Access Your Online Course Schedule at Columbia College

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Access Your Online Course Schedule at Columbia College

To ensure you are prepared for classes, it
is a really good idea to review your course schedule. To access your course schedule go
to Cougar Track, and login using your credentials and navigate to the Menu tab. From here, you’ll click on Academics,
then Registration. Towards the bottom of this menu is a link that says Student Class Schedule
and that’s what you’re going to want to click on. Then it will ask for a term, click
on the upcoming semester or whichever semester you are wanting to see your class schedule for.
Once you have found your schedule on line, review the schedule for important information.
Your schedule will list the name of the course, the day of the week, the time the class will
meet, the instructors name and the location of the class. If you struggle to figure out
the building location abbreviations on the course schedule, the abbreviations can be
found in your student handbook that you can find on the CCIS homepage.

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