10 Majors w/ Highest Unemployment Rates


10 Majors w/ Highest Unemployment Rates

i want to start off with in very very
helpful article of the wall street journal road and i think that it’s
something that every single are college students should read because it tells
you which majors have the highest
unemployment rate and which majors have the lowest
unemployment rate so the reason why this is of significant
and very important for you guys is not only because you want to make sure you
get a job after you graduate is because you have to look at college
as an investment you are gonna spend thousands of dollars
if you are lucky you won’t have to take out loans but in most cases students to have to take out loans people don’t go to college friend like
many enlightenment anymore if you want in lightning it’s called the internet ok
johnson tens of thousands of dollars to go to college because you want to
feel smarter it’s a bad idea so the wall street
journal list as i mentioned bede-ten majors that have the highest
unemployment rates and i want to share those images with him today it turns out to the big loser in
psychology saudi psychology majors you better have a good plan or you might consider switching majors a number ten
on the list is linguistics and compact compared of language and literature that major has eight ten percent
unemployment rate uh… miscellaneous psychology comes in at number nine
within ten point three percent unemployment rate at number eight is industrialized and
organizational psychology i don’t even know what that means like i’m looking at march in mike’s life what is not okay and i look i know that
those of you out there who are major investor probably pulling your hair up
big you know this is a great major but you’ve got i think long-term and
please i hope you’re not going u_s_d_a_ majoring in this because you are going
to be so much that and you’re not gonna find a job coming in at number seven is
architecture with a ten point six percent
unemployment rates a lot of people who go into architecture
are people who rule wanted to be artists cell people were just all seeing or pain team you know people who are consumed that
type of creativity those types of people have a really
difficult time making money off of their talents so their plan b is always architecture
because architecture design it also looks to be created that lets you use
your talents in the same way that you use your talents and you know painting
or sculpting rain something like that so there’s this lacked the rap of
architecture graduates and we have too many so it’s a very competitive field and act
i think that that gary is largely correct ab with every field that you enter at this
point there is going to be a significant amount of competition with architecture i’d feel like at some
point it might pick up and it’s just i have no evidence to base that i wanted to take
what i’m saying with a grain of salt but i do think that architecture is a little
more valuable then um… industrialized in organizational
psychology that’s just my mike dot i come in under
six is military technologies which has a ten point nine percent unemployment rate that is very surprising to me because of
the neck industrial military industrial complex we have in the united states you would assume that these people make
the most money in this country but according to the wall street journal
they have a very high unemployment rate uh… educational psychology comes in at
ten point nine percent comes in at number five with ten point nine percent
unemployment rates uh… library science comes in at number
four with the fifteen percent unemployment rate keep in mind how many up public live
libraries are getting their funding cut uh… because of this economic crisis
coming in a number thirty is united states history when he gonna do it at
all that knowledge on united states history you become a professor are there a lot of openings for
professors right now i’m not really considering all the cuts to higher
education so um… that’s another very risky uh…
degree to get and coming in at number two is
miscellaneous fine arts which i’ve never understood why anyone would need to get
a degree in that but uh… those individuals experience a
sixteen point two percent unemployment rate and number one is clinical by college e within nineteen point five percent unemployment rate which is very high select this is
information that you guys need to researcher selves you need to delve into
it make sure that you make the right decisions when you go to college their thankfully majors out there that
will help you in the long run you’ll get a great job
and you’ll make great money for instance uh… if u are getting at astronomy or astrophysics
degree you will make and income a sixty two thousand dollars uh… you can be a school student
counsellor which has virtually zero percent unemployment rate and you could make twenty thousand
dollars which is that a lot so don’t become a high school counselor on but
there are other options for you guys pharmacology so if you wanna be a
pharmacist you can make a big cuba to make at least sixty thousand dollars
starting on and it has been very low unemployment
rate so there are options out there for you guys i’d know it’s difficult because
you can’t help being interested in what you love i was interested in journalism i love
media objects also a very competitive field i was lucky enough to get involved
the start-up company that didn’t uh… and disastrously i’ll hide but a lot of people abu dot journalism
degrees are still people i graduated with are still
jobless which is really sad go ahead with the july statement you
know the was the one thing that i noticed on this uh… the wall street
journal story is that the median income the lowest in the highest educational
psychology thirty five thousand the highest at any of these military
technologies eighty six thousand right so that there was a pretty interesting
the different that’s a really great thing to point out because even though
they have a high unemployment rate and i’m military technologies they make of
great amount of money because think about how much we put into the fence sending uh… how often we go to war how long
we’ve been in war so it was surprising to me that their
unemployment rate was so high but it is also a very profitable industry
effectively with the past getting pulled out of iraq you would think that now
that that median income but slowly if he can resolve the decrease in also flip in mind that even know where and
sitting you know iraq we are still keeping many private
contractors there you know for security services so we’re still going to continue to
spend so much money in the middle east so don’t be fooled by at facially ending the war that means

