A Mom’s Perspective of Online School


A Mom’s Perspective of Online School

My name is Ruth,and this is my daughter Daniella Carolina, and we are part of the Virginia Virtual Academy. I chose online school for Daniella. We did try, for her kindergarten year, brick and mortar school, but unfortunately it didn’t work out. In the beginning of the school year, they do a testing to see how her reading level is. Daniella, unfortunately, she was less than a kindergarten level, and this was in second grade. But by the end of her second grade, she was an avid reader. K12 is very different I think, from other online schools. There’s a lot of accountability, but the education is amazing. To be able to see her learn. As her learning coach, if I run into a problem with Daniella, with one of her courses, I immediately contact her teachers. The teachers in our school are great. They’re very good, they’re very personable, they’re very caring. They really care about her school, of what she’s learning successful, and whenever she struggles, they’re great. They’re always there. You email them, you contact them, they respond immediately. I am very proud of Daniella. She has come a long way. To be able to blossom into this young, little girl to being able to learn, and take that education into real life.

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  1. Nana2J&W says:

    We are entering our second year with k-12 for my 4th grader and kindergarten for our youngest grandson we are in Ohio and love k-12. Do you still do it?

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