About the SNHU Advantage Program

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About the SNHU Advantage Program

The SNHU Advantage Program is
an Associate’s degree program at SNHU that’s
housed at a satellite campus in Salem, New Hampshire. The cost of a
four-year education is astronomical right now. So this is really a fiscally
responsible way for families to be able to afford
an SNHU education without the large ticket price
of the Manchester campus. You can finish two years
of school for $20,000. All the faculty members here
are SNHU faculty members in the Manchester campus. I let them know
right away, this is the exact same class that
I teach on main campus, at night school, or online. You cut down on the
expense for your family. You cut down on living expenses. And at the same time, you’re
getting the same quality of education that you
would have had had you been a resident on campus. It is a smaller environment. Nice, small classes. For me, it’s better
because you get more personalized education. I do better in smaller settings. You get one-on-one
instructor help. Where the classes are
small and intimate, you really get to
know your teacher. They’re going to sit down
and teach you and help you get through things. You know, that’s the difference. You are getting that attention. We have a set schedule,
so it’s Monday through Thursday mornings
the students are here from 8:00 to 12:30. That schedule is
not going to change. It’s nice getting it
done nice and early. I can go to work after
school, I can work weekends. It’s extremely easy to
work around the schedule. The staff are really great. The staff here are phenomenal. This is a program that provides
a lot of support for students. So many things that just
help you make you successful. Anything you basically need
help with, they’re there for. We want you to feel like if
you’re struggling in something, that you can come to us
and we’re here to help. It feels really cool
to have that backing. And it’s really
a community here. We’re a family. I’ve met a lot of
really nice people. It’s so nice to see the bonding
and the working together. The Advantage program gives
them a stepping stone. It gives a place to go
from one place to the next, and gives them the
courage to go forward and to feel like
they’re back in control over what they need to do. As soon as I came for
the interview, I knew. I knew it was the school
I wanted to go to. It’s just a really nice program. It’s been a really
great experience. It’s helped a lot. My friend’s in
Manchester, and she’s like, I should have
just done what you did. SNHU really wants students
to be able to access a degree in higher education. They want you to
have a good future. We have really made some big
changes in people’s lives.

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