7 HIGHEST Paying College Degrees!


7 HIGHEST Paying College Degrees!

Flip mill presents 7 Highest paying college
degress Number one: As a finance major, you’ll be
working with a lot of other people’s money; and it’s no surprise that some of that money
would fall into your pocket. You’ll get a better start in your finance
career if you do a few internships in your field. Once you do, you can expect to earn about
$46,500 to start and $87,300 at mid-level. Number 2: Economics is another college degree
that leaves you with tons of career options, from banking to finance to education and government. If none of those interests you, you can also
land jobs in law (with further education), consulting, public policy and research. Starting salary for those majoring in economics
is around $45,000 but by mid career, you see a hefty boost to around $95,000. Number three: Before you immediately pass
over math as a major, think about this: those who major in math have some of the lowest
unemployment rates of any other major — 95% of math majors are employed. They are also quite well compensated for their
work, with a starting salary of around $47,000-$52,600 and a mid-career salary of $89,900-$98,600. Number four: If you haven’t noticed it yet,
it pays to be very good with numbers. Statistics majors will be tasked with tracking
large amounts of data, analyzing it, and focusing down on the results. You’ll need serious skills with spreadsheets
and even some programming ability for this career. A statistician can pull in about $50,000
right out of school and about $99,000 by mid-career. Number five: Do you want to work for a company
like Apple or Microsoft and help program the next big thing in computers? Well, they want to pay you a lot to do it.
Major in computer science and do well in school, including doing some internships and projects, and you’ll probably land a job that starts
out paying around $55,000. Stick with it and you could be making 6 figures by mid-career. Number six: Physics is another one of those
college degrees that makes most of our brains hurt even thinking about pursuing, but if
you can wrap your mind around it, you will be glad you did. Physics majors have a lot of options, working
in museums, the military, laboratories and schools. They are also paid very well for
understanding the way the universe works. Right out the gate they are paid nearly $50,000
and by mid career, they are making just over $100,000. Number seven: If you are simply looking for
a job that pays the biggest bucks, you can’t go wrong in pursuing a college degree in engineering. In fact, seven of the top highest paying college
majors are various engineering majors, like petroleum, chemical, electrical, materials
science and aerospace; so you have a large range of options which fits you best. Depending on which field you choose, you can
start out getting paid between $50,000-$95,000, and by mid career, you be up to $85,000-$155,000.
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77 thoughts on “7 HIGHEST Paying College Degrees!”

  1. Hidayet Estela says:

    i subbed,you make great content keep it up.

  2. Hugppyz says:

    Can't wait till you have like 500,000 subs I can brag and say I have been subbed to you since you had 1000

  3. Marko Vukan says:

    Really Good Channel i subbed you😉

  4. Nomusa Moloi says:

    Major in both physics and mathematics 😊

  5. Arka Paul says:

    where is medical studies??????????????????????????????????????????????? 🙁

  6. Marcela Gonzalez says:

    how much does a technology engineering makes

  7. Marcela Gonzalez says:

    and please answer back

  8. Persepolis says:

    I have the option of doing Economics with Finance (BSc), Mathematics and Finance (BSc) or Civil engineering (BEng) or some kinf of IT course, most likely software engineering – which is going to get me the highest salary both short term and long term – and which will be more stable?

  9. Dariana Ortiz says:

    I'm planning to major in Economics and minor in Computer Science. This is great!

  10. Cristian Luna says:

    i knew physics was worth it.but i need a phd right?

  11. Darryl14ful says:

    My cousin got a programming job paying 75k right out of college

  12. Supper Nightcore says:

    When u say the price does that mean u get that much each month?

  13. Alex says:

    ey mate, I think you may have forgotten that surgeons make over $180k a year(2015).. even a pharmacist makes over $120k (2015)!

  14. Edi says:

    I'm a sophomore for Computer Engineering with a minor in Math :))

  15. RS says:

    i am majored in Banking and Finance..

  16. Ջոզեֆ Մարգարյան says:

    What is best, Engineering or Economics?

  17. Gabby Boberry says:

    I'm majoring in Software Development, minoring in writing because it's still something I enjoy.

  18. aldo martin says:

    Do anybody even mention law 😑

  19. Nadia Michelle says:

    what program should i take in college in order for work lets say for the government or hydro

  20. suny gupta says:

    How studying B.A(H) applied psychology can make way easy in indian army

  21. June Yang says:

    does college pay you a lot of money?

  22. Noor Nassir says:

    4 years from now,ill become a mechanical engineer in sha allah 👍🏽

  23. subhransu sahu says:


  24. NATHAN SMITH says:

    Pro athletes

  25. RedTriangle53 says:

    is this where STEM majors go to feel better about their life choices?

