A Regionally Accredited, Online, Graduate-Focused University

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A Regionally Accredited, Online, Graduate-Focused University

Last year, a survey of
online Learning found that more than 1 in four students are
taking classes online- that is almost 6 million students! Here
to talk about the secrets to staying motivated and on track
when your class has no classroom is Provost Dr. David Harpool
from Northcentral University. Good morning. Good morning. Alright, so let’s talk about
online learning. Give me some
advice for perspective students. What do they need to know? Well,
it’s not for everyone. That’s true. It’s difficult. Um, but if you like technology
and you can learn technology, and you have a place you can do
it at home, you’re a self-starter, and you’re
self-disciplined, it’s a great way to earn an advanced degree
without ever having to walk into a college campus. I like that,
alright. Here’s a statistic,
that I want to share with you. According to the Institute for
Women’s Policy Research, more than 25 percent of online
students are raising children, that’s a lot. So I’m
assuming it must be very difficult to online, children,
making money, it’s a lot to balance. Well it’s a natural
trend out there right now, we’re seeing in our own
university, we’re seeing 75 percent of our students have a
partner and multiple kids at home, 65 percent of our students
are women, so it’s telling you that there’s a real access now
to higher education, but you have to have family support. Somebody’s got to take care of
the children, and we hear stories from everyone, neighbor,
pastor, mom, dad, brother, sister, boyfriend, girlfriend,
it seems like everybody finds somebody who’s committed to
their degree. And you have great
tips on staying on track and motivated. The first one you
suggest is, find a mentor. That’s big. Absolutely, we
have a system in which you’re one on one and in online
learning because you’re on your own, you have to have one
on one. There’s no group work
so it’s you and a faculty member and it may be as many as
twelve faculty members over your entire degree. Secondly, you
absolutely have to have a place to study. You’ve got to. Next,
imperative here. Create a
schedule. You gotta get a
schedule that matches your place to study. And we’ve heard it
in closets, in garages and in bedrooms, where people say this
is my study space they put do not bother me on it. Leave me
alone. They do the same time,
every time. And we have people
who tell us that it’s two to three in the morning, we’ll
hear those stories. Because they
can make time at that hour. That’s when they make time and
that’s when the house is quiet. Alright so let’s hear
from one of your recent NCU graduates, her name is Shandra
Rodriguez Conti, we’re going to talk to her via skype,
she’s 55 years old and she just got her PhD in education. Good
for her! Let’s see what she
has to say. For me, I had a very
strategic support team, my family and Northcentral, my
family would just jump in and take care of all the creature
comforts, issues of the day, and Northcentral develops, um a
team, of experts, a team to strategically move me through
that dissertation. So motivated
she is, congratulations to her! Right, she’s great. She’s a
great example to me who always wanted a doctorate and man the
students in her classroom are going to really benefit from the
fact that she’s willing to do this. Now I know you touched
upon this a little bit, but the next tip it, it’s really hard
when you’ve got lot of kids in the house, if there’s somebody
cleaning the house, you have to have that private area. That’s
a good tip. You’re right and
to be engaged you have to not make sure you’re not being
distracted, and to not be distracted you have to find some
ways to do that. Some people
actually study for example when their kids are at day care,
sometimes they do it when they are at play dates, sometimes
they do it during baseball games, um when their kids are at
sport events, they build around when their kids are busy and
lots of times the spouse or the significant other just takes the
kids during that time. Okay,
we’re going to hear from another recent graduate. Her
name is Regina Weatherford she just received her doctorate,
last year, in psychology. Let’s see what she has to say. For me, I made sure I
accomplished one thing a day, no matter what it was, reading
articles, taking notes, jotting down my own thoughts, but I made
sure I accomplished one thing a day. A great success story, I
love it. Right and again,
someone who always wanted an advanced degree in psychology,
could not have done it on a traditional campus, found an
online option, because we don’t require residencies,
there’s no flying anywhere having to be someplace. And
we’re asynchronous which is kind of a strange word but what
it basically means is anytime, anyplace, 24 hours as long as
you have internet connectivity. Okay, so we have the tips now
let’s talk about implimenting those who want to do it and
taking online classes with NCU. How do we do it? Well the key to
online learning is to have a flexible environment. NCU offers
that flexible environment, for example we start every week
instead of waiting a semester. We also have one-on-ones, so you
schedule individually with your faculty member when it meets
your schedule. And most
importantly, we have the technology that makes us easy to
communicate back and forth with your faculty member, which is
key when you’re earning a graduate degree. So again,
anyone who has internet connection, ready to go. Right. We have over ten thousand
students right now, they’re over all 50 states, they’re in
multiple countries, we have stories of people finishing
their doctorate degree for example in the middle of major
disasters. But they find
internet connectivity and they’re so committed to
finishing it, that they complete their doctorate. You seem so
proud when you talk about this. I am proud, we’ve been doing
this now 20 years. And this is
not first generation online learning where it was bad
lecture notes posted to the web. This is high quality,
interactive internet and it’s the quality of the experience,
employers tell us, recent studies indicate, is as good, if
not better than regular classroom and hear this you’re
learning all of these skills, while you’re taking the class,
that’s how modern corporations and other institutions
communicate with one another. And an online degree is just as
comparable as to a traditional degree right? Absolutely! Every
study says, that some employers may even prefer it because it
shows self-discipline and it shows comfortableness with
technology. And for our viewers
out there who’d like more information, where do they go
doctor? They can go to ncu dot
edu slash tba that’s ncu dot edu slash tba and they can find
all the information they need there. Thank you so much, thank
you for your passion. And of
course if you’d like more you can go to our website that’s the
balancing act dot com and don’t forget to follow us on
Facebook and Twitter. (music.)

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