Algonquin College Degrees – Overview

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I chose to study the Bachelor of Interior
Design at Algonquin College because the program is recognized internationally. And I knew that going here, I would
have endless possibilities in my career.>>You got the theoretical
learning of a degree program with the experiential
learning of a college. And what’s great Algonquin in particular. When you graduate with your degree,
you can then go on and specialize with a Masters
anywhere around the world.>>The business program at Algonquin
really spoke to me because Algonquin has such a great community feel here. And being able to get a Bachelor’s degree
at a college in this environment was just fantastic
>>The benefit of doing your Bachelor’s at Algonquin College is that they actually
offer facilities that you can’t find anywhere else. You head into your work being confident,
having done it before and knowing how to be
successful in the future.>>Algonquin has a really great
atmosphere, you have lectures and hands on practical, and
I love the small class sizes.>>For my program,
it’s 30 students maximum per class. So, that allows you to develop a working
relationship with your professor and get to know them on a more personal basis.>>They offer co-op opportunity. It’s a great way to use the skills
you learned in the classroom in a real life setting.>>Program has a mandatory co-op and
you can play into it. And last summer,
I had the opportunity to build a house. They gave me the hands-on part
of the construction industry.>>The diversity of the courses
have really prepared me well for my co-op program and it’s been really
quite an amazing learning experience, both practically and theoretically, that
I know will carry me through my future.>>At the end of the day, I know that having my Bachelor’s degree
from Algonquin College is a benefit to me. And I know that I have the skills
that I will require to be successful in my career.

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