22 Of The Best Series To Watch On Netflix UK | Netflix


22 Of The Best Series To Watch On Netflix UK | Netflix

(upbeat music) (screams) – Go big or go home, right? – I literally get hives
every time you say that. – It’s not a dream, it’s reality. – This is a special chicken,
this is a magical chicken. – Come on. (screams) – We’re bringing back the Glee club. – You two have just entered Thunder dome. You will beg for death. – Here, get out of the booth,
take all your clothes off and fold yourself twelve times. – You got it. – Six folds huh? What do you guys got me in a series 9000? You cheap insect (beep) didn’t think I was worth your best equipment? (glass breaks) – Jesus! – Not quite. – This is not who you are. – I’m the devil. – Friends, family, dog. – I just wanna be married again. – And I just want a million dollars. – So how much do you think
I can get for my kidney? – What are you doing here? I thought tonight was your
big anniversary dinner. – Yeah a little change of plans. We’re gonna break up instead. – If you’re watching this
then I’m not around anymore but don’t spiral, don’t
obsess, keep going. I thought I’d leave you a little guide to life without me. You’re lovely but you’re
absolutely useless. You know how grumpy you get
when things don’t go your way. But you got such a good
heart, you’re born like it. You just decent. – It’s just gone. Everything we said, everything we did. I feel like I’ve been erased. – Let’s not over complicate
matters unnecessarily. – My name is Elizabeth. – Long live Queen Elizabeth. – Be firm, just lay down the law. I know he’s Winston Churchill and all that but remember who you are,
you’re the queen of England. – The crown must always win. – It’s okay mom it’s okay
the bullets can’t get through the armor griding Mom I need to get you to safety. Mom this is what I do, trust me. – We’re not kids anymore. I mean what did you think? We’re just gonna sit
in my basement all day, play games for the rest of our lives? – It is important to
me that you feel safe, like this can still be your home. – What do we do when we reach the place where we don’t know what to do? – We’re gonna get each other through this. – Don’t focus on what you can’t fix. Focus on what you can. – What is it you really want? – Ice cream. And Justice. – Is my mom here? – It’s just us. You and us. – Guilty. – I can’t believe it’s like this. – Whatever way they ever do us. – You wanna cook Crystal meth? You know the business
– And I know the chemistry. – Let’s start with some tough love. You two suck at pedaling meth. – Secretary you need
to put the phone down. – Mike, what the hell’s going on? – I said put the phone down! – Capital’s been attacked. – Sir you are now the
president of the United States. – Maybe you wanna calm down
before you go in there. – I’m calm I am tired of you people always telling me my hands are tied. – You feel you need to kill somebody. – You don’t get to make that call. – I’ve been making that
call since you know me. – Everything I’ve lost is because of you. My home, my family, my life. – You are a good kid. You got manipulated by a mobster. – But you do not deserve
to be framed for murder. – We’ll be going behind enemy lines, outnumbered, open to
attack from all directions and risking another gang war. – It’s unclear what
exactly caused the events Maybe we can save them. – Did I bend this war between us? – We are out of our league. – We don’t get to decide
who lives and who dies. – We’re getting out and everyone of you is crucial to that plan. When those lights go black, we’re gonna disappear from
this place light ghosts. – Hey there, I’m Ashley
two, what’s your name? – Everywhere you look! – And there’s more. Ashley eternal is dreamable. – I’m not ready to be Saarc. – You were born for this. Trust yourself, God chose you. Divine bloody right. – Wildlife still flourishes
in astonishing numbers in a few precious places. We’ll explore the planet’s
most important habitats and celebrate the life they still support. – You’ll spoil it.

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100 thoughts on “22 Of The Best Series To Watch On Netflix UK | Netflix”

  1. •honeyRosé • says:

    Of course they put Stranger Things as the Thumbnail 😂

  2. Morg 1330 says:


  3. liv dd says:

    The Society? elite?

  4. Nica 5600 says:

    Fuck yeah, I binge watched Glee

  5. Anna Skies says:

    I personally like doctor who, a series of unfortunate events, merlin,stranger things, teen wolf, the vampire diaries, once upon a time and riverdale

  6. IL MONDINO says:

    Stranger things for ever❤

  7. Nica 5600 says:

    Wait where's Gotham omg

  8. Ferg Clark says:

    Fresh Prince?

  9. Boat says:

    MONEY HEIST???????????

  10. bmbogaard 860 says:

    The 100 gotham the walking dead

  11. Jay2k says:

    Stranger things, 13 reasons why and sex education

  12. Jay2k says:

    Netflix uk gets power bruh cmon

  13. Stamtube says:

    Stranger things squad wya

  14. Tom Dog says:

    Brooklyn nine nine?

