3 Ways to Sound More British | Pronunciation Lesson #Spon


3 Ways to Sound More British | Pronunciation Lesson #Spon

(bright music) – Hello everyone, and welcome
back to English with Lucy. Today I’ve got a really
special lesson for you. I’m going to talk to you about three ways that you can make yourself
sound more British in terms of pronunciation. So really, it’s three
British-English pronunciation tips. Now this video is aimed
at both native speakers, maybe you’re an actor and want
to have a more British accent for a role or something like that. Or also for people learning
English as a second language, this video is for you as well. I am going to be focusing
on the differences between American pronunciation
and British pronunciation. And I’m focusing on a
neutral British accent, which is what I speak with. I don’t quite speak with
a received pronunciation, which is something that not
many speak with nowadays. Before we get started, I
just want to talk to you quickly about lingoda who
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qualifications with them, and I’m extremely picky
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wonderful discount for you. You can get $50 dollars or €50 Euros off your first month at lingoda by clicking on the link down below, and using the code in the description box. It’s a fantastic offer, don’t miss out. Let’s get started with the lesson. Now, the first thing I’m
going to talk to you about is the er sound, the letter R. The general rule to sound more British is don’t pronounce the R sound, unless it’s followed by a vowel. I have a video on when
you should pronounce the R on the end of words, which you can check out right here. But, in American English,
you would pronounce the R at the end of a word. Something like better, for us, uh, uh. It’s a schwa sound. But for Americans, and please, don’t laugh at my American accent,
I’m going to try my best. Americans would say better, better. We say bett-uh, bett-uh. The world folder, fold-uh. We end the word with a uh,
uh, fold-uh, schwa sound. Americans would end the word
with an er sound, folder. Don’t laugh at my American accent, I tried my best. The next tip is pronouncing the letter U, instead of ooh, we often say you. So words like stupid, duty, Americans generally say, stoopid, dooty, stoopid, dooty, stoopid, dooty. And that’s an error that I hear a lot of non-native speakers make as well. So my Spanish students, which
I love with all of my heart, I’m not making fun of your accents here, I’m just pointing out an error, so that you can help yourselves with it. They say, stuupid, stuupid, and it should be stupid, stupid. Or something like Youtube, Youtube, they might say, Yuutuube, Yuutuube. Now, you might have noticed
that when I was comparing American and British pronunciation, I also changed the way
that I pronounced T’s. Now in British English,
we do one of two things. So when Americans would say water, we would say one of two things, we can say wah-ta, wah-at, or even wah-ah, wah-ah. Now the first one is the generally
correct way of saying it. The second one is very
informal and features many dialects and regional
accents like Cockney. So we can either completely overaccentuate and pronounce the T, or drop it completely and replace it with a glottal stop. Now I am planning to do an entire video about the glottal stop, since
it’s incredibly important. Now, a glottal stop is an
audible consonant created by blocking the flow of air. In simple terms, it’s this,
uh, uh, wah-uh, wah-uh. Bett-uh, bett-uh, okay? Americans sometimes replace
the Te sound with a De sound. Dudy, duty or duh-e with the glottal stop. (laughs) Now I personally don’t speak
much with the glottal stop. I do sometimes, instead of saying but, I might say buh buh, so I’m stopping, I’m stopping the air coming out. So instead of saying but I want to, I might say, buh I want to. Buh I, buh I, there’s no T there. Alright guys, that’s it
for the lesson today. I hope you enjoyed it. And I hope you are now one step closer to being able to speak
with a British accent when you want to. Don’t forget to connect with
me on all of my social media. I’ve got my Instagram, my
Facebook and my Twitter. Also, remember to check out lingoda if you haven’t already. The link and the discount code
is in the description box, and I’ll see you soon for another lesson. (kiss) (bright music)

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