10 Things Elegant Ladies NEVER Wear!


10 Things Elegant Ladies NEVER Wear!

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14 thoughts on “10 Things Elegant Ladies NEVER Wear!”

  1. martha fazzini says:

    Maternity wear from the 90’s. Oh my!!! I’m still trying to recover!!!

  2. Cole M says:

    Can you give an example of other types of pants people can to the airport? Yoga pants are warm, cheek, and comfortable. Don’t just say there others , give examples

  3. Damia Rassam says:

    Superficial advice. Jeuvenilles are elegant too. Especially the ballerinas. There is a time and a place for everything.

  4. Alissa King says:

    Yes girl yes. You are so so amazing and I love your teachings.

  5. Rachel Ahern says:

    This is so tragic…someone please help her

  6. djw4299 says:

    I’d rather wear my t-shirt than that old woman’s outfit she’s got on 😂😂😂.. how about her non-matching hair extensions? And if she’s so affluent, where is her wedding ring? Maybe she’s a sugar baby.

  7. kelly smith says:

    When you did thw disclaimer at start, i thought this would be a great video however, as the video goes on, i reliazed that this is very judgemental. Your concept of elegance might not be the same concept of elegance for the other. True elegance is GOOD ATTITUDE. Yes, you dress well but what good does it do if your attitude sucks.

  8. Fiona says:

    Are you Trumps next wifie?

  9. Breanna Thornton says:

    Can you make a video on how to dress classy while still a student and having to take a backpack and books and stuff?

  10. Claire Rogerson says:

    This would be a better video if she wasn’t “judging” all those other styles. She supposed to be helping people who want to dress more classy, not complain about everyone else. Besides, elegance starts inside the person, not with the clothes on the outside…
    Attitude. Is. Everything.

  11. Io Me says:

    I'm italian, I'm NOT an elegant lady 🙂 But your voice it's soothing and I want to compliment you for your tone and your way of speaking. I don't know why this video have so many dislikes. Elegance it's not a trend, it isn't even a personal choice so…if someone want to be herself, then be it, but do not try to stretch the concept of elegance, adapting it at whatever she believe.

  12. and i oop- says:

    Omg this girl is so ruthlessly rude but in such an elegant way it’s like can I be mad at her? I don’t think so. This girl is the elegant expert

  13. Vanessa Mayhew says:

    Thank you for these tips

  14. Aminat Shittu says:

    What a snob 🙄

  15. Sandra Di says:

    I agree with everything, absolutely everything. However , I am not willing to apply all of them them in my life. I am completely in love with my leggings sweats and t shirts.

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