  15. Judah Brown says:

    Netflix ruined Designated Survivor. Man of the characters that played so well of Keifer Sutherland just vanished with literally 0 mention, along with his sudden 180 in attitude after he had finally found himself back after his wife’s death.

  16. Curb Your Comment says:

    Where is GLOW?!

  17. Pubadagoo _ says:

    Umbrella academy?

  18. omq says:

    My top 22.
    22. Stranger Things
    21. Stranger Things
    20. Stranger Things
    19. Stranger Things
    18. Stranger Things
    17. Stranger Things
    16. Stranger Things
    15. Stranger Things
    14. Stranger Things
    13. Stranger Things
    12. Stranger Things
    11. Stranger Things
    10. Stranger Things
    9. Stranger Things
    8. Stranger Things
    7. Stranger Things
    6. Stranger Things
    5. Stranger Things
    4. Stranger Things
    3. Stranger Things
    2. Stranger Things
    1. Stranger Things

  19. JerichosStuff. says:


  20. Áńíŕųđđhå Ğhâřåț says:

    I have watched Stranger Things ,Sex Education, Rick and Morty and Sacred Games.
    Anyone there watch the same?

  21. cormac om says:

    How I Met Your Mother should be there

  22. Duda says:

    What's the name of the music playing in the background?

  23. Steph Okoye says:

    I think Stranger things is literally the only reason I have Netflix

  24. Kaiten Chureetur says:

    You? Sex Education?

  25. DanFarrell98 says:

    Oo lets just hide the titles in the corner so you can’t tell when the series changes. And some came up twice

  26. constanza avila says:

    and the end of the fu**ing world ?

  27. Elevenhub Club says:

    ok, NETFLIX LOVES stranger Things its 100% clear 💖

  28. bluegaming310 says:

    literally any country outside of the US gets any show i went out of the US and got shoes like full house, victorious, cat and sam, icarly and toy stories and so much more.

  29. Лиза Левина says:


  30. Shaun Bacon says:

    Prison Break
    Peaky Blinders
    Designated Survivor
    One Day At A Time
    (Harlan Coben's) SAFE
    DC {Universe}`s TITANs
    House of Cards
    A Series of Unfortunate Events
    Dragons: Rise of Berk
    Big Mouth
    Once Upon A Time
    The End of the F***ing World
    Nailed It!
    Russell Howard: Recalibrate

    ALL The 'Marvel on Netflix' shows [DD,JJ,LC,IF,TD,TP]

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine (just need S6)

    (The saddest thing is half of these shows got cancelled..

  31. Shayzo says:

    Stranger things

  32. ptong226 says:

    Stranger Things! Stranger Things! Stranger Things! ♥️

  33. Raluca's chanel says:


  34. Filipe S. S. says:

    I don't believe that there's no BoJack Horseman

  35. Maalav Rupani says:

    Which is the song playing in the background??

  36. Harscrebb says:


  37. MemyselfandI says:

    The reason you don't get most of the good shows in the US is because US distribution law is terrible

  38. D Dd says:

    Peep Show u bitch fag

  39. Vamsi Kuruvella says:

    Where is sex education

  40. Esmanur Aydoğdu says:

    St forever😍

  41. Rai Islam says:

    Didn’t see money heist.

  42. Danyel Wayne says:

    Where the heck is
    On my Block
    Umbrella Academy
    Money Heist
    The order

  43. BonniePlayz says:

    you're welcome

    1. Stranger Things
    2. Good Girls
    3. Black Mirror
    4. Orange is the new Black
    5. Breaking Bad
    6. Dark
    7. Glee
    8. Rick and Morty
    9. Lucifer
    10. Friends
    11. After Life
    12. Jane the virgin
    13. The Crown
    14. Bodyguard
    15. When they see us
    16. Designated Survivor
    17. Power
    18. Riverdale
    19. Peaky Blinders
    20. Prison break
    21. The last szars
    22. Our planet

  44. bucko _ says:

    Mindhunter ?

  45. Gabriele Di Tommaso says:

    Where the hell are "Better Call Saul" and "Love, Death + Robots"?

  46. Hey_ SkaterXD says:

    Only came Stranger Things, I’m leaving now

  47. you love I says:

    Lmao i think Riverdale got on
    the list by accident

  48. you love I says:

    I am so over the stranger things fandom. Go away pleasssseeeee

  49. craigr98 says:

    Confession tapes…

  50. Andre Silva says:

    Riverdale and stranger things❤❤

  51. Sarah Johnson says:

    Mad men please ????