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83 thoughts on “10 Majors w/ Highest Unemployment Rates”

  1. Harry S. Plinkett says:

    2:38 describes everything she says

  2. Karen Cole says:

    Thank God I live in Canada because none of this is true here!

  3. Anastasiya Badi says:

    Ok I couldn’t finish the video because of how obnoxious her voice is, and she’s also extremely stupid because she doesn’t even know what most of the majors she’s reading off even are… she probably is the type of person who believes everything she reads off of Wikipedia

  4. D Elizabeth says:

    a summary: stay away from psychology

  5. Natasha Tissiman says:

    "If you want enlightenment go on the internet" I hope that's a joke. Either way I exited the video after hearing that shit.

  6. Frank Martinez says:

    Life is random, we never know the future. Yes I majored in psychology which today I am security tech and AI

  7. Omar Abdul-Malik DHEd, MPAS, PA-C says:

    Physician Assistant is a great career with good job-mobility, satisfaction and income potential ($100,000 to $200,000)!🤓

  8. 신세영 says:

    This is the dumbest video that I watched…. why discouraging people to switched what is their passion. Fuck the news reporter!!!

  9. Dr. Goodsnatch, PhD. says:

    Nursing should have been on the top of that list!!!

  10. RainbowYak says:

    This is such a dumb clip. Instead of letting her tell you to be a mindless sheep who lets society force plutocracy and feudalist-style capitalism up your ass, here is what you should do:

    1) If you're REALLY smart, you say farewell to your shitty government and go study abroad – for free. In many countries such as Germany, France, Slovenia, Sweden, Norway and Finland, foreigners (including Americans) can study for absolutely free. Even better, most continental European countries offer various study programs in English. Also, while other countries aren't free, they're still quite affordable for American standards. For instance in my country Switzerland, you'll pay about USD $1,500-$2,000 per semester. That's not as cool as free but you'll get to study at some of the top universities in the world (some are among the top 100). Also, there are need-based scholarships (more so than in the US). The same goes for the Netherlands, Denmark, Austria, Belgium, New Zealand etc.

    2) If this is nothing for you, you should still study whatever you love most and have a talent for – and try to reform your domestic system at the same time. For example the unemployment rate of psychologists has very little to do with supply and demand. It has to do with the fact that regular people can't afford visiting a psychologist (thanks to your shitty healthcare system). For example if there was single payer healthcare in the US, regular folks could suddenly visit a therapist and get treated without having to worry about the costs. My mom works as a therapist (psychologist). In the US, this job is being scoffed at and regarded very lowly. Frankly, I find that quite ridiculous. Psychologists are basically doctors (for your mind/soul). Here in my country, psychology is a good major to study and therapists generally earn quite decently (around USD $6,000-$8,000 a month).
    Also, many liberal arts majors would be more lucrative if the US government paid its employees better. Many liberal arts majors like to work for the government. Just to give you one example: here in Switzerland, high school teachers is among the best-earning jobs in the country. Again, in the US being a teacher is usually scoffed at (and yes, being a teacher here requires more/higher academic qualification but I think for a very good salary, that's certainly worth it).

