A quick tour of the UBC Vancouver campus


A quick tour of the UBC Vancouver campus

Welcome to UBC, our campus is pretty big
so let’s go check it out. This is the Musqueam Post. It marks one of the main entrances to campus. UBC is situated on the unceded, ancestral territory of the Musqueam people. Now we have the UBC Bookstore where you can buy your textbooks, get your UBCcard, UBC merch, and even grab a coffee. The big building on your right is the Nest, which is owned and run by students through the Alma Mater Society. It’s the student hub on campus where you can get a bite to eat, set up a bank account, and find a nice spot to study. Next up is the UBC Life Building, another space designed specifically for students. It’s a great place to hang out with friends, exercise, or grab a snack. You can also chat with the folks at International Student Advising or visit the Go Global offices. Here’s Brock Hall, the home of Enrolment Services. You can pay your tuition here and chat with advisors about awards and scholarships. Did you know that UBC is over 400 hectares in size? That’s as big as 750 football fields. It’s also a popular filming location. You might recognize it in TV shows and movies such as She’s the Man, X-Men Origins Wolverine, and Battlestar Galactica. Now we’ve arrived at one of UBC’s most iconic sites. The flagpole is situated just above the
Rose Garden—a spectacular view of the ocean and mountains. Get the perfect Instagram here, or just read a book and relax. Coming up on your left is the Buchanan complex—home to many Arts classes. There’s a good chance you’ll take a
first-year English course here no matter your faculty. Did you know that Arts is the largest faculty on campus with over 13,000 students? On the right is Koerner Library. It’s actually shaped like a book, open to the spine and facing down. Do you see it? Come here to get some serious quiet studying in. Next is the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre—one of the top study spots on campus with bookable rooms and spacious desks. To our left is the Chemistry Building, one of the most distinctive buildings on campus. Science students will spend a lot of time at labs and lectures here. This is actually the oldest academic building on campus, completed in 1925. This is the Henry Angus Building, home of the Sauder School of Business. And this is the Fountain—one of the best places on campus to meet up with friends because of its central location. The Fountain is usually only on
during class breaks so if it’s off, you’re late. On the left is Beaty Biodiversity Museum, which is free for students. That giant blue whale skeleton in the window is one of only 21 in the world. Now we have the Earth and Ocean Sciences Building where future geologists study rocks. Visit the Pacific Museum of the Earth to see some cool stones. This is the Engineering Cairn. Throughout the year, you might notice that it gets painted by different student groups. Coming up on the left is the Institute for Computing Information and Cognitive Systems. This is where Computer Science students take classes. Now we’ve arrived at the Forestry Building where students learn about conservation. Finally, the Reconciliation Pole, which represents the history of Indigenous people in Canada before, during, and after the Indian
residential school era. Campus may be big and this is just one small slice of it. But after a few weeks, you’ll be getting around like a pro. See you soon!

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  1. Afnan says:

    I really like the campus. Wish I can study there one day

  2. Aamir Qureshi says:

    Isn’t there a sports center?

  3. Morris Tang says:

    Such a stupid high speed rush introduction of a great and beautiful campus, simply STUPID!!!

  4. Krishnadev Adhikari says:

    Hope to study on this campus soon

  5. thahll dajj says:

    is it a couple more weeks till
    you have to synch the belt
    on your finances, what pogrums
    you gonna shut down first,

  6. Abhi's Life says:

    This is where Elisa Lam studied

  7. gonstotwriter says:

    There are also lots of places to get out of the rain (Vancouver is a very wet city).

  8. Edward Yeung says:

    construction …

  9. Msk205 says:

    One of the places to apply in university. I'm applying to several universities in canada so this is one choice

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