4 Tips for Crafting Great Speeches and Presentations


4 Tips for Crafting Great Speeches and Presentations

At some point in your
life, you’re probably gonna to be asked to give a presentation. And this could be a great opportunity for you, but only if
you prepare correctly. Otherwise, it’s an
opportunity for failure. Even if you are a great speaker, even if you’re charismatic and confident and you’re able to walk up on a stage without as one Cards Against
Humanity card put it, “Peeing a little bit.” Your presentation can still fall flat on its face and bore
your audience to tears, if it’s founded on a poor idea
or structured in a bad way. Fortunately, communicating
your ideas to an audience in a way that’s persuasive and exciting is a skill that you can
learn and get better at. So today, I want to share four big ideas that you can use to start crafting and delivering better presentations. And speaking of skills that you can learn, this video is sponsored by Skillshare. Skillshare is an online learning community with over 15,000 courses you can take in a ton of different topics. Including, graphic design, web
development, business skills, and, of course, presentation skills. And I’m gonna talk about
them a little bit more near the end of the
video and also recommend a couple of courses that
you might want to take if you want to improve
your presentation skills. But first, let’s get into the tips. Starting with, the absolute
most important element of any presentation that
you’re ever going to give which is, the idea. The underlying idea or
concept that you’re trying to communicate with your audience is the beating heart of your presentation. As Chris Anderson, the
Curator of TED, puts it: “Your number one mission as a speaker “is to take something
that matters deeply to you “and to rebuild it inside
the minds of your listeners.” And that’s what
communication is all about. Taking your ideas and sharing them with people who are willing to listen. And when it comes to presentations its especially important
to highlight this. Because a lot of people are concerned with how they’re gonna look
or how they’re gonna sound on stage and they don’t
give as much thought to the substance and the meaning of the idea that they’re communicating. But in truth, the substance
of that idea matters so much more than how you look
while you’re delivering it. So before you ever step on a stage, understand all the details of your idea, understand why your audience
should learn about this idea, and make sure that each
part of your presentation relates that idea and supports it. So, once you’ve nailed down the idea behind your presentation it’s time to start looking at some tactics that you can use to make that
presentation more compelling. And the first one I’m gonna
talk about is, storytelling. The human brain is fundamentally wired to be drawn in be a good story. And storytelling is probably the mode of communication that
we’re most receptive to. Also, telling a story is a great way to add emotion to your talk. And that’s especially
useful when your idea isn’t all that emotional fundamentally. For instance, back when the
movie Prometheus was about to come out, the marketing
team put out this fake 2023 TEDTalk where the
CEO of Weyland Industries, Peter Weyland comes out
and he gives this talk about human progression and it’s a pretty self-aggrandizing talk, that’s
basically meant to build up him and his company in
the eyes of the audience. But he starts out his talk with a story about the titan, Prometheus, stealing fire from the gods and giving it to humanity as their first piece of true technology. And he gets into these ugly
and kinda disgusting details about the punishment the the gods used on Prometheus after he did this. And while, this isn’t all that related to the progress of
technology, it’s a great way to add some visceral emotion and imagery to the talk that’s
otherwise kinda sterile. Now, if you’re gonna add
a story to your talk, you need to know the elements
of great storytelling. And there a three main elements
I want to talk about here. Number one, any good story needs to have a character the
audience can empathize with. And here I want to note
that personal stories can be especially effective
at forging a connection between you and your
audience especially if that story shows a little bit of
vulnerability on your part. You also need a conflict
or some sort of problem. Basically the thing
that makes your audience curious and interested in the story. And finally, you need
a satisfying conclusion that ties back into your idea. And on a related note,
you’ve probably heard that telling a story can be a great way to open a presentation or speech. And this is true but there’s a catch. As the author, Michael
Port, puts it in his book, “Steal the Show”, “If you’re
opening a with a story, “it had better be a great story. “Otherwise, open with note that’s “intellectually or
philosophically important. “Often, when a speaker
starts with a story, “many in the audience think,
Oh boy, here comes another one “of those dull opening stories…” In other words, we’re all
pretty jaded when it comes to the typical way that
people structure their talks. After all, most of us have sat in school from anywhere
between 18 to 30 years. So, we’ve sat through
a lot of presentations and we’ve seen it all. So, if you’re using an
opening story as a crutch, people are gonna catch on right away and it’s gonna hurt you. Now in addition to storytelling, another tactic you can use to
connect with your audience, is to use analogies and metaphors, to essentially meet your
audience where they are. Using an analogy is a great
way to explain something in terms that your audience
is gonna easily understand. And a really good example
of this comes from the movie The Big Short, which is one
of my favorite recent films. Now, in case your
unfamiliar with this movie, it’s basically a story of how the great financial crash of 2008 happened. And in telling that story, the movie tries to explain the
inner-workings of some of the outright fraudulent financial inventions that helped to cause it. One of those inventions, is called a Collateralized Debt Obligation or a CDO. But, instead of trying
to straight-up explain this purposely complicated
