About the Course – Bachelor of Psychological Sciences | Swinburne Online


About the Course – Bachelor of Psychological Sciences | Swinburne Online

As a psych student you’ll be learning a
whole range of areas relating to human behavior and mental processes, which is
what psychology relates to. You might begin with developmental psychology
which is the study of how people acquire personality, intelligence, develop their
emotions and motivations, and follow those processes right through to aging
you’ll also learn things about emotions, motivations, biological psychology which
relates to trying to understand how the brain works and how that relates to our
mind and our behavior. We also learn about abnormal psychology and that
relates to mental illness and dysfunctional behaviors you’ll also
learn about social psychology which is the study of how people interact
together in pairs in small groups and in large organizations, even workplaces. So
one of the first things I’d recommend for new psych students is really take
advantage of your peers in the various activities and discussion boards and
groups that you’ll participate in at Swinburne Online. Some of the tips that I
have for new Psychology students is firstly to try to block out time when it
when it is time to study say Monday 2 to 4 I’m going to study this unit and
Monday 6 to 8 I’m going to study this unit, I think it’s a lot easier to get
that work done within those chunks rather than just sort of having an open
schedule where you’re sort of trying to fit everything in. The other study tip I
have as well is to try to figure out what type of learner you are. Now that
may sound like it’s a silly type of question but I think I really encourage
you to do this because you can be a different type of learner than what
you’ve ever sort of thought about. You could be a visual learner, which is what
I would consider myself. I love diagrams, I love images, that’s what
really resonates with me. Whereas some other people are auditory type learners
in which they really like to listen back to things like collaborate sessions a
lot of times or lecture recordings and that’s what actually I guess resonates
with them and that’s what makes them understand the content so try if you can
to figure out what type of learner you are and how it is that you understand
the information because when it comes to, I guess, exam time and preparation it
will just make consolidating that information I think a lot easier and
better for you. As you’re studying psychology as an undergraduate student there are a lot of opportunities that might help you build your focus in
psychology and give you a bit more grounding and understanding of what
psychology might actually be like. There might be opportunities to
volunteer in positions like online counseling services or perhaps in human
resources departments or community services and if you can volunteer in
those positions that will give you an idea of what actually happens in a
psychology team and give you that extra experience. Another way you can do it as
part of your Swinburne studies is participate in research and as a
first-year psychology student at Swinburne Online you’ll have
opportunities also to participate in the research experience and actually gain
some extra credit while you’re studying. And that can again be a really great way
to find out what psychology is about.

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3 thoughts on “About the Course – Bachelor of Psychological Sciences | Swinburne Online”

  1. komal gn says:

    Useful tutorial.It helped me alot.Thank you.

  2. Suruchi Gautam says:

    Can i do bsc in psychology with pcm

  3. Ella Bernice says:

    I want to study psychology and be a psychologist and hopefully have my own clinic but I’m getting way too far ahead of myself 😂 but I really want to help people who are suffering and I believe everyone even those who think they’re so tough go through emotions & I want to help people who are like that and especially with kids or teenagers. I’m very empathetic, sympathetic & understanding. I know that being a psychologist could make me feel run down but it’s rewarding to help people

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