A Day with Jordan Allen, MLS Midfielder and SNHU Online Student

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A Day with Jordan Allen, MLS Midfielder and SNHU Online Student

Just on my way to the stadium this
morning to get this this day started. I got to work out with Henry our strength
and conditioning guy to start the day off and then I got some other stuff to
do today soccer related and also I got to sprinkle some homework in. So, I’m gonna be pretty busy and I hope you guys enjoy following along. Here at Rio Tinto Stadium, home to Real Salt Lake and a place I’ve been calling home for the last four
years and I love it here, so let’s go head in and get a workout. Start this day off with a nice little bike. Get the juices going. Obviously I’m very busy with soccer but what keeps me motivated is knowing that one day I’ll
be able to get my degree and if I work every day towards that goal one day I’ll
fulfill it and SNHU gives me the opportunity to do so. So, we got the first
workout of the day out of the way. Heading home right now just to take the
dog for a little walk. You guys are gonna see is my dog’s reaction when I get home. I look forward to every single day, little homie is crazy/ What’s up good boy? Hello,
hello. Did you miss me? Just out now, taking my little guy for a walk. It’s really just his world I’m just living in it Now that I took care of Kemba, I’m
heading back for my second workout of the day. I have physical therapy I’m
three months out of the left knee surgery, so I’ve actually been able to
focus a little bit more on my academics now that I haven’t had to soccer aspect
of it and it’s been really beneficial. In terms of pursuing my degree, I’ve
been able to take a couple more classes than I normally would of and also just
immensely having this injury right now it’s been a big escape for me to be able
to focus on my academics and feel like I’ve been productive,
which is a big thing for me. I like to be improving myself in different ways and
there’s really no better way to improve yourself than to improve your education. All hooked up doing these leg raises and this is the boring stuff of rehab. No fun
here. Showing up now for my last event of the day. Gotta sign some autographs at
the mall, say hello to some RSL fans and hopefully have a pretty good time. So, we’ll see how this goes. Grab my study partner with me and we’re
ready to do some homework. I think that’s how I’m gonna sign off with you guys. Thanks for following my day, but I got some school work to do so I’ll see you later.

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