financial instrument, they create an analogy that’s
much easier to understand. After Ryan Gosling’s character
introduces the concept, the camera pans over to Anthony
Bourdain, the famous chef. And then he creates a story
about how he bought fish on Friday but then three days
later its getting kind of rotten but instead of throwing
it away he just throws it into a stew and calls it something new. And that creates a much
easier to understand picture of how a CDO works and its
much more emotionally visceral as well since most people
have smelled rotten fish but don’t even know what a CDO is. Also, analogies and
metaphors can give you access to yet another tool for connecting with your audience, and that is humor. And one of the masters at using this type of humor that I think you
should study is, John Oliver. Even though his show
covers topics that are objectively boring like
the federal budget, gerrymandering, and the
IRS, millions of people still tune in to watch it because John is an expert at using analogies to tie-in those boring topics to
things that are funnier. For example, in one episode
he takes the IRS’ practice of literally hanging
up on its own customers which they call a Courtesy
Disconnect, and ties it to other things whose names
hide their true meaning. Like then Care Bears, who
are still vicious bears. And if you could learn to do this as well, especially in a way that connects with your specific audience,
you’re gonna gain their trust and keep them much more engaged throughout the entirety
of your presentation. The last tactic I want
to talk about today, is Audience Interaction. Because if you can take your audience and get them actively
involved in the presentation, then you can improve that
presentation by a huge margin. And to explain how to do this, I want to tell you a
story about my own life. So back in 2012 when I was
still a college senior, I flew to New York City for a
conference called, Blog World. I was a blogger at the
time, I was pretty small, and I had a lot of heroes
that were gonna be there, who I really wanted to see. So, on the second day of the conference, my friend, Alex and I went to go see one of our favorite bloggers give a talk. But we couldn’t get into
the room because it was standing-room only and there
were so many people packed in that there were literally people in the hallway trying to
hear what he had to say. So, instead of getting into
the mosh pit ourselves, my friend Alex says, “Hey.
Let’s go see this guy, “Marcus Sheridan, instead.” And we go into his room,
it’s much less packed, and it turns out that
Marcus is a pool salesman. So I’m thinking, this guy probably doesn’t have a whole lot for me. But, by the end of his speech, I was convinced that Marcus was hands-down the best presenter at
the entire conference. And the reason for this,
was that Marcus was an expert at audience interaction. And more importantly, he made
his audience feel special. My most intense memory
from the presentation, is when he put up a slide on the projector that just said, “October 10th, 2008” and underneath there
was the number, “7,882.” Then he asked the audience, “Does anybody know what this number means? “And why it relates to this date?” And because I had been
taking economics class, I raised my hand and I said,
“I think that’s the number “the Dow Jones fell to on October 2008 “during the stock market crash.” Which was the right answer
and Marcus came over and said, “My man! This guy know what’s up.” And he made me feel so
special that I had absolute rapt attention for the rest
of the entire presentation. And I loved it. Now, Marcus is a great
speaker across the board. He’s got a lot of energy,
he’s really engaging, and he has a lot of
practice doing this type of audience interaction. But still, if you could learn to do this, you’re gonna have a lot more success in your own presentations. But I do want to give
you a couple of warnings. Number one, don’t start your presentation off with audience interaction
because it can backfire. Remember, when you get up on that stage, you haven’t made your
first impression yet, so your audience is still
naturally a bit skeptical you have to build their trust first. Secondly, you need to have a plan for what your going to do if your audience doesn’t answer your question you expect, or if they don’t answer at all. Now, these are certainly not
the only tactics you can use to craft a great presentation. And I think if you want to
get better, you should go out, and learn from as many
sources as you possibly can. And make them diverse, don’t
just watch other speakers, watch TV shows, watch
movies, watch advertisements. Because these are all
forms of communication, they all have information you can glean and adapt into your own style. Additionally, there is a lot to be learned from taking actual planned out courses from an expert instructor. And one great place to find those courses is over on Skillshare. Skillshare has a ton
of courses you can take in many, many different topics. But the ones that I want to focus on here are the courses in
presentation skills and design. For instance, one of my favorites on the platform is a course called, Presentation Essentials by Simon Sinek. And if you’re not
familiar with Simon Sinek, He gave my favorite TED Talk of all time on a concept called, Start With Why. And his course over on Skillshare is an excellent supplement to this video. And if you want to improve
your presentation skills, it would be a great idea to go take it. You’ll also find courses on
how to nail your delivery, on visual storytelling, and
on crafting slides that rock, in addition to many, many other topics. Plans on Skillshare can be had for as low as 10 bucks a
month but if you’d like to start learning today
at absolutely no cost, you can get a two-month free trial by using the link in the
description down below, and using the code,
ovation, when you sign up. I want to once again thank Skillshare for sponsoring this video it really helps to support this channel. And thank you for watching. If you like this video give a
like to support this channel, and if you have questions leave them down in the comments below, and I will do my best
to get them answered. If you haven’t subscribed
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