Advantages to Starting at a Community College – Associate Degree for Transfer

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>>[Background Music] It can be
really scary coming back to school.>>I think community college is like
a stepping stone to university life.>>Going through the Associate’s Degree for Transfer Program made it
seamless to move on to the CSU system.>>It’s common sense to start at a community college level.>>There’s a lot of advantages to going
to a community college before you head into a four-year university program. For me, the biggest advantage was affordability. I walked in to Sonoma State, basically
having already saved close to $30,000.>>The transition of going from high school to
community college is just a little bit easier.>>I wasn’t sure yet if I wanted to move out of
the area where I grew up or if I wanted to stay and that gave me two more years to decide.>>One of the benefits of attending a community
college is the hands-on approach that they take. The class sizes are super small. Your counselor remembers who you are. Your teachers know you on a first name basis. And so, you kind of develop a
relationship that’s everlasting.>>It was really the Santa Rosa Junior
College that pushed me into doing this, really kind of helped me see that
I still had something to offer. I was superintendent for
a local painting company, but I got injured in a scaffolding
collapse in 2011. So, I was starting over from ground zero at
basically 49 years old, no high school diploma, no other training in any
other field and just feeling like the rug had been pulled
out from underneath me. I went into this thinking I’ll
just get a high school diploma. And then, I thought, well, I’ll just get an AA. And now, I’m sitting here weeks away from
achieving my bachelor’s degree at summa level. I’m a history major with a mathematics
minor and I want to become a teacher. I wouldn’t be sitting here right now in front
of this camera if it wasn’t for the ADT. What was really important
to me was regaining my– [ Music ] — identity and self-worth. You can’t put a price on that. [ Music ]

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