  11. Nathan G says:

    This is fucking stupid. The reason people aren’t employed isn’t because of their degree. It’s the fact that people don’t pursue internships or even pursue a job for that matter. You DO NOT NEED an ENGINEERING degree to be successful. You just need to be persistent. Don’t let these people detour you from being successful. I/O psychology is HIGHLY sought after in the business field! Training and development/human resource managers make six figures. This is a worthless video.

  12. Otis Davis says:

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  13. mrthorwahl says:

    Downvoted cus Ana Kasparian.

  14. natasha A. says:

    This girl negative… ur makin ur money by putting down students following their passions

  15. Matthew Ashton says:

    Like i always tell people that want to go to college, go for the degrees that's worth getting and will give you a guaranteed job when you graduate. For example financeaccounting which is the big 4. Medical fields like physicianphysician assistant or doctornursing.

  16. Inez Santos says:

    Basically anything in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Medicine majors.

  17. LocalClone says:

    Study sth you are not passionate about, just great idea…gosh

  18. barumbadum says:

    Fake news.

  19. Opeyemi Oyewole says:

    True, there is no jobs in psychology!

  20. John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt says:

    Anything with "studies" is a wasteful major

  21. Bebin Joseph says:

    Jordan Peterson is a clinical psychologist hehe

  22. Roger Propes says:

    I'd like to have her job but I'm not pretty enough.  And from this there seems to be a shortage of good subtitling majors.

  23. Ezra Tambo says:

    Some bullshit! You go to school to gather knowledge so that you can use it to gather will be a fool to be discouraged from such void sentiments. Go do what you love and stop using the internet to decide on your own life..if your persistence and will is strong. Then you should know a degree is just a confirmation of your literacy can be anything you'd wish for if faith and hardwork is key.

  24. Hercules Roceffeller says:

    she used to be cute.

  25. Dido Mitev says:


  26. Jacob Carrion says:

    Rule of thumb: never listen to a young turks video

  27. DatTrippinKitten says:

    Oh yeah avoid clinical psychology maybe thats why theres so much anxiety, depression, and shootings

  28. mitchell richards says:

    This is a crock of shit


    There is no such thing as rate to be successful . It only depends to the person

  30. Alex Yeganyan says:

    How bout lesbian dance theory, gender studies, and art history

  31. bill langan says:

    Who is this gal and what is she, 12 years old? Certainly her view of the world, education and her judgement is on par with a 12 year old.

  32. Carl Ruf says:

    It does not surpise me about Psychology. MANY people choose this because classes tend to easy and are objective and accepting of various opinions. Aslo, it is fun to get into discussing the inter-working of peoples motives and actions. Therefore unless the study are based on factual history or scientific physchology of the brain (neurotransmitter and synapses fuuctions, etc), answers can be very broad ranging and the student is not pressured.

  33. Carl Ruf says:

    Degree and job that EVERYONE wants but woefully few attain (at least job wise)…Archaeology…Hands Down. You want a good paying job and have demand for your skills? Stick with Engineering or the hard sciences. Also, IT and computer / software development is a biggie. Sorry…in order to get a good paying stable job these days….you have to engage in HARD WORK and studies while at school.

  34. Tyler Smith says:

    “architecture is a little more valuable than industrialized/organizational psychology” 2 minutes earlier “i don’t even know what industrialized/organization psychology is!”

  35. Adagio Breeze says:

    I feel like this info is misleading, of course you won’t find work with a Bachelors, a lot of these majors require a Masters or higher for lucrative jobs.

  36. Alberto Sed says:

    Employment opportunities exist in these fields but a bachelor's is not enough. If you want to be an architect or a school psychologist, a master's degree is required.

  37. Edwin Ford says:

    No offense, but I honestly think you don't know what are you talking about.

