happening here and I’m just I’m excited
I’m really liking this book so far I really like the tone of it it’s so weird
to like think about a world that’s like just waterlogged and like there’s no
actual land like or like very little land anyway let me go to my biology lab
I will talk to you all later I have pretty much not left my room
during this reading vlog this is great I thought I had more going on this week…
anyway. Hi everybody it is now Friday TGIF
if you’re wondering what this is about I had a dumb moment last night…anyway
welcome to Friday of this vlog I am very sorry that I have barely taken you all
out of my room or as far as how I picture this vlog going so far.
Basically, I’ve just been going to class all week and going to work and it’s kind
of weird because I don’t really like to take videos in those places like I took a
video of me in class I think on Monday and Wednesday but it’s just like a
couple seconds I just been doing my thing honestly um however what I wanted
to do right now is update you all on where I am in The Vanishing Deep because
I am loving the story so far. So here she is is I am on page 150 I believe so I’m
about a quarter of the way through this book I think is like four hundred and
something pages it’s like let me check it’s like four hundred and twenty three
pages and I am currently on 158 so I’m about a quarter of the way there there’s
when my little bookmark is and honestly this story is already heating up I was
really nervous that it was going to be like the first hundred pages
I’m just like figuring out what the whole word I will process is or whatever
but it kind of just threw us right into the revival process and like I don’t
know a lot is happening and I’m like I’m enjoying it I got kind of like anxiety
reading it, and that’s a good sign because I’m invested. Yeah so that’s where I am
with the reading portion of this vlog I don’t think I’m going to finish it
before Sunday just because it’s a big book and I really should have been
studying from my biology midterm all week. Have I though? No. So I’m going to
dedicate the rest of my weekend to doing that because my midterm is on Monday night.
However, I wanted to give you all a life update because I kind of introduced it
in the beginning of this vlog and I haven’t said anything about it so yeah
let’s talk about it. Monday or Tuesday I told you all that I had applied for a
job here on campus and I was waiting to hear back and see if I
got it or not and then I failed to say anything about
it for Wednesday or Thursday but here we are it’s Friday and I meant to have the
camera out and like record as I like read the email to see yes or no but it
kind of snuck up on me I was just sitting at my desk talking to
my boyfriend and I opened my email and I was like oop–okay then.
So I unfortunately didn’t get my reaction on camera but if you can’t tell
because I’m smiling I did get the second job that I applied for here on campus so
I’m really excited but yeah so I am gonna go into work in about an hour. Today’s probably the busiest day of the week for me I am going in at 10:00 and
then I won’t be done with class and work until 7:00 it’s gonna be a long day but
it’s like a good day though. I’m gonna go to work and class and then work again, so I
will catch you all probably tomorrow. Hey everybody, welcome to my bed! That sounds
very awkward…it’s late it’s like 12:06 so it’s like technically
Saturday and I’m just so tired I’ve had such a long but fulfilling day today and
like that makes all the difference when it comes to busyness I don’t know I got
my feelings I posted this tweet on Twitter where I was like you know I’m
busy but the busyness is worth it because I still fulfilled at my campus
job, and that was totally the truth and what represented my day today. Um anyway I
wanted to update you all a little bit about where I am with this book because
I have shocked myself okay I think I said that I wasn’t going
to finish this book by Sunday I don’t know if I said that, but if I did, I think
I lied because I am currently on page I’m on page 294 of like 420 I think? 422?
