100 School Words | Learn English Pronunciation | Practice Drill


100 School Words | Learn English Pronunciation | Practice Drill

Hello guys! My name is Fanny. Welcome to this pronunciation drill. Watch this video if you want to improve your pronunciation very quickly. And in today’s video, I have 100 words on school. All the words that you need to know. Now, don’t forget, it’s very important to for you to repeat after me. Let’s get started. Thank you guys. I’m sure you do a great job. If you think the video went too fast,
or you want to do it again, Please, do it again! Watch the video over and over. Don’t stop practicing. Practice will make you better. Also you can watch my other pronunciation drills. They will be very helpful if you want to improve your pronunciation skills. See you next time! Thank you guys so much for watching my video. If you’ve liked it, please show me your support. Click ‘like’. Subscribe to the channel. Put your comments below. And share the video. See you!

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  1. Shaw English Online says:

    Fanny's new pronunciation drill. You can see her first pronunciation drill here ->

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    What a beautiful figure !

  3. Ra'ed says:

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think you pronounced the word "pupil" properly because you pronounced it more like "people."
    How come, Fanny?!

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  5. Antonio Carlos Mendes Mendes says:

    Hi Fany! I like your class, I like you, I am from Brazil, Very Good! Thanks for vídeo, Have a Nice day!

  6. Antonio Carlos Mendes Mendes says:

    * Fanny👏👏👏👏

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  8. Marlon Garcia says:

    You are a doll

  9. sako sako says:

    Thank you for this video. But I want to practice English pronunciation in American – English…

  10. Alhussein Ali says:

    Great 👏

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    very nice video

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    i like lesson english .

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    Wow! That's so amazing! Thank you Fanny.

  17. Jacob Chu says:

    Fanny, I won't dispute what you pronounced. However, there are two serious problems with the transcriptions you have inadvertently presented:
    a) Many of your pronunciations differ from that indicated by the IPA transcriptions presented by you. Amendments using the common IPA standard for British English are listed below.

    b) Your previous video (100 Travel Words) uses the standard IPA for English. This video uses another system which is very uncommon, whose origin is explained below:

    In the paper titled IPA transcription systems for English (available online) John Wells (the world authority on English pronunciation) in 2001, wrote: By the 90's the Gimson quantitative-qualitative scheme had become the standard IPA transcription system for RP-oriented phonetics.
    This hard-won uniformity was shaken, however, by Clive Upton's appointment as pronunciation consultant for Oxford' s native- speaker dictionaries. His scheme, adopted by the influential Concise Oxford Dictionary (1995) remains quantitative-qualitative, but differs from the standard scheme in the symbolization of five vowels: /e/ becomes /ɛ/,
    /æ/ becomes /a/, /ɜː/ becomes /ə:/, /eə/ becomes /ɛ:/, /aɪ/ becomes /ʌɪ/

    In at least some of the cases one can see what motivated Upton to alter the standard symbol: but in my view (John Wells' view) the supposed gains did not make up for the sacrifice of an agreed standard. ..…… His (Upton's) choice of [ʌɪ]
    for [aɪ] is really very unsuitable. My recommendation (John Wells' recommendation) is therefore to remain with the standard scheme.