  38. SamZane says:

    10 – Linguistics and Comparative Languages and Literature 10%
    9 – Miscellaneous Psychology 10.3 %
    8 – Industrialized and organizational Psychology (wthisthat?) 10.4 %
    7 – Architecture 10.6 %
    6 – Military technologies 10.9 %
    5 – Educational Psychology 10.9 %
    4 – Library "science" (too qualified so refused by workplaces?)15%
    3 – United States History 15.1 %
    2 – Miscellaneous Fine Arts (hobby degree) 16.2 %
    1 – Clinical Psychology 19.5 %
    0 – GENDER STUDIES 100%

  39. bhadra 123 says:

    How do you think architecture is more useful than industrial organizational psychology, if your dumbass doesnt even know what it is

  40. Ulises de la luz says:

    I clicked on this because I thought it was a legitimate video made by people of good reasoning but when I saw

    I said this is bullshit under a new name, btw she’s wrong in 3 majors.

  41. Cassidy Dyne says:

    what people don’t realize and what is not mentioned in this video is the 80-90% of people that are unemployed in these fields, while college teaches you how to be a expert in the field u study, it does not teach you how to market yourself and take initiative unless you teach yourself, and put yourself in positions to do well, there are tens of thousands of people that majored in some type of psychology that now make $80-100k a year. This is obviously biased thinking that people aren’t successful if they aren’t studying business or stem which is extremely untrue.

  42. Blackweydow says:

    First, the degree on its own isn’t valuable if you don’t give it value. This stats are there because not all degrees are bachelor only. If you want to b a psychologist, you gotta get the phd because it’s the knowledge and practice that is required to qualify as someone who knows what they have studied. Other jobs are practical, not so much on knowledge. Do what you love to do and do it well. If you are gonna be a doctor and they ask you why? U can’t say cuz I want to have money to spare cuz that’s bs. It’s about passion and willingness to spend time doing the job and be happy with your choice.

  43. luke dawson says:

    This is quite silly. It doesn't mean you shouldn't study these fields. For example, Industrial and Organisational Psychology, which she ignorantly mocks, is a fascinating subject (it's about psychology as it relates to the world of work) and is in absolutely huge demand among corporations. Any line manager who has to deal with people could benefit from this degree, and what you learn there will help you if you go on to work in the HR department of large organisations or in management training or at employee assessment and development centres. It's a massive area, with very well paid work at the end of it. As a result, though, it's competitive and so you're going to have a 10% unemployment rate for sure.

  44. Satchin Joseph says:

    My aunt was a Psychology major and now she’s a corporate manager at a tech conglomerate making 500k CAD. No, she didn’t go to graduate school. Just worked her way up the corporate ladder.

  45. M M says:

    I’m kind of hesitant to go into Advertising and Business because I like creating tangible things but I also know that’s where my strength lies and I can always do architecture later if I really want to

  46. Roses Flowers says:


  47. Leo Souza says:

    This is ludicrous. I’m a linguistics major with a concentration in French and Mandarin Chinese. I’m in my 2nd semester of my second year, and I already have job offers. So this video is wrong. I don’t know where this person got their statistics, and they need to re-evaluate their ideas. Skip over please!

  48. Alex Williams says:

    The thing about architecture, is there are a lot of
    people who could do the job, that are not architects,
    like architectural engineers, technicians and technologists
    for half the money an architect would charge.
    10% unemployment is not high when you consider some of the

  49. Rior Style says:

    Industrial Organizational Psychology is the application of psychological principles to the workplace. Most people with this degree are capable of designing training programs, candidate assessment tools, organizational development plans, employee performance management, workplace motivation plans, training and development, validation studies, perform plenty of data analysis, etc.

    Laughing on video obnoxiously without educating herself on the topics she was discussing made her look x2 as ignorant. Just because you don’t know what a major is, it doesn’t mean that it’s laughable or doesn’t have an impact (regardless of employability or pay).

  50. V RL says:

    Doesn't even know what organizational psychology is but still says it has little value.
    "No evidence to base this" – much like most of TYT

  51. HOBBIT cadillac says:

    If you're stupid but can do basic math go into accounting even relatively below average students get a job

  52. a n says:

    Number 1 on the list is clinical psychology, not psychology.

