hi friends welcome back thanks so much for stopping by as most of you know I am an English teacher here in Rome Italy but I actually just started teaching English online this week as well so if you are interested in kind of seeing how that went and what a day in the life of is like for an English and an American expat English teacher then stay tuned [Music] checking messages texts all of that jazz I know it’s not the best to check your phone as soon as you wake up I’m going to start trying not to do that but it’s a habit it’s a bad habit and then I make some coffee and go back to bed and I check my schedule with Dada ABC with the teacher app and I am able to see all of the classes I have today the times the students it’s a really helpful app that helps me keep track and it notifies me when a class is cancelled or added and then I do a little bit of work on my laptop after making a cup of tea I respond to your comments at YouTube videos check and respond to emails from clients and all the boring stuff that needs to be done and then I get ready for my day [Music] hi friends good morning so I had a little bit of a slow morning you know drinking my coffee tea checking emails and editing uploading YouTube videos all that jazz but I’m super excited and nervous because today is my first day teaching English online I’ll bring you guys along with me so you can see kind of like a day in the life of an English teacher abroad both in school and in computer I still teach English to the Italian kids at the school here but it’s afternoon/evening classes so I got the morning late morning free so I decided to apply and start teaching English on line as well to see how it goes and to earn some extra income so this is my current to set up so far I’m gonna probably change it but they do ask to have like a fun educational background for the kids so I’ve got the alphabet and some animal masks and this is like my currently my setup so far I’ve got my computer or stuffed animal some stickers and a pad and I’m just now looking through the classes that I have today and I’ve got seven classes today so I gave them a three hour range so from 11:00 to 2:00 and a lot of them are actually trial classes so so it’s like 15 minutes and the students if they like me or they like the structure and if they sign up with the company long term then I get a bonus so skipping that this is my first day I’m kind of nervous because they better all join and yeah basically what it’s like is they say set up your classes for you this is like my schedule and then you can go in to see the lesson plan that you’re going to be teaching so this is going to be the lesson plan how you feel and I think a lot of the kids I have today are between 6 and 10 so yeah anyways I I’m gonna put you down guys because I bought this I’m supposed to have a headset it’s like all perfect professional so I’m going to open this up and test it out on my computer I start at about 45 minutes so I’m gonna make sure this works before I start teaching this is just a simple Logitech stereo headset it’s gonna make me feel like I am working in a call center or something but basically besides a little bit of extra income I wanted to start teaching English online because you know if you saw my 20 18 goals video it’s a big goal of mine to become more digital not more of a remote worker and let’s say so I think this is like a stepping stone for that for me at least so we’ll see how it goes any of you guys or any of you interested in teaching English online alright so this is what it looks like test it out hi welcome to how do I test this out um I guess I could go into Skype and just it out let’s see where does this go where should this go audio/video hello automatic yes okay hello hello hello I need to change cuz this company like they want me to wear sky-blue and I only have one sky-blue like polo but it’s not really a polo it’s like a button-down so I have to change so I’m gonna change and then I’ll be right back okay I’m back I’m dressed this is like I mentioned the only sky-blue thing I own so anyways I just checked in to my my classroom and I start in about half an hour oh I’m kind of nervous I am eating a quick bar because to a house I have maybe like 15-minute break one in these three hours so it’s gonna be like student student after student after student and then I’m gonna have to eat lunch and then I go teach at the school which is really close by which is nice until about 7:00 so it’s gonna be a long day yeah I do have a little visitor you want to say hello banana he loves this how can that be comfortable how is that comfortable what I don’t understand is that we have we got him this it’s like a little cocoon bed that looks way more comfortable and he’s never ever slept in it and yet he prefers this really why do you prefer that no biting why do you prefer this and not a nice comfortable bed you’re so weird want to say hi everybody let’s do this okay so my first lesson was a no-show her mom showed up in the class it was like wait you don’t look four years old and she said that her daughter was out and couldn’t and couldn’t participate today so first lesson was a no-show my next lesson is now hello hi I’ve got so many kids today [Music] [Applause] hey friends so I just finished my first lesson today and so you know sometimes Chinese people have Americanized names I guess that are easier to pronounce this girl I couldn’t understand her name and I felt so bad because the entire time I was like butchering her name and then it halfway through I forgot it and so so the next lesson I have is in ten minutes you and I know a little secret business on the top cozy on the bottom I’m wearing sweatpants so yeah like I mentioned these are trials so they do 15 minutes of a trial and then they decide with the parents if they want to continue with the courses I have stickers that I’m giving them and so we’ll see I also have a mask because my neck in my next lesson we’re doing animals also I’m a giraffe but I may terrify them so I may not use I may not use it we’ll see it’s super fun well so far I’m only one lesson in so stay tuned what’s your name nice to meet you [Applause] I hope to see you next time excellent job Tico have a good night bye-bye okay the day is finished and now I have to write like kind of like a assessment I just have to click on the knowledge of the student and their level and write like a little paragraph on what we did today and then I’m going to grab something to eat real quick before I head over to the school to teach in person hey guys now I am going to my physical teaching job at school and I’m sure you heard it all over social media and everywhere but it’s snowed yesterday in Rome so the snow is still on the ground in some parts and the streets are still icy and I thought it’d be smart to leave the house without gloves because it never gets this cold in Rome and I’m breathing so a good thing the school is really close to my house it’s like a two minute walk so yeah it’s been a long day even though it seems like I did nothing but I’m tired and I have this teaching job until 7 p.m. and then after teaching I have some work to do for client tonight so I’ll catch it with you guys a little later ciao [Music] [Applause] so that’s the reality behind it all that’s what a day in the life is like in my life these days and I hope you enjoyed it thanks so much if you guys do like these types of vlogs and give this video a thumbs up that way I can know to do more and thanks so much until next time ciao [Music]

