1st place Egg Drop project ideas- using SCIENCE


1st place Egg Drop project ideas- using SCIENCE

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30 thoughts on “1st place Egg Drop project ideas- using SCIENCE”

  1. Sovietloli HQ says:

    9:22 and now this is awkward.. Hehe…

  2. Skye says:


  3. XxJustAnotherGirlxX says:

    The number of eggs used in this video

  4. Collin Ronk says:


    HowToBasic has entered the chat.

  5. Liquid Flames says:

    High school? I did this in the 3rd grade.

  6. zane vongola says:

    Where was this when i was in elementary school 😂😂… Probably not on youtube

  7. ShalaalIsLit says:

    Faze rug? No one? Ok

  8. H I says:

    I would just hard boil it and Yeet it off the edge of a 2mm high ant

  9. Matthew Yerkes says:

    How did you become so smart?

  10. Hallie Masterson says:

    I did this in 5th grade. When it hit the floor, the egg fell out but it was fine

  11. Lemoneasy says:

    the background music sounds reversed

  12. Candy Candy says:

    Mine was cardboard, tape, straws, and plastic wrap and the smallest won I took a small box stuffed it with plastic wrap like it could barely move the added a parachute make of straws and plastic wrap I got third to the stick man and some who just did a parachute and a straw box

  13. Rocky117 says:

    When I had my physics egg drop project, I emptied my backpack, Cut a hole in a pillow, Stuffed the egg in the pillow and put the pillow in my backpack. Then I threw it off the ledge just like that and it worked.

  14. Big Boy says:

    Your design doesn't look so great in the intros of William Osmans' videos…

  15. Uroš Marinković says:

    Oh, but shouldn't the point of the competition be for the egg to touch the ground? Cause in my high school the rule was that if the egg doesn't touch the ground you lose, so my idea was to build a device which would act as a cushion first, and then roll the egg off after landing
    Another interesting one was placing an egg on top of a cake (mostly made of pudding and cream), but it rellies on luck a bit too much, because you have to be very precise with the thickness (or density) of the cake

  16. Lyle Stavast says:

    you're going to need to revisit this when plastic straws go away and we're back to paper ones (which i remember using as a kid…) – they'll just crunch up easier.

  17. giga tmt says:

    I love this channel I wish I had 8 m subscribers

  18. Draco Malfoy says:

    Another simple egg drop is to buy a squash and hollow out the inside and put the egg in it and just duck tape the squash back together

  19. alphavivi says:

    Better idea:
    Fry the egg and throw it down a bridge. Technically, you didn’t break the egg in the fall, but at your kitchen.

  20. Aluditu says:

    delphins and turtels in sea : 😱

  21. Petersilius Zwackelmann says:

    Guess this is what I am watching at 3 am at the age of 26 😅

  22. Zaman zaak says:

    6:55 lol

  23. nuker co says:

    I drilled a small hole in the egg sucked out the yolk filled the shell with epoxy and won

  24. Cynthia Chen says:

    I has idea ;3
    So you can use suspension, by getting a box, then tape (or any method) a string VERY tightly across the box inside, then tape the egg onto the string, (make sure to use good tape) cover the box, then. You can drop it ;3333

  25. Slime and Stuff says:

    I just got a ballon put the egg in and fill the balloon with helium.
    It went up
    I won

  26. Deha.M kc says:

    Whas that the goatman bridge aka the bridge from these 2 guys who challenged goat man

  27. kidgamer 0609 says:

    Imagine if someone e was just watching him drop eggs off a bridge lol

  28. Silas Taylor says:

    were you hanging on to the bridge with only your hands?

  29. josephy gustafio says:

    Many eggs were hurt in the making prosses of this video

  30. Flynn Beast says:

    My competition you need to use recyclable materials

  31. Theo Greenaway says:

    Can't you just use strephom

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