  53. Mara P.C. says:

    Oh so she's that type of white girl

  54. Simon Schulze says:

    what? I thought psychology was one of the best… I guess it doesn’t take into account those with a master’s or PhD…

  55. Ryan H says:

    Other than reading off of the wall street journal article they say almost nothing of use and objectivity. Just a heads up read the article instead.

  56. Bob Rohubres says:

    I’m a chemistry major maybe premed not sure 🤔 but is a chemistry degree good??

  57. Matthew Murray says:

    this bitch is literally so dumb and such a mean person

  58. James Andonian says:

    So all psychology sucks. History and english suck too, makes sense to me. Was suprised sociology and gender studies weren't on there.

  59. rickty rickty wrecked says:

    The Young Turks are useless

  60. Kameron Moss says:

    The question is….do you or do you not want your career to be a large part of your identity?

  61. Ronin 11X says:

    Lesbian dance theory is a multi billion dollar market. It does not matter what degree you have if no one is willing to pay for your goods or services, and contrary to what your professor said, you can't force people to buy what your selling because its what you want to do with your life, and tax money is not there to subsidize your life in the event you picked a stupid degree

  62. Dom says:

    what about translation major?

  63. Jahmila Rosario says:

    My dad told me this but I still did my liberal arts degree…now have to go get a masters to add with it. Proud I got my degree tho even those who don't even have it continue to compete with me. Good knowledge still. College is a business…

  64. Ryan M says:

    I think it would be funny to compare the political parties each major usually is a member of. I bet all the psycology majors are libs while the good paying ones like engineer will be republicans

  65. Duc Tran says:

    If you are good at what you do, you can and will find a job because people want expertise in every discipline. Going into a major just because of demand when you're not good at what you do will most likely leave you unemployed or mediocre at best.

  66. Huffle Crush says:

    Don't let this video scare you. Major in what interests you, follow your heart, and you'll be successful.

  67. Zack Gentile says:

    I feel this…I have no evidence of that… No way gender studies isn’t up there

  68. Oscar Jablon says:

    The picture would be less obscure if she referenced the population these percentages are coming from.

  69. Broken Twilight says:

    All of them…

  70. Janelle Reid says:

    Clinical psychology? Is number 1? As in the field that is growing exponentially because of the increase in mental health issues around the globe? Clinical psychology? Are you sure?

  71. Daniella Kaplan says:

    Hey my major isn’t on this list

  72. Olivia J says:

    I feel like this girl is just attacking all of these majors. Let people do whatever the fuck they wanna do! I think it’s better to struggle in finding employment and then getting your dream job, rather than hating your work. Unemployment is inevitable in every major, so don’t judge people for what they’re majoring in.

  73. David Daring says:

    Clinical psychology, as per my experience, is a total joke and I would expect in the next 20 years will slowly vanish in shame as it is mostly uselessness.

  74. RefleeX says:

    my problem with this video is that she is basing her arguments on the assumption that all students picks a career path just considering how much money they are going to make.

  75. Robert Ridley says:

    Every time I go outside I see new buildings going up, so I don't see how architecture could lead to unemployment.

  76. Danny Sze says:

    I sort of agree and disagree. It really depends on how much your parents have. If you parents have loads of money, choose whatever you want. I think you can learn things in internet but the academic atmosphere is essential to guide one into a deeper understanding on certain subject. however, if you are on a loan, you should pick a major that pays your loan.

  77. John K says:

    Proofreader for subtitles is obviously not a college degree.

  78. Skye blue16 says:

    I thought architecture was a good major (i'm not in architecture, just thought it was)

  79. John Burns says:

    All I needed to see was “The Young Turks”… need not listen to these idiots.

  80. Fine S/ she wish the world full of joys. says:

    Studying psychology and Brian science (neurology) not because it is a trend, but because it’s a long term passion 🙂

  81. Antonio Mato says:

    Gender studies

  82. Lew. says:

    This post is a load of ass. I recently saw another paper stating that Linguistics had the highest employment rate while Engineering had the most under-employed people. It's all smoke and anus' as far as i'm concerned.

  83. Danny H says:

    Must be a business major

  84. Relied Insanity says:

    1 social economic peace studies
    2 underwater basket weaving

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