Alternative Math | Short Film


Alternative Math | Short Film

Oh, hi Danny come on in. Looks like you’re having
some trouble with addition. Now don’t be upset. You’re here to learn.
And we learn from mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes. Nuh-uh. Look at this question here. What is 2 + 2? See you wrote 22. But when we do addition we don’t just
put the numbers next to each other. That’s stupid. Alright, think about it this way. If I have two markers in this hand… …and then I add the two markers from this hand… How many markers do I have now? Twenty-two! No, Danny. It’s four. Mrs. Wells? We’re Danny’s parents. Oh yes! Hello. Please, come in. Now don’t worry. It’s completely normal for kids to get frustrated when they’re struggling with a subject. So what’s this about Danny getting some
answers wrong on this so-called test of yours? We had a test. One of the questions was what is 2 + 2. Danny answered 22. And? And that’s not the right answer. Says who? Says math. Are you calling my son stupid? No, of course not! Who are you to say that your
answer is right and that his is wrong? No no, she’s right. Thank you. Right out of Nazi Germany. You can’t honestly tell me that you
don’t know what two plus two equals. So you’ve got it all figured out, don’t you. You smart-ass little tramp. Uhhhhhh Uhhhh uhhhhh uhhhhh. What are you? Some kind of retard? Alright! I’m sorry, I’m not going to
be able to continue this conversation. We’re going to complain to the principal about you. Danny is a free thinker! I’ll have your job, bitch. Not if you can’t add two and two together you won’t. Mrs. Wells. Oh, sorry Principal. I didn’t see you. I understand you had an issue yesterday
with the parents of one of our students. It did get a little crazy. When things get out of hand I really
need you to let me know about it. Sure. So how do you want to handle it? I guess you could apologize. Apol- What? His mom hit me! I understand you told Danny he had
a wrong answer on his test. He did have a wrong answer on his test. It’s not our job to tell students
when they’re right and wrong. That is exactly what our job is. Parents don’t want you ramming your
biased views down their kids’ throats. That’s not biased. That’s how math works. You know what doesn’t work? Your attitude. Maybe I can explain this in math terms,
so you can understand. If you took all the kids in this classroom, and divided them by zero, that’s exactly the amount of respect you’re giving them. Something you’d like to say? You can’t divide a number by zero and get zero. So now I’m stupid. Just some crazy administrator doing paper work, while you superstar teachers change the world! Students Count! Teachers Divide! Stop undermining our kids’ confidence! Are you going to apologize to the parents? Why did you even start teaching if you hate children? Please have a seat, Mrs. Wells. Thank you. You know, I honestly think this will all
blow over if we just wait a week or so. I’m afraid we can’t do that. Why not? They’re suing. For what? Emotional distress to a minor. Mrs. Wells, can you please tell
the members of this board exactly when you became aware of this fiasco and the events leading up to the riot. Riot? I just told a student that two plus two equals four. We need for you to recant that. What? Just say that you’re open to the possibility that
there might be multiple correct answers. But that’s not true. We can’t let them bully us. This is so stupid! Stupid. That’s your problem.
Anyone who disagrees with you is stupid. There is nothing to disagree with.
There is only one correct answer. For your sake, I certainly hope you have that correct answer when the media gets wind of this. I do. It’s four. I have my own answer. This school minus you equals tomorrow. You’re firing me? Suspending. While you reconsider your extremist views. You brought this on yourself. TV: Breaking News. In what’s being called Mathgate an activist elementary school teacher was caught abusing her student’s First Amendment Rights. So this teacher, this liberal elitist,
tells this innocent little first-grade kid that his answer is wrong. Only her answer is acceptable. Yeah, from what I hear, she doesn’t even keep
these students for more than a year. After that, they all leave her and go to another teacher. It’s called graduating! It’s creating some good healthy debate in this country. Some experts say that 2 + 2=4. Others say that it’s 22. No they don’t! If you hate America that much,
why don’t you just go teach in Commie France. Hello? (Principal) Hello, Mrs. Wells. The Board decided that for everyone’s benefit,
your services will no longer be required. For everyone’s benefit? How about the kids? I need you to come by the school tomorrow. We don’t want you radicalizing our students anymore. Mrs. Wells, thank you so much for coming. I’m just so sorry it happened this way. If only you’d been willing to be more open-minded. About math? What about academic integrity? You were warned. Given an explanation. And yet you persisted. But we will of course fulfill our financial obligations. Now, that’s $2,000 for your last pay period,
and $2,000 for this one. So that’s $4,000. Wrong. It’s twenty-two thousand! to

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100 thoughts on “Alternative Math | Short Film”

  1. doc Kaos says:

    A short documentary on today's society, nice ending tho 👍

  2. Michael Smith says:

    The editing is ok but the message is a bit heavy handed.