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100 thoughts on “1ST DAY TEACHING ENGLISH ONLINE | VLOG (sott ita)”

  1. Giulia Tarraran-Casella says:

    Sofi! Was the celta a requirement for the job? I'm currently teaching kids ages 3-10 English in Italy but would love to be able to have some flexibility! Have you looked at other sites? Can't tell which are trustworthy heh.. you're a beautiful angel and an inspiration

  2. MsBaby1959 says:

    Great video, I too have taught on line and it was fun, these days am so busy w/tutoring so for now that alone keeps me busy you're doing great!!! Keep up the good work….and must agree w/you teaching kids is more fun on line😘👍🏻

  3. Tiziana Cardamone says:

    Bravissima bellissima ed intelligentissimaaaaa❤️

  4. Digital Nomad Girl says:

    So so interested in this new life development!!!

  5. à la Parisienne says:

    Giiirl no you work HARD!!! Teaching takes a lot of you. You have to give a lot of energy to the children and even if it’s adults. But go go go you’re doing amazing on your way to becoming a full time remote worker. ❤️🤗

  6. Vendela Lou says:

    This is such a cool way of working! Do you know if the company requires you to have any specific qualifications or to have been born in an English speaking country? 🙂

  7. David Froiio says:

    Hi Sofia this is kind of interesting video I would like to know if you teach only for kids or even For adults because I’m kind of interested in keeping speaking just to improve my English please let me know if there’s any chance to do that and which platforms are you actually work for it will be nice to talk to you thank you so much enjoy your day ! By the way I’m Italian ciao ciao 🙂

  8. Yvonne Michael Jackson says:

    Is this a Chinese company?

  9. Dilani Gunarathna says:

    Thank you sharing this video 👍👍👍😘

  10. Pat Robledo says:

    Que linda…

  11. Brave Girl Arise says:

    Found the video Sofie! Definitely going to look into this. This is the type of thing I've been looking for in order to quit my part-time job. 😍 Sooo glad I clicked on your live video today and this topic got brought up. Must be meant to be. 🤗

  12. Meagon Ortiz says:

    How is DaDa ABC going for you? I just had my interview yesterday and I have a good feeling about it.

  13. Gabriella Simeonova says:

    awesome video; ) loved it!

  14. Victoria Morgan says:

    Your music is so much louder than you talking, makes it really difficult to listen in headphones

  15. befreebeyourself says:

    Could you tell me, what books for teachers did you read before you ve started teaching?
    Thank you for sharing this video. 😊😘😘

  16. DaDa says:

    Hey Sofie! We're glad you've joined DaDa and love seeing your Instagram story updates when you're teaching with us. We look forward to following your DaDa journey and wish you happy teaching 🙂

  17. Nducation says:

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    Do you know if Dada will hire you with an Associates Degree?

  19. Kosta Kirov says:

    All good but why did you put the yogurt first?

  20. Kayla Botha says:

    Hi Sophia! Thank you so much this video was very helpful. Did you do a TEFL course to get the job? Are there any requirements needed to teach online?

  21. Arsh Mahal says:

    Hey Sofie!! I am permanent resident of United States and working towards my bachelors degree in healthcare and hoping to graduate in next semester. I am pretty familiar with online teaching as I myself has completed my degree online. I am also very interested in teaching small kids. Do you recommend me applying for this job? Do you think I will be a good candidate that this company will be looking for??

  22. Akbota Ashirbek says:

    you are amazingly positive!!!!!