  52. Supertrooper says:

    Where is sex education

  53. Gracie 1408x says:

    the society should be on this list, just saying

  54. -Lolo- Falcón says:

    Best series to watch on Netflix!!!
    Stranger things!

    Oh Really…

  55. Jason Smith says:

    Now y’all need a best 22 tv shows Netflix took OFF NETFLIX

  56. Daniel Ogunro says:

    give me 13 reasons why 13 reasons why isnt on here

  57. Daniel Ogunro says:

    where money heist at

  58. Legendary Godzilla says:

    Stranger Things is BEST!!!

  59. Max Jerome says:

    How many people rush to Netflix to see if there was Rick & Morty?

  60. Katelyn Greaney says:

    Jane The Virgin is the BEST to bad season 5 isn’t in Ireland. NO IM NOT MAD 😤

  61. Captain Marvel says:

    Good Girls and Maniac?

  62. Alfie Broatch says:

    Why don’t we get the same shows as USA ?

  63. sM0ky says:

    1- Stranger Things
    2- Stranger Things
    3- Stranger Things
    4- Stranger Things
    22- Stranger Things

  64. katanastasatos says:


  65. Jamie Griffiths says:

    People, give the show "Damnation" a chance. Such a unique show in a time period that is rarely showcased in TV. It's criminal that it wasn't renewed for a second season. 🤠🤠

  66. Wouter Burm says:

    No big bang theory😢

  67. Neydi? Vera. says:


  68. Sabie Cheema says:

    Stranger Things is the best

  69. Samy Zak says:

    How about you renew sense8

  70. Comedy says:

    No mention of the best thing you ever put out and cancelled for no apparent reason daredevil

  71. Seal_Khalifa says:

    whats the song playing in the background?

  72. Allamsah Alsehreya says:

    Teen Wolf

  73. Caitlin Mcglynn says:

    My top
    Jane the virgin
    Good girls
    How I met your mother
    Stranger things
    Alexa and Katie
    No good nick
    Sex education

  74. Yup, this is me says:

    Um you forgot The Walking Dead

  75. Paul Hud says:

    If rick and Mitty goes U.S. the. I might have a reason to keep my subscription after the office is gone

  76. A B I S I N A N says:

    Dark 🖤☢️
    Peaky blinders🚬🔫
    Orange is the new black🍊
    La casa de papel 💵
    Sex education 🔞
    Riverdale – season 1👌 rest of the show totally shit💩 especially S3🤮
    Stranger things 😍

  77. savage cat says:

    Is it sad that I have watched every show in this video..

  78. Aanish Mohamed says:

    Who else thinks The Alienist is underrated?

  79. Ryan Vasquez says:

    Let's face it, We all expected Stranger Things to be here

  80. James Brennan says:

    What about The Umbrella Academy

  81. Izac Rabot says:

    Umbrella academy and End of the fucking world?!

  82. Bek Odilov says:

    Where is Sex Education?

  83. s1lent xP says:

    Lucifer is not available in my netflix

  84. Catriona Bruce says:

    Riverdale? Where the hell is Pretty Little Liars?

  85. Catriona Bruce says:

    Actually talks about the TV Shows.
    They have Rick and Morty! We need Rick and Morty!

    Here's what I have to say to the American's, you have every single other TV show. Your Netflix has so much more than we do and you get TV shows and movies earlier than us. Also you get them at reasonable times, you get them at 1pm, we get them at 1am. So don't you ever say that you don't have one show, cuz we don't have over 100.

  86. Edit That says:

    i think riverdale isnot worth watching

  87. casual bongos says:

    U gotta add Lacasa de Papel

  88. zrx46 says:

    Where is Better Call Saul, Daredevil, Godless and Ozark? Wtf

  89. Lucie Radauscherová says:

    This is cool, ive had good experience with

  90. The Abbi and Laila show says:

    Where is Shadowhunters?

  91. Herbert Gomes says:

    Best is Lucifer

  92. Šøžøñ ;-; says:

    Stranger things fans!

  93. Maël et rien d'autre says:


  94. Swarangi Yadav says:

    B99? Elite?

  95. Manny Pulz says:

    Where is Mindhunter?!?!?!?!?!

  96. CW Fan says:

    I was surprised that Glee was on here but I’m not going to disagree

  97. ushiwa boruto says:

    Stranger things best series

  98. movies and trailers says:

    Just finished the investigator it's amazing

  99. DaintyTickTock says:

    My top 3 in no particular order:

    Stranger things
    Rick and Morty

  100. İdil Bükre Tuzkaya says:

    What about Sense8? It's such an underrated show..

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