So hello guys, this is me, this is Mich and welcome to MICH.. I’m Michael MICH???? T??? VEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Michael: Come on make it faster Okay SHHHH So for today we will be having a QUICK REACTION VIDEO about Rich Brian’s new MUSIC VIDEO – 100 Degrees We’re making this very fast because he just went downstairs to eat (he had a break from reviewing for his exams) So now let’s start watching the video OK LET ME JUST SAY THAT RICH BRIAN IS HANDSOME AF TU WA GA PAT – means one, two, three, four in Indonesia (it’s their language) I already watched this video except him JAMMIN TO THE SONG BECAUSE I LOVE IT 100% *laughing* WHAT’S SO FUNNY You know what I’m gonna tell this again… RICH BRIAN IS HANDSOME AF *continues to sing along with the song duh* There’s chaos at the back LMAO Michael: That’s us in school LOL What’s in Brian’s forehead? (lol probably a sunscreen?) Nice one GOJEK. I think that’s FOODPANDA/GRABFOOD here in the Philippines KKKK GWAPO means HANDSOME OK KSJDKSD Chaos at the back IZ REAL The teacher be like … *reenactment* *continues to jam* ohmygosh Don’t copy ’em in your house lol that’s one of the dumb ways to die oh, icecream uwu that’s a little savage Michael *shook af* I thought that was PG? It’s NOT????? Imma go with Joji WHYYYYYY Joji’s better NO yES Actually they’re the same I can’t frickin pick one STOP oooof I can’t choose one between Joji and Rich Brian OK I LOVE THEM BOTH BUT I REALLY CANT PICK ONE THEY’RE BOTH GREAT You love them both? You know what’s the problem? what? They don’t love u both Can’t get over on who should I choose if asked to choose one between Joji and Rich Brian LOL I’m gonna go for P.M.=Post Malone K FINE WHAT R U DOING my food Okay the MV is done So what can you say about it? Was it nice? Without comparing it to other artists That you know and you listened to.. how are you going to evaluate this? I uh I can’t it’s kinda weird (????) Then??? So what can you say about the music video? he said The song was about the environment That’s the reason why it’s called 100 degrees What can you say about that? I’m boiling How can you evaluate it Like, in terms of the song, the beat, the music video itself???? well actually… his face CHAR actually i’m boiling what do u mean boiling????????? Cause it’s a hundred degrees HUH Okay so just rate the MV from 1 to 10 For you, as a first timer, who never heard Rich Brian… not until today 4 point … uh no.. From 1-10 i’m just gonna RATE… *HE BE SPEAKIN RANDOM NUMBERS… I THOUGHT IT WAS THE PI FORMULA BECAUSE HE STARTED WITH 3.14 SO ON…* KEEPS ON SAYING RANDOM NUMBERS I HATE MATH YOU JUST HAVE TO GIVE ME A NUMBER BETWEEN 1-10 Okay… 343141 random numbers again 486324873 So it’s 3???? NO yOU JUST HAVE TO RATE STOP GIVING ME RANDOM NUMBERS Michael: divide the circumference OH STOP I can’t understand RATE IT NOW, MOM WILL NOW CALL YOU It’s time for you to review Think fast!!! RATE IT NOW JUST 1-10 *KEEPS ON GIVING RANDOM NUMBERS* STOP GIVING ME 3.1 CHUCHU ISNT THAT FROM THE PI FORMULA MICHAEL PLEASE STOP THIS AND JUST COOPERATE WITH ME PLEASE (LOL) so mom called through my messenger so the recording stopped so what’s your rate evaluate 1-10 dont give me that 3.21798368 chuchu GO ZERO WHY 0???? TF LOL it’s much worst WHY YOU WILL BE BASHED BY RICH BRIAN FANS Y R U SO MAD AF BYE He needs to go upstairs to review for his upcoming exams Thank you so much for watching this video and I hope you liked this (video) Yeah, GO AWAY Bottomline: We need to accept that our preferences are not preferences by some people. We can’t make them like the things we like. So if he doesn’t like him, fine gonna respect that Before we end this video I would like to ask for your support I hope you guys vote for me as your Rising Vlogger 2019 Just visit the link that I’m gonna put in this video or the link in the description box Visit Find Rising Vlogger 2019 and Vote for MICH TV. Only ONE VOTE PER DAY ONLY. Thank you so much for watching this very quick reaction video. And I hope you’ll like my other videos And the song cover that I haven’t uploaded yet (Niki-I like U) should I upload it? Yes or no? breakout SZN SHOUTOUT TO ALL INDONESIAN FRIENDS OUT THERE TYSM FOR WATCHING THIS VIDEO THANK YOU TO EVERYONE!!! SHOUTOUT TO ALL 88RISING FANS OUT THERE COMMENT BELOW IF YOU ALSO LOVE 88RISING!!! WHAT SONG’S YOUR FAVE??? BYE YALL TNX LUB U SM

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    Do you like NIKI 's song – INDIGO ?

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    React Rich Brian – Kids (MV in Jakarta)
    Indonesia-Philippines Friends

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    English subtitle is up!!! Thank you so much for watching y'all!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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