  26. John Douglas says:

    Math? I have a cousin with a masters in mathematical applications and he delivers pizza from dominoes as the only job he can get is a teacher making 30k a year … only in "big" markets such as areas with a population of over 1 million people which in the us I believe there are only 9 of those markets

  27. JAKKAL says:

    finance majors that master usually start over 70,000 and it's not unusual to get and extra 20 percent as a bonus

  28. Clayton Peterson says:

    Fidget spinner presents…

  29. Soulnoid Crew says:

    I want to do I.T. but most of the things I want to do is actually in the field of Computer Science or Engineering, and those things sound even harder to get.

  30. Laura Moreira says:

    so basically if youre not good at math youre fucked

  31. M Love says:

    Having a Finance/accounting degree was the best decision I've ever made… I will always have a job

  32. Amaze Master says:


  33. merc340sr says:

    If you are going to study economics, do a Master's degree in Economics. Bachelor in economics will not get you much.

  34. samaa says:

    Is this the guy who says "1 hour later" in SpongeBob?

  35. Anu SAM says:

    I found these college degrees worth studying:

  36. unsweetened cheerios says:

    Dammit all of these need you to be good at math

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  39. Marquise Logan says:

    These salaries are horrible.

  40. Daniel Ruiz says:

    Majored in Poli Sci and started close to a 6 income salary in a legal firm lol

  41. Σταυρος Χρηστ. says:

    degree in statistics FTW!

  42. Edgar coral says:

    Surgeons make 300k+ that's where I'm heading

  43. SigSauer lover says:

    fuck medical college
    I am legend in math and good with economic
    I love math

  44. Fulmani Surin says:

    Sand number

  45. Brendan says:

    Finance/Econ double major

  46. K M says:

    this is my first semester in college and ive chosen civil engineering which im gona change to finance

  47. 許潤璋 says:

    I am majoring in mathematics and statistics.

  48. Jatin K says:

    which is best, biology major(leturer) or physics major in India?

  49. Scott Adam says:


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  50. Eddah Nanji says:


  51. moutaoukil mohamed says:

    Den beste måten å tjene penger raskt på, er på følgende link:

  52. Daniel Rosas says:


  53. 1Million Subcribers says:

    i couldn't afford to go to a 4 year college so im spending 4 years in community college on 2 separate 2 year programs. Working toward completing both at the same time(not doing one then the other) Doing IT certification and water technology AS degree. Basically costs nothing for the classes and i'm getting these decent certifications. Then when i'm done ill try to find a good job in either one or even both.

  54. WEEWO whistle says:

    Sorry, I am sceptical to this video.

  55. WEEWO whistle says:

    Sorry, I am sceptical to this video.

  56. WEEWO whistle says:

    Sorry, I am sceptical to this video.

  57. WEEWO whistle says:

    Sorry, I am sceptical to this video.

  58. TheDude says:

    Economics is a liberal arts degree. How can you earn big bucks with an arts degree?

  59. SeaPeach says:

    I really wish YouTube was my job

  60. Tushib Haque says:

    bullshit list

  61. Abigale says:

    I suck at math so I’m basically fucked

  62. Disciple of Christ says:

    What about healthcare?

  63. JD says:

    Lol successful business majors make millions. That should be #1. They also left out doctors and lawyers but I guess they were only looking at undergrad degrees.

  64. ebiros2 says:

    My friends daughter got a 300000 dollar a year job right out of law school with no experience. Engineering jobs are hard and don't pay much relative to the work you must do. Get a law degree or degree in finance and work for an investment bank. Way better than engineering

  65. Leslie Lajaeee says:

    Majors that deal with technology and numbers is the best especially in this day and age 😂

  66. chencho zan says:

    In other words pay for a stem degree and you will be fine

  67. derhenri2002 says:

    Those are all the Majors I've already considered without knowing their salaries compared with other majors. I'll study mathematics with a minor in either computer science/informatics or economics.

  68. youssef benhssaine says:

    You forget sport medicine

  69. Abcdeee Fghggg says:

    Physic stay in my heart for ever

  70. Al Mel says:

    What if u don’t have a passion in any of these tho?

  71. kellen .baklund says:

    Are these estimates after taxes or before, that would be something good to know.

  72. Updoot Everything says:

    This shit gay, I’m going major as a petroleum engineer and yes it’s not a easy job but pay start around 90k and high demand and grows more as you work their more

  73. MILES GENSON says:

    thats nice

  74. John Dunigan says:

    I’m between doing a major in Physics and a minor in Business Managment or doing a joint honours in Physics and Mathematics.

  75. Mega Star says:

    Do these jobs are well paid in Germany too?

  76. JOH B says:

    My father has been a software enginner for 26 years. When he started he only made about $ 30.000 a year ( wich wasn’t too bad at the time) and now he makes $ 160.000 a year.

  77. Artificial Intelligence says:

    All are Maths????!!!!
    Please Kill Me!!!

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