Alex Angelo – Pushing Academic and Musical Boundaries with Online School

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Alex Angelo – Pushing Academic and Musical Boundaries with Online School

My name is Alex and I’m in 7th grade at Ohio Connections Academy. I’m a dancer, I’m a DJ, and a singer and all
those things are a big part of my life. I feel like Connections Academy definitely embraces that and lets you do what you love and lets you do what you like outside of school. We first heard about Connections Academy, basically we were on the internet, looking for different schools, and we found Connections Academy and we really focused on the flexibility because we’re all over doing all these crazy
things and we need something to be there for us that we can do at our time and the time
that we’re available at. I was missing a lot of school last year due
to what I did and going out of town. Now, I can do it on the road and I can go to these places and do school there too. It’s great to be able to know that you can
get the assignments done and you can have them done, but it’s also great to know that
if you don’t have time at that moment you can go back and be like, okay, I’ll get this
done now or I’ll get this done tomorrow. It just works with our schedule and the way that our life is set up right now. My favorite part about school is obviously
the flexibility, but also I love being with my family in the comfort of our own home.
When I went to brick and mortar school, I had only seen by family in the morning and at night. Now I see my family all day and we get to enjoy days with each other and it’s great. My sister’s great. I love my sister. She also
attends Connections Academy and we’re both very different learners. She’s more of the
type that writes her stuff down and gets it all planned out for what she’s going to do
for that day and me, I’m more like, if I’m doing a social studies assignment, I might
want to just keep on going with that social studies for the whole week and complete it
so that I can go on to another assignment the next day. It all depends on which type
of learner you are. It’s very compatible with each learning type and I love that. We’re
totally two different people and we’re very much different in school, but it all works
out in Connections Academy. My favorite subject is social studies. It’s
very straight forward and it’s great and I learn so much from it. I love my social studies teacher, he’s great, Mr. Schmer. He’s always helping me out when I have questions or anything like that. I would recommend Ohio Connections Academy just because it embraces what you do outside of school. Now more than ever, with Connections
Academy, I can be myself and feel that I am more true to myself and true to who I really
am. I can really fulfill my dream. This is what
I’ve wanted to do for a while. I’ve always loved music and I’ve wanted to figure out
what i could do with it. I feel like now more than ever I’ve figured it out and know what
I want to do. Through all of this, I’m only 13, I still have to go to school. That’s the
thing, I always make that a priority first before all of this. Connections Academy really allows me to do that.

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