About Online Degree Classroom Technology

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About  Online Degree Classroom Technology

epe continues to bring new innovations to the classroom through its technology and curriculum. one of the ways we’re innovating is we allow students to interact live with the faculty. we have live streams coming from our potter classrooms now and will soon have capability and all the other classrooms for live. so if students are able to watch the class live, they will be able to and also interact via audio conference or video conference to the instructors we have a very excellent course production operation in EPE that assists you know in producing the courses it’s very professional it’s very consistent you can count on it depend on it very few technical glitches if any you know that’s very important i think particularly from the instructors standpoint i understand that the videos are available like right away after the class so that also helps too, because then they see it right away and most of them that i have in my class they watch them the same day or the very day after that so they can keep up with what’s going on. equipment within the control room men and operator to monitor and remotely control the cameras, as well as selecting audio and video sources as determined by the instructor. each classroom contains an instructor council providing monitors, displays, and clocks. visualization tools available for instruction include whiteboard document camera, demonstration camera, mobile devices from a pc, a smart tablet for the pc overlaid with a smart health at all captured and HD resolution the subjects that I teach are very visual so it’s really difficult if the only thing the only possibilities you have is to write on a pad. you know that’s a really hard way in order to teach the subject because things are moving they’re moving fast they’re changing orientations and somehow we have to convey all that to the students and what it means and so I make a lot of demos and movies and stuff that I want to share with the students and this year actually for the first time I saw that they had a video screen that was built into the desktop which is higher resolution and better than what we had last year

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