7 *EASY* Ways To Make Money in College (extra $1000+ per month)


7 *EASY* Ways To Make Money in College (extra $1000+ per month)

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36 thoughts on “7 *EASY* Ways To Make Money in College (extra $1000+ per month)”

  1. Austin Bouley says:

    First comment

  2. Night Storm says:

    Just like the others who make videos like this – all talk, no proof and you make your money from views/scams in the description.

  3. Lance Kaminsky says:

    You gotta be really lucky to average 17 an hour with Uber. I was getting right under 10 and it wasn't worth the time and gas expenses.

  4. Watson Thomas says:

    hey Jeff good video man appreciate it

  5. Mike Anuta says:

    Not sure pushing people to mlm is a good idea.

  6. YooEdi ! says:

    Instacart is just like Uber you get paid to shop for people if your looking for something like that

  7. The Rideshare Hub says:

    Really great advice!!

  8. The Rideshare Hub says:

    Uber and Lyft are great ways to make extra money!

  9. The Rideshare Hub says:

    I can attest that Uber and Lyft are great ways to make money in college. I just graduated and drove throughout college to cash flow a lot of expenses

  10. Rebecca Lee says:

    Hey Jeff, wish I did some of these stuff when I was in college. Speaking of mlm, I was recently offered a partnership with an mlm called Worldwide Dream Builders, who has a partnership with Amway. However, since my mom did Amway back then and was blocked due to her upline, I was blocked as well since she put my name under her business. My sponsors have been trying to get me in, but Amway has been saying no. Lately, my gut has been telling me to just drop the partnership but I'm not sure how to tell them, since they've been trying for the past few months and I appreciate their help. Any advice? Thanks!

  11. Financial Shinanigans says:

    Teach english on the side, a lot of international students pay good money to have a tutor and guide in their new environment.

  12. GenExDividendInvestor says:

    Great video & info, thanks! The Uber/Lyft one really resonates with me.. I use Uber/Lyft a lot, and have met so many fascinating drivers from retired airline pilots to managers at large companies to grandparents to a Rabbi! Everyone does it, from people with no jobs to people with full-time jobs. I’m super passionate about investing and it’s always pleased me when by the end of our trip the driver tells me that they are going to start investing for the first time & open a Roth that night and research Vanguard funds they could invest in. 🙂

  13. Norrie Show says:

    So you're advising gambling as a side Hustle? very bad advice sir

  14. John Gregory says:

    Anyone know the song playing

  15. Mohamed Hussein says:

    are you fucking stupid ??

  16. Mariam M. says:

    Blogging 😊

  17. Mistri says:

    I was thinking about driving uber as an extra, but talking to ex-uber drivers, most had bad experience with it, so I discarded the idea. I do pet sitting as a side hustle but in the winter it's slower, people doesn't travel much.
    Unfortunately in Spain where I live paying for donating plasma or blood is not allowed, so I'll keep doing it for free.

  18. Passive Income Tom says:

    Sunday night… Change in publishing dates?🤔

  19. Sam Levine - Personal Finance says:

    1. Donating Plasma
    2. Playing poker
    3. Multi-level Marketing
    4. Driving for Uber/Lyft
    5. Flipping things on eBay
    6. Making money on Amazon
    7. Doing Facebook Ads for small businesses

  20. Sam Levine - Personal Finance says:

    You shouldn't promote gambling on here. I could easily see how someone could take this the wrong way and think of poker as a legit full time job opportunity, flash forward 3 months and they've lost all their money 🤷

  21. Sam Levine - Personal Finance says:

    Social Media Marketing. Many local business have little to no online presence, and who knows more about social media than college students? 😊

  22. Jarin Jackson says:

    💯% fire content. Working on my digital marketing apprenticeship to build my portfolio:)

  23. mr luckyleaf says:

    Selling on etsy. Wholesale jewelry.

  24. Liam Hay says:

    Thanks for posting this. I was on the fence about unsubscribing, but advising people to gamble and join MLMs clinched it for me. These are dangerous, predatory activities that ruin lives and rely on the idea that not everyone doing it can make money.

    Not trying to be inflammatory, I've found a lot of the videos on this channel very useful, but watching every video is clearly becoming a poor use of my time.

  25. Sourav Biswas says:

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  26. ulo karimgang says:

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  27. djsevkic says:

    Poker!? Mlm!!? Donating plasma!!!? REALLY!? Ok, to be fair, by No 5, you started to get it right.

  28. Travis Williams says:

    I donated plasma in college! Great way to make extra money. I’ve had a lot of side hustles though haha

  29. Game Slayer says:

    Jeff, if you had to start over from just an average wage, knowing what you know now. How would you do it? What would you start out with for the most money for your time?

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    I enjoyed your video.
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  33. KAREEM ABDUL says:

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  34. ramu gunde says:

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  36. John Mathew says:

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