10 e-Learning Education Portals and Learning Resources


10 e-Learning Education Portals and Learning Resources

[Intro music playing] Hello, this is ideas4Earth, and today I have an idea for you. How to get an education online? Let’s
get to it. The first website that I really like is
called Treehouse it’s an educational website
where you can learn to code so you can learn such languages as
HTML, CSS JavaScript, PHP, MySQL. So if you dream on
becoming a Web Designer or a Web Developer, that’s
the place for you It’s not free, but there’s a 2 week free
trial so go ahead and try it out. The next
website I found is called Chess Academy. So if you ever
dreamed on becoming a chess master, that’s a place
for you. It’s So it’s similar in design to
Treehouse. so you have lectures and then you can do exercises and stuff and play games. The third website is
called edX There you can find online courses from
different universities from around the world so if you ever dreamed on getting a Harvard
education or listening to some of their lectures, go
ahead and try that out Okay number 4
That’s the website where you can find lots of different videos on lots of different topics such as programming, history,
self-development and so on. All the videos are from private
producers some are free, some are paid for, but you can still check it out, you can learn lots of
great stuff out there Okay number 5, Khan Academy. That’s an
awesome website Their aim is to make a revolution
in school education. You can find lessons on Math, Science, History, Arts and a lot of different topics there. It has
great design There is gamification in place, so if you solve
a bunch of math problems you level up, you get a new
avatar and so on and its way cool. So number 6 is a
website called There you can find a lot experts speaking on their topic. Usually it’s a 20-minute
video where they share their ideas on how to
improve the world or how to live a better life. There’s a
wide range of topics, so be sure to check it out, that’s one of my
favorites. Number 7 Coursera. Similar to edX, it’s a website with online courses from different
universities, such as Stanford MIT I believe, and a whole bunch of other
ones not only usa-based, but Chinese, Russian different European universities. Again,
different topics just check it out, you’ll enjoy it. The next
website, number 8, is called Open Study so if you’re studying a certain topic in
Math or Biology or Physics, you can find some students, who are
also studying the same topic and you can learn together and help each
other out, if you are having problems solving a particular problem Yeah. Okay, number 9, Academic earth.
Similar to Coursera and edX, it’s a website with different courses from different universities And number 10 is quite unusual it’s called So if you go
there you can find a lot of videos on Physics, General Chemistry, Organic
Chemistry Biology. This website is “pay for what
you like”, so all the videos are free and usually hosted on YouTube. There’s also
documents related to the Video, and you can learn a
lot of stuff out there So if you ever dreamed of getting a higher
education, or just an extra education, but you don’t have
enough of free time, or money or anything else Just go check out those websites. You
can find the links to all the websites below and if you know any other websites, where
you can learn online please post them in the comments below.
Thanks for watching, don’t forget to like the video, share it with your friends, and subscribe. See you later [Ending music playing]

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