    Now, reverting to the IPA symbols as used in Fanny' s 100 Travel Words, as well as correcting many additional mismatches in 100 School Words, here is a ridiculously long list of amended transcriptions (the mismatches are in the video) :
    1. answer
    (Fanny' s pronunciation differs markedly from the dictionary pronunciation, which is /'ɑːnsə/.)
    2. ✅
    3. assignment
    4. backpack
    5. ballpoint pen
    /'bɔːlpɔɪnt pen/
    6. binder
    7. biology
    8. blackboard
    9. ✅
    10. ✅
    11. ✅
    12. calculator
    13. calendar
    14. ✅
    15. ✅
    16. chemistry
    17. ✅
    18. college
    19. ✅
    20. ✅
    21. Curriculum
    22. desk
    23. ✅
    24. education
    25. elementary school
    /elɪ'mentri sku:l/
    26. ✅
    27. ✅
    28. exam
    29. examination
    30. experiment
    31. ✅
    32. file folder
    /'faɪl fəʊldə/
    33. flashcards
    34. ✅
    35. geography
    36. ✅
    37. ✅
    38. ✅
    39. graduate
    40. ✅
    41. highlighter
    42. high school
    /'haɪ sku:l/
    43. history
    44. hole punch
    /'həʊl pʌntʃ/
    45. homework
    47. intelligent
    48. ✅
    49. language
    50. ✅
    51. learn
    52. lesson
    53. library
    54. ✅
    55. lunch box
    /'lʌntʃ bɒks/
    56. map
    57. ✅
    58. ✅
    59. mechanical pencil
    /mɪ'kænɪkəl `pensəl/
    60. memo pad
    /'meməʊ pæd/
    61. memorize
    62. ✅
    63. ✅
    64. ✅
    65. ✅
    66. ✅
    67. ✅
    68. pen
    69. pencil
    70. pencil sharpener
    /'pensəl ˌ ʃɑːpnə/
    71. ✅
    72. physical education
    /ˌfɪzɪkəl edʒʊ'keɪʃən/
    73. ✅
    74. ✅
    75. project
    76. protractor
    77. pupil
    78. question
    79. ✅
    80. ✅
    81. recess
    82. rubber bands
    /ˌrʌbə 'bændz/
    83. ✅
    84. schedule
    85. science
    86. ✅
    87. semester
    88. ✅
    89. ✅
    90. stapler
    91. student
    92. ✅
    93. ✅
    94. ✅
    95. test
    96. think
    97. thumb tack
    /'θʌm tæk/
    98. university
    99. vocabulary
    100. whiteboard

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    Great video .Thank you !

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    Hello teacher …… good evening. I'm Jomin from India. This is the first time i writing a comment in youtube in an English teaching video. I never    subscribe any channel in the youtube. Also i didn't  sign in you tube. but You made me all these things because ,yesterday i downloaded 2 videos of u  from youtube.    i always use tubemate app. and downloaded tons of videos of English speaking course, tips, speches, English class etc… i always download videos of teachers like Rachel (Rachel's English) Gabby walles, ingvid. com, Lucy ( English with lucy), Heather hanson and many more. But i feel (due to my mother tongue!!!??) some of they are mumbling or making lot of sssshh….. or hrrrr sounds ( example : though ceaseth) Surely  They are Great teachers. I feel like so. But  i can clearly understand your speech hey… i understand every bit of your speech. your voice is great. accent is crystal clear. oh…. attitude is also good, i  like it . y am posting this comment is u don't have more videos so please post a lot of videos about Englis plz plz plz..please …. because i want to study English. i want a pronunciations like you. i want accent like you. i need good rhythm & crystal clear English like u.   so please post a lot of videos. ( i mean tons of videos!!) u can make 100 video like Megan broke in "Howcast" (youtube channel).  it will help students like me to speak good English. thanks 4 reading my comments. (sorry for my bad  English). I paste this comment to some more videos of u. Because i want to assure that you saw my comments ( again sorry 4 bad English).

  22. Nurul Amin says:

    most of these are easy to pronounce. Next time select some difficult words…

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    it is a top notch video.

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    This channel is really helpful and beneficial to improve your english …. Everyone who wants to improve his English must subscribe this channel ….

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    Thank you very much i am very glad to watch your video it is very helpful. This video is really good especially when it comes to pronunciation. Fantastic.

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    Thank you !!! This video is very useful .

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    Thank you Fany

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    Best leçons

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    that is a very funny name hahaha…

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    What is the point of the music?

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    Really good mam

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    oh thank fany,happy new year to you

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    First class tube

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    did she say "proNOUNCiation"?

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    Well done, great useful content!

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    Great. You're a learned teacher. I saw all your videos. Honestly they are all great. God bless you. I'm looking forward to seeing more videos from you.
    L.Samaee. from Behbahan Iran

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    thank you for teaching me thank you

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    Most of the phonetic transcriptions were wrong…

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    Perfect pronunciation dear teachre

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    Excellent n wonderful videos plz upload more videos thanks

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