360 Video: ASU’s Polytechnic campus tour | Arizona State University

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360 Video: ASU’s Polytechnic campus tour  | Arizona State University

Hi you guys. I’m Ryan. I’m a freshman here out at ASU’s Polytechnic campus. I am from the Bay Area back in California, and I am a professional flight major, and we’re going to go take you on a tour of this beautiful campus. We’re at the technology center of the Polytechnic campus, also known as the Innovation Hub. As we take a look inside, whoop, sorry. Taking a look inside, you can go to the left or to the right, but it’s full of facilities and labs, and this is where engineering actually comes to life. This is where every single lab in existence comes alive with students always working on a project. There’s always new ideas. Exactly what this board says: turn ideas into reality. ASU doesn’t become the number one school in innovation without a reason, and there’s technology at your dispense that you get to use right away as part of your degree. ASU does not waste time with your freshman and sophomore years just working on GEs. They want you to put this practical use into work, and they want to see you doing your best, and this is why we have the materials that we do, and this is why ASU is set up for your success. Now we are in the Student Union, which we also like to call the Hub, where we have student government in the back behind me. We have restaurants like Subway, and Starbucks and the Grill Works. It’s just full of tables where everyone just comes, hangs out, talks. Now we’re outside to give you a little perspective of the outside of the Student Union as long as, behind me is the library with Barrett, the Tutoring and Writing Center, and some academic advising with the library actually being downstairs in the basement, and the computer lab being upstairs. Now we’re at the Sun Devil Fitness Complex, which is the housing of ASU’s amazing fitness center, and here at Polytech we have two floors of machines. The first floor is usually used for weights, and then upstairs is more cardio and running. We also, to the back of me, have racquetball courts and that’s also where our locker rooms are located. Then, further on the inside, we have three full basketball courts, and just on the outside the best part of living in Arizona is having a pool, which has five Olympic lanes, and a swimming only area. Now here we are at the residence hall, Century Hall, which is the one I am living in currently. There’s two sides of the buildings each with three floors, and the windows in the middle of the building are actually study rooms, so every floor has their own study room. So you can go in there, get away from your roommates. Get that study hour done. Then, straight ahead is the lobby where we have a lounge area with a TV, a conference room, kitchen, anything you need, as long … and with this outside part we also have grills, and I’ve already done that with my friends, just get some hot dogs and burgers and grill outside because with this Arizona sun, it’s the perfect thing to do. No matter where you go on this campus you always end up in some type of beautiful courtyard surrounded by plants, places to sit, to relax, so if anyone has told you Arizona is just brown and desert, they’re definitely wrong because I’m always amazed about the beauty of this campus. Thank you guys for checking out ASU, especially the Polytechnic campus, and if you’re like me I love the fact that I can come to a D1 college and yet still be on a campus that feels more like family, and a good way to meet friends, because it is a smaller size, which is the right fit for me. So, thank you guys once again, and I hope to see you at ASU this upcoming fall.

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