2015 Rowan University College of Science & Mathematics Degree Ceremony

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2015 Rowan University College of Science & Mathematics Degree Ceremony

morning to our graduate
s graduates. Staff,
Staff, families, families,
friends friends faculty,
faculty, and honored guests guests guests and
/KOL come to the 2015 to the
2015 commencement to the
2015 commencement ceremony for the college of science
science and mathematics
mathematics. As of today, today, you are are
graduates graduates not
only only of Rowan university
university but also of our college that
includes includes the department of
biological sciences, sciences,
chemistry, chemistry, buy chemistry,
chemistry, computer, science, science,
mathematics mathematics,
mathematics, /TPHARSing, /TPHARSing, physics
physics and astronomy astronomy and
psychology. We are very proud proud of the accomplish
ments accomplishments of
our departments departments but even more proud
proud of you, you, the students students
and now our graduates graduates. When you joined the
Rowan Rowan family your first semester
semester you /HATD semester you had an
important important decision decision to
make which which major major you want
wanted to pursue pursue. In choosing a
major major program within
within our college you made made a choice to
pursue pursue
pursue a rigorous rigorous academic path —
path — one that would provide with you a strong down
/TKAEUGS /TKAEUGS in the sciences sciences
and mathematics /-BS, /-BS, that choice will benefit
benefit you greatly in your next next
steps, /KHR steps, whether whether they be
immediately launch
launching into into your career or instead, stead,
implead /KWRAT /KWRATly into
into a post graduate graduate program. We are
excited for you as you inter the next next
phase phase of your lives, lives, and we are proud
proud to have been been a part of
your education and development. science and mathematics
mathematics is fortunate fortunate to
have a strong leader who has /SAZ /SAZ her main goal
providing the best opportunities opportunities
possible for our students
students. And so, so, at this this point,
point, I am proud proud to of science science and
mathematics mathematics. Please join me in
welcoming Dr. Karen Magee-Sauer -Sauer.
>> -Sauer. >>Thank you Tricia
Tricia. Good morning morning and a warm
welcome to our graduates, their their family and friend
/-SZ, /-SZ, our faculty, faculty,
staff and special guests guests. Today is a
milestone milestone dad. Today /PREPTs
many many years years of hard work
and /PHERS work
and /PERS /SRER advance advance not only only by
you but also by your /PRARPBT by
your parents
parents and your teachers, teachers, your family and
your friends friends. I am so proud proud to say
congratulations congratulations to you and
thank you to those those who
helped you along the way. Before
assuming the deans deans role I was was a faculty
faculty member for 25 for 25
years for 25 years here at Rowan
Rowan. Remembering Remembering our most
distinguish distinguished graduates
graduates over the years, years, I know that none
of of them could have have
achieved their their their impressive
accomplish accomplishments without
without the help, help, support and encourage
encouragement from their their fellow students students and professor
s professors. You were were there for
each each other, other, constitute orring, /KHREB
/KHREB rating and working together,
both both inside and outside of
the classroom classroom. Often Often
late into into the night. So take a
/PHOEBGS take a
moment look at your mentors, mentors, look at your
friends friends sitting next next to you
and say thank you you couldn’t couldn’t have
accomplish accomplished all all that
you have without each each other. You
all were were fortunate fortunate that your years
years here at Rowan were were in
a research rich curriculum. Many /ROF Many of you
had opportunities
opportunities for an internship internship in your
chosen field field or as a student researcher
searcher in a lab. Many Many /O of you
participated in the stem symposium
symposium or /THRA*FL /-DZ traveled to you a
professional professional
professional academic conference conference.
Throughout Throughout your years
years, years, your professors were
were working hard to ensure that
they provided you the best learn learning environment both
both in the classroom
classroom and in the research lab. It is important
important to acknowledge and thank the
entire entire CSM faculty faculty who have opportunities
opportunities for the class of 2015
2015 and beyond. Your dedication dedication
to our graduates graduates had
laid the foundation /TP*R their their remarkable
remarkable futures futures. The
college of science science and mathematics
mathematics is the largest college in the university
university. Of the 2300 the 2300 students
the 2300 students participating
students participating in the
commencement this this week close to 600 to 600
are graduating here today on the university
university green. Our college is not simply the
largest. I think that our college has the brightest
students, students, the most most dedicate
dedicated professors
professors and offers offers the most most
diverse array array of courses courses
courses than any other college at Rowan
Rowan. Many Many of our graduates
graduates are going going onto
onto graduate graduate school, school, medical
medical school or have accepted a job offer. Those
Those of you who have recently recently
started looking in earn earnest for your next next
journey, journey, please
snow that the Rowan Rowan network network is here
to help you. Pursue Pursuing a career is a full time
job and it takes takes time
to find to find the right fit for your
talents talents. But don’t don’t worry
and this this note is especial especially for
parents parents. You will find find
a job. The challenge is to take the time to find to
find the right job. I am sincerely happy
for each each and every one
of you. Any path you choose will be will be much
brighter because
because you have a strong math and science science
foundation. As you venture through different
professions, professions, your sue
peer /KPWROR your
superior analytical analytical and and problem
solving skills skills will
distinguish distinguish you from from
your peers, peers, you are are appreciate this
this as you you mature in your
careers careers and in life. Please be
sure to keep in touch with Rowan Rowan and let us us
know what the future has in store for you.
We do miss you after you leave and we delight in
hearing your achievements achievements in
your post Rowan Rowan years years. Graduation
Graduation is a file stone. It
will be stone. It
can be It can be difficult path and often
often life gets gets in the way of
your quest quest. Your parents parents and
loves loves ones ones are so proud proud
