About CSU-Global Commencement 2018

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About CSU-Global Commencement 2018

commencement 2018 celebrates CSU Global
graduates marking another milestone in their lives
steering themselves further down the road to success as we look back with
pride and look forward with courage this is just one of many milestones that
leads to other successes just over the horizon with this accomplishment
graduates have the power to use their degrees to reach that next milestone in
the journey ahead CSU global is a proud partner in
lifelong learning now and into the future as our students evolve in their
careers and lives striving to reach the next milestone we celebrate with them
this year marks CSU Global’s 10-year anniversary commencement 2018 honors the
milestones of our graduates and the university family they are a part of. We
have over 900 students graduating in person with us today and more than 200
virtual graduates participating remotely from 46 states Colorado State University
Global Campus is the first and only 100% online fully accredited public
university in the United States the university designs programs to fit our
students life not the other way around at CSU global our mission is to serve
non-traditional students and help support education not only in the state
of Colorado but beyond CSU global provides students with all the resources
they need to succeed like 24/7 technical support library access tutoring and
career coaching at no additional cost the more intimate settings that each
class has has been great it blows me away even though it’s an online class
there’s still a lot of great interaction with humans I am so proud and really
humbled that so many students call us home and that they trust us with
something that’s vitally important to them their education their
career we’re really one big family of people who all have the same basic
dreaming goal which is to better their lives through education focused on
career relevant education CSU global measures its performance on
our students workplace success through salary growth or the ability to change
careers innovative faculty and staff are driving student success from virtual
classrooms and digital interactions from across the globe since we commenced our
first academic term with only 208 students in 2008 CSU global has
continued to be a leader in innovative higher education with our focus on
advancing non-traditional students in their careers we’ve grown exponentially
to more than 19,000 students I think that’s absolutely amazing to know that
in 10 years they’re able to grow and have that many people take advantage of
such a great opportunity it’s awesome to see you can see that technology has
allowed more people to you know obtain a degree of some form I think it’s awesome
welcome to commencement 2018 you

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