Something like that so I am literally like 3/4ths of the way through this book I
am almost done though honestly I think I might finish this book in this vlog
which is crazy because I did not expect to finish the book in this vlog because
of how we how busy this week has been but I think I will and I’m very happy
about it I also have another book
to unbox with you all but I’m gonna do that tomorrow because I’m just so tired
and this is not the light or the setting to do that in. I’m really enjoying this
book if you haven’t told I just flew through it. And I don’t want to say too
much again because it’s not even out yet but I really have been enjoying this book so
I’m excited about it and I can’t wait for it to come out so that I can like
share a full review of it but yeah there’s my update to end off Friday
slash introduced Saturday I will talk to you all in the morning when I’m not a
mess laying in bed getting ready to go to bed. So, goodnight. All right! So you all just saw me like
set up and take Instagram photos for the vanishing deep thank you so much Penguin
Teen for sending me that book but to end off this weekly vlog, because I do have
some studying to get done later and I do need to start editing this video tonight,
I have one more book to unbox with you all from Penguin Teen and this one is
very special to me and I feel very very honored to have received this book so let’s go ahead and open it I have it sitting
right here and I’m so excited to show you all what the book is. Here’s the book
I’m so excited oh my god… oh my god it’s so weird! Okay, this was
like a 100% like real and honest reaction I have never had a book that
has this uh.. oh god is it gonna focus? This “advanced reader’s copy”
sticker on the top right there it’s so weird
I’ve never gotten a book that has the advanced readers copy edition on it this
is my first book and it’s like… it’s wild I don’t know I don’t know why that makes
me so happy but like I don’t know okay So a Phoenix Must First Burn is a black
author anthology from 16 different authors with 16 different stories in it,
and the reason that this makes me so, so very happy and honored and just like
proud of where we are right now in like booktube and just publishing diversity–I
know we have a long ways to go still–but with Penguin Teen
specifically, I got an email about this book specifically reaching out to black
booktubers, black bookstagramers, just black book influencers or whatever
to receive this book to read because what the email said it was like I know
that black people should have an ability to read this book if
they want to so we are specifically reaching out to our black Penguin
Teen Influencers and to ask if they want this book and that just made me feel
that made me feel some type of way you know just to be like wow it made me feel
good is what I’m trying to say made me feel
good it made me feel seen it made me feel included and important and like my
opinion matters. And as a black booktuber and all these
things so like it’s just yeah it was a really good feeling to be included in
this arc giveaway or just like part of yeah, I don’t know what I’m trying to say
my brain is just not working, but I’m just very happy right now. I’m just very
excited to read this book because it says “in 16 tales by best-selling and
award-winning authors that explore the Black experience through fantasy, science
fiction, and magic” like this game is so cool and it’s gonna leave me
feeling like so seen like I don’t know how to describe it my brain isn’t
working I apologize for my incoherence right now. It says on the top this is
great it says Beyonce’s Lemonade meets Octavia Butler like, that’s the best kind of
selling point ever sign me up I can’t wait for this book! But yeah so it’s 337 pages
long and I’m just–I just can’t wait for this cover is gorgeous hopefully my
camera is doing it justice I’m like peaking around it to see if you can see
it but this is black girl on this cover surrounded by like just like it looks
magical and like I don’t know it just makes me feel so good to see like a
black girl on the cover and a darker-skinned black girl at that too.
But there you have it, I’m gonna go ahead and wrap up this reading vlog here for
you all because like I said I have some studying to do today and honestly I need
to start editing this video as soon as possible to get it up tomorrow by the
time you all are watching this. But thank you all so much for watching and this
Instagram post for A Phoenix Must First Burn will go up on my Instagram on
Monday so it won’t actually be up by the time this video goes on my channel so if
you all could check back on Monday and like the post that has this–that
features this book–that would be great that would make me feel good. Here are
the books that we featured in this week’s reading vlog I finished This Will
Be My Undoing, I’m literally like a hundred pages away from finishing The
Vanishing Deep so I’m about to call it good with this one, and as soon as I
finish The Vanishing Deep and write my review for it,
A Phoenix Must First Burn is definitely on the priority.
And also I just realized that I’ve been saying it wrong. It’s A Phoenix First
Must Burn I’ve been switching these two words ever since I got the email asking
me to be a part of this and my brain will not get it right so it is a Phoenix
First Must Burn! That’s how you say it! I’m sorry I’m saying it wrong my brain
doesn’t want to work like I said. Again thank you so much Penguin Teen for
sending me both of these books it means the absolute world to me like you all
just saw how excited I got about having a book that has like an advanced reader
copy sticker on it so it really does make my entire day and it makes what I’m
doing here on booktube and my book blog and Instagram stuff just feel like
worthwhile and feel like I am doing something productive with my life I
don’t know how to say that but anyway I’m gonna stop rambling at you all I
hope you all enjoyed a glimpse of a week in my life and I will see you all on the
channel next Sunday. Bye everybody!

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