and happy today. One of their of their fondst
fondst dreams dreams has come
true. You have accomplish accomplished something
something difficult and
real that has made made you a better person.
person. Take with you the experiences
experiences as Rowan Rowan as you move forward in life.
The friendships friendships forged,
forged, the challenges challenges you have over
come and the goals goals you have surpass
surpassed while while concerning
this this degree, degree,
take these experiences experiences and create a
better life for you, you, your
loved ones ones and for the world.
>> world. >>Today I offer a tremendous
thank you to Eleanor GAER,
GAER, who retired this this past year. year. She
had been been a member of the psychology department
since 197124 197124. I congratulate
congratulate Eleanor on a job well done and thank her
for her many many years years of service to Rowan
university university and
the college of science science and /PHA*TD
science and mathematics mathematics. I would ask
ask that the recipients
recipients of the medallion medallion awards
awards please stand. These graduates
graduates are are being recognized for their
their exceptional
exceptional performance performance in the disLins
Lins listed in the program. We congratulate
congratulate them on their excellence
excellence in achievements
achievements. Recently Recently we had the privilege
to honor several
several outstanding outstanding graduates
graduates at the deans deans outstanding
outstanding senior awards awards sere
shone awards ceremony. I would ask ask
these award winners winners
please stand stand and and be acknowledged. And now
it is my pleasure
pleasure to /PWRO deuce our student speaker car lee
Henderson Henderson who is also the 2015
the 2015 recipient the 2015 recipient
of the Robert B. BOLE humanitarian
humanitarian award and the Robert NRE NFL NFL UND
preprofessional ally allied health field
field. Congratulations Congratulations and welcome car
lee. Many people people simply
go through the motions motions of wife
motions of life. Without Without developing
developing goals
goals and following their their passions,
passions, they may never feel a true sense of accomplishment
accomplishment. I believe a true
accomplishment accomplishment is making
making time in your life for the things you love. love.
Of course we all all have all have
doing things things we didn’t we
didn’t feel like doing in the moment but you have to
feel the plain of exhaustion
exhaustion to build to build the endurance
endurance needed to win the race. Maybe
this this is a concept I’ve I’ve
come to understand well as an athlete athlete. But I
credit most
most of my mental endurance endurance to something
deep deeper. When I was
was ten years ten years old my sister was was
diagnose diagnosed with rare a
cancerous cancerous tumor tumor
along her spine leaving her with less
than one percent chance of surviving. This was was by
far the most collage
most challenging time of my life, life, more so than
all all of the buy physical chemistry,
chemistry, the agonize agonizing month spent
spent studying for the MCAT and four years
four years of preseason sprint sprint
tests tests combine combined.
But in the depths depths of fear for losing
losing my sister my life was was
changed for the better. I now have
such such a great appreciation
appreciation for life and a drive to
maximize my potential in what ever it is that I pursue
pursue. At the end of my sophomore year
I was was looking for a research position
position on campus campus. Someone told told
me that I would have to choose between
field field hockey hockey and research
that I could not be committed committed to both
both. For those those of you
who know me, this was was not sa logical logical
conclusion conclusion. I was was
sure that taking taking on all all of my interest
interesting would not be easy and /-BG
easy and welcome all I feel so accomplish
accomplished and am assure assured
that I did not /WAO*ES did not waist my
potential or time here at Rowan Rowan. You
don’t always always have to sacrifice sacrifice
one aspect of your life for another
another. Be determined to find to find
a way to enjoy everything everything that makes
makes you the most most happy
and successful. So when times times are hard and you feel like
like your getting rained on someone someone else is
probably probably getting rained on harder. So be
/STHROPBG So be strong and remember
it’s probably probably just the water from from
the top of the science build
building any way. As we transition to a new chapter in
our lives, lives, we have the opportunity to reflect upon
our past experiences
experiences and how they have altered altered our
perceptions perceptions of the world. Take
a moment to remember all all have been, been, the
people the people who have shaped shaped
your life and those those initially uncomfortable
comfortable situations which
which grew into something something great. Think
back to your first day on this this
campus: campus:how different different
are you now? How much
much have you learn learned? Now imagine how much
much you could accomplish
accomplish when you you follow your passion with
commitment commitment dedication. Be that new kid
that just /PWOEPBT that just won’t
won’t quit, quit, be the friend that is always
always there when you need them, them,
be the professional professional with whose
whose passion is contagious, contagious,
regret is such such a better feeling. Don’t
Don’t have any regrets regrets
in your life. If you feel something something is
right, right, do it. When you want something,
something, work or it. Keep your life
/TKPWRAOEL your life
goals goals in /TPHAOEUPBD goals in mind mind and take
the steps steps necessary to achieve
them and when when you fail which which we all
all will /TKPO, learn from
from it, it, move on and apply your newfound knowledge
toward toward your next next
adventure. Each Each one of us of us is unique
and has something within us us that makes us us who we
are, are, by which
which others others remember us us. I would like to conclude
conclude by ask
asking you all: all:how do you want to be to be
remembered remembered? How
will you tackle tackle your obstacles
obstacles? Which Which races races are you
going going to win? Congratulations
Congratulations graduates,
graduates, I wish you the best in all all your
en/TKO*FRs your endeavors endeavors. Karen and Tricia
Tricia to the table to distribute diploma
cover /-SZ diploma covers covers.
David KLASSEN to the podium podium to read
names names. kle your obstacles? Which races
are you going to win? Congratulations graduates,
I wish you the best in all your endeavors. Karen and
Tricia to the table to distribute diploma covers.
David KLASSEN to the podium to read names.
>>This >>This concludes
concludes the ceremony for the 2015 science
for the 2015 science

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