  23. Art MK says:

    Omg ur so cute tho

  24. Ljubica Grdinić says:

    You're so adorable! I bet kids adore you!!! I thought English to Japanese online for a few years but as an ESL teacher, not native… Now I'm hoping to find a new better paying online school in China (Japan maybe). So after almost two years on maternity leave, my job search is starting and I just stumbled upon your video and it really boosted my mood 😀

  25. Liz Archer says:

    Does anyone know if you need to know any Chinese?

  26. Mr Smith says:

    Hi Sofie do you have to be an English teacher to do this, i speak and write very good English but i don't have a teaching background, like you do. Also Spanish is my first language so i feel I could help out my latin community. What do you think for a guy who's thinking about doing this part time ?

  27. Lyndsey Coyote says:

    i had an interview with them but I had to cancel, there's just no way I can be that animated. It's good to see though how they do it and yes hats of to the teachers who can do it.

  28. Craig Reay says:

    Good insight. Thank you.

  29. Kaylin Martinez says:

    Most of mine were no shows today 🙁 but anywho, how do I do the assessments on them ?

  30. Book of act 'the last reformation' says:

    Hi Sofia, please could you please help me improving my English. please send me your Skype I will add you up thanks

  31. Glexdroid says:

    I applied to work at DadaAbc but I didn't pass, I'll try later again to see if they accept me, I really like their website

  32. Des Troya says:

    You seem like a typical modern woman. Over worked, a bit crazy, and secretly miserable. Jesus is the answer to your woes

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  41. Rahul Kapoor says:

    You are a honest gils and good teacher ,,
    I am learning English with you .
    I from India thanks for help
    It's my 91+8171798157 I want talk to me love you

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    Sofia, do you need a bachelors to teach online for the company you're working for? Also, did you need experience? I'm planning on moving to Slovenia this year (also for love!) and I'm thinking about teaching English online.

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    You´re so cute! But it´s better to work independently, though.

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  55. D says:

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  56. Martin Foster says:

    Great video. You’ve got the right kind of personality for teaching, for sure. I’m also an ESL teacher but in Mongolia (previously I was working in China and Vietnam). I’m not sure if I have the right personality for online teaching but I’m going to give it a try because there isn’t enough work in Mongolia but I’ve put down roots here and I’d like to stay. However, I prefer IELTS and adults. Is there work for IELTS tutoring online? As I said, I know very little about online teaching.

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    And, the most curious thing – what kind of methodology are you using? Are you following any particular techniques or it's kind of random? Thank you for the answer.

  60. dzobie11 says:

    "Business on the top, COZY ON THE BOTTOM" YEAYEA! that's my mantra for life! lol

  61. Hamie Palmer says:

    I do have 7 years and 8 months experience working with children at nursery and kindergarten. It was truly fun and enjoyable but also feel exhausted tired somehow but it is something makes yourself inspirational and it’s sweet. I love kids I love the way you make it work your job!

  62. Niki Pul says:

    Can I ask how much will I earn per hour ? Will taxes be taken ?

  63. Hannah Wolff says:

    why are you signlanguaging and talking like that?

  64. Gogo says:

    12:09 You said Ćao ? From where are you Sofie ? In balcan maybe

  65. Berly Noriega says:

    It would be nice if you could show how you prep to teach the classes 🙂

  66. Maria Monk says:

    God help you it’s hard work

  67. Dana Johnson says:

    Hi! Why did you choose qkids over the other online ESL companies? I'm just curious 🙂

  68. FACTS Checked says:

    Why don't you show the response of your learners? The way how they talk back, express themselves and react. That way, your subscribers may have some assumptions what will an online class setting look like.

  69. Redouane Benhammad says:

    You look so attractive!😚😚
    I would love to study with you

  70. Amna Smith says:

    Hi there, does your company have any preference regarding what kind of English you speak? E.g American/ British English. Thanks!

  71. Cali abdi salaam Ibrahim says:

    Plz let me be your student I'm from Somalia I'm really appreciate u

  72. chodder1967 says:

    Im just looking into online teaching any info would be appreciated, your so beautiful such a lovely person x

  73. Tarryn Williams says:

    Hi Sofi, Great content. I’m a native teacher in Istanbul, Turkey. I’ve been teaching for about 5-6 years. I have a CELTA. I would love to teach online. However I’m not American, I’m South African. Would that be a problem? And being based in Turkey, would that be a problem? Would you mind helping me out? Please. Thanks so much

  74. Mhinnie Badar says:

    I also teach English online and I am from the Philippines. If you are interested to learn and study English you can visit my channel or write a comment here. Good luck on your classes! 🙂


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    The more workloads, the easier it is for a boss to leave reality, easy to impose imposed thinking. policies that are easily blocked or not enforced. Later, I realized that listening to the staff could detect many good issues. The less we share with each other, the less we will understand each other, the more we do not know what our employees are doing to sympathize with them.

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