8 Tips for Surviving Summer Classes | College 101| Life Like Zoe | Lifestyle


8 Tips for Surviving Summer Classes | College 101| Life Like Zoe | Lifestyle

Summer classes can be a great way to get ahead
in college or give you a little bit of extra free time next semester. However, summer classes are something you
probably shouldn’t do without a little bit of preparation. Today I am going to tell you about with just
a little bit of forward thinking you can get the most out of your summer coursework. So without further ado, lets get into the
tips that I picked up during the summer courses that I took to earn my bachelors degree. My first tip should come into play before
you even register for your summer classes however, if you already registered for you
classes you can still do this now and be successful later on. And that is to ask yourself why are choosing
to take summer classes in the first place? Do you want to graduate early? Do you want more time during the semester
to spend with friends? Do some extracurricular activities? Did you fail a class and need to retake it
for a better grade? Are you worried about the course load of a
specific course and want to take it over the summer when you have less distractions? All of these are great reasons to take a summer
class and keeping these reasons in mind will make it easier to succeed while you are in
the course. That way, you have all of these wonderful
reasons in mind that you have thought of and are tangible when things start getting tough
because summer classes are tough. So before I continue on with this video leave
in the comments below why you are taking summer classes and what you hope to gain from the
experience. College classes can be taken in person or
online and at some Universities as a combination of the two. If you have already finished your first semester
or first year of college you have probably already figured out which format is going
to work best for you. However, summer classes are usually much more
accelerated than semester-long courses and keep that in mind when you are deciding what
format to take over the summer. If you are at all worried about the workload
of the course it is generally best to air on the side of taking the class in person
rather than online. There is a ton of information in online classes
and it can be easy to overlook some of the details if you don’t know where to look for
them, or if you are feeling overwhelmed by the class. If you have never taken an online class before
make sure you get deadlines down right at the beginning because it can be kind of hard
to keep up with the deadlines since you don’t have a teacher reminding you of them every
time you go to class. However, if you are going to be spending your
summer traveling or working a lot online classes might actually end up being the best option
for you because they do allow you some more flexibility as long as you are able to keep
on top of your workload. Another important thing to consider is the
length of the course. Most schools offer classes that are two weeks,
six weeks, or twelve weeks, but I have seen some other options thrown in there like a
four week or an eight-week class. Usually, the length of time that a course
lasts will indicate the difficulty of the course. So if it is a two-week class it is going to
be a little bit easier material. If it is a six-week course it is going to
be a little bit harder. If it is a twelve-week course it is probably
going to be some pretty challenging material. If you are concerned about how much work a
class will be talking to your advisor before enrolling. Usually, they get pretty good feedback from
their students over how much work a particular summer course is. And so they can help you gauge whether or
not they think that particular summer class would be a good fit for you. So since summer classes are so accelerated
it is really really common for your first homework assignment to be assigned on the
first day of class. So make sure that any textbooks or software
or any other like things that you might need for the class you have when you arrive on
the first day. The worst way to start off an accelerated
class is to get behind and you don’t want to find yourself being a week behind in reading
in a two-week class because of how long it took to ship the book that you didn’t order
until after the first day. If you are worried about buying a book that
you aren’t going to end up needing to see if your school bookstore price matches that
way you can find a good deal online, wait until class starts to make sure you need the
book, and then go to the bookstore and buy at that cheaper online price. But still, have it on the first day. If you are absolutely certain that you school
bookstore price matches and has ordered enough copies of your textbook, you should be safe
to wait until the first day of classes to pick up your book. But keep in mind that it is a little bit of
a risk. Chances are you will not be taking summer
classes with your usual classmates. Take advantage of this and get to know the
people who will be sitting beside you this term. Obviously, they are in this summer class for
a reason too. Having friends to study with over the summer
can make the pain of taking an accelerated course so much easier. Plus, you don’t want to be sitting by yourself
all summer while your friends are off doing whatever they are doing. Make friends with the people in your class
and you guys can have some fun together too. If you are taking a class that at all pertains
to a previous course that you took even slightly, review your notes from that old class if you
still have them. Since summer classes move so quickly often
there is not a review period so if you are really dusty on some of that old information
that you need, it is really easy to get behind and can be really dificult to get caught back
up. Take that extra time before the class starts
and get to know any of that information that might find useful. It shouldn’t take you too much time and effort
and I promise that it will be so worth it comes to that first assignment or exam. Studying for summer courses can be a challenge. Not only are they accelerated, but they often
aren’t in the same structure as similarly formate classes taken in the semester. Summer classes are deffinitly the time to
find a note taking method that makes studying a breeze. Organized notes make studying take less time,
and therefore give you more time to relax outside and catch some of that summer sun
before it fades away. Plus, I personally find if I am in class taking
good notes, it is keeping me engaged and it makes the class period move much quicker and
then it feels as though I am spending less time sitting in the classroom in the first
place. With the fast pace that summer classes move
it is really really important that you do not skip class. Obviously if you are feeling sick do not go
to class and spread your germs to every single person, they will hate you. But, give your professor a heads up, tell
them that you are not feeling well, see what you can do to make it up just like you would
in a regular class, and don’t plan to skip any days, once you start feeling better. On the flip side, if you find yourself tempted
to skip class to go hit the beach, you might want to rethink that one. While the classroom might not be where you
want to be right now, you can always make some time to hit the beach for a little bit
once class lets out. And it is so much better to have a few hours
every day where you can go do something fun, than to take two days off skipping class,
spending all day doing what you wanted, and then for the entire rest of the summer term
having to work from the time you woke up to the time you went to bed. Just like with your regular semester classes,
you professors keep office hours in the summer as well. And it is even more important to utilize these
office hours in the summer than it is during the school year. Getting to know your professor during their
office hours is a great way to check in to make sure that you are actually mastering
the material the way you need to be. Make a conscious effort to go to these office
hours if you feel like you are getting behind or if you are concerned about mastering the
course. You, professors, want you to do well. Esspecially if they are teaching in the summer. And checking in with them and getting to know
them is a good way to show that you actually putting in an effort if you are struggling. Thank you guys so much for making it to the
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  1. Chelsea Irene says:

    Omg I'm gonna be doing summer classes this summer and these tips were so helpful! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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    Youre soo prettyy. Im nervous im 15 and am taking on campus classes. psychology and english and civ. history

  3. Mykayla x says:

    Thanks for the tips! I’m taking my first summer course (well, 2 of them) this summer and I didn’t know how to approach it since it was accelerated. You shared well thought out tips and points! 🙂

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