  3. bees hideout says:

    2 + 2 = 4 – 1 = 3

  4. Akoben Adinkrahene says:

    Eleven Plus Two (when you rearrange the letters) Twelve plus one

    And interestingly both end up as 13

  5. Ha Spitz says:

    Who else thought it's an issue of the data type? When using strings it's "22" and when using intergers it's 4

  6. Flat Skreen says:

    This teacher is in the right
    Everyone else is INSANE

  7. Barry Stump says:

    Wrong, it is $20,002,000 according to that boards math

  8. Massage FE Day Spa says:

    it is 44'000'000

  9. James Kirton says:

    I love this!!!

  10. Jack O'Lantern says:

    I feel like this lady in todays America, and I'm only in my mid 20's 😳

  11. Juraj Kadassy says:

    This is Gerorge Orwell 2019!

  12. abubaseet says:

    Brilliant. Nothing short of brilliant.

  13. DasDestomic says:

    I'm afraid… This is very true.

  14. Ian Chai says:

    I loved the punchline.

  15. los tit says:

    A metaphor for fallacy of anthropogenic global warming. Actally, she's wrong as well it's U$20,002,000.

  16. Toaster Roster says:

    I laughed at the face of principal
    At the end he stucked on his own trap😁😂😂😂

  17. Johnny Fantaztic says:

    YAAAAAYYYYYY!  New Math is great!!!

  18. Roger Monteiro says:

    Love this one haha

  19. Kev P says:

    I'm worried about the day when this might be happening

  20. Kxng J says:

    Oh how the tables have turned🤣🤣

  21. Tata Sobol says:

    Absolutely true situation…and it is not funny unfortunately!

  22. M YB says:

    Why 2000+2000 is not 20002000?


  23. vadlamudi mahesh says:

    yes,at one part every one have their own answers but at last needed to pay

  24. Anne Francia Chavez says:

    💕💕💕💕💕💖 Twist ending hahaha is so awesome

  25. Bien Voyager says:

    WRONG, everyone knows that 2000 + 2000 = 20002000 😀

  26. Anver Jaftha says:

    6:26 Is that you Nick Cage?!

  27. rajesh satpathy says:

    That kid deals in strings when others deal in ints

  28. Vinko says:

    Long time I didn't read Kafka. What an original video, and with the super twist of a happy ending for our radical teacher. Thank you

  29. Mick Healy says:

    A great documentary of religious mentality in American society..funny stuff, great ending..

  30. K Quilor says:

    This is actually too disturbing to watch all of because holy shit this is both entirely absurd and entirely believable

  31. Brāves says:


  32. Samuel vezina says:

    there's 7200 dislike… ahahahha are those 7200 people having the flu in the brain ? ahhahaha

  33. Christoff Starbuck says:

    If this was published in 2017 why are all the comments from under 30 hours ago?

  34. jay.m. lucas says:

    People dislike because she couldn't find a calculator in a school lol

  35. StoptheNWOplz says:

    Shit, this is getting more and more true.

  36. cmforbesful says:

    20,002,000 right? It would have been 2p million 2000??? Much better ending

  37. Aiden Lee says:

    God I know this is a skit but it made me hate people

  38. Lily Raimey says:

    The absurdity of this is hilarious, but it reflects reality so realistically.😂

  39. fevgg says:

    american SJW

  40. Roman Konoplov says:

    Watched ending twice 😁👍 ending is amazing 🤣😂

  41. Roasted Lemon says:

    I feel like this is already hitting California, because most people there are more open-minded and deny facts.

  42. Sabah Güneşi says:

    My home task is writing my opinion about the video…
    What can i write…
    Actually the video dont have an explanation 😶😌

  43. François Cauneau says:

    She could ask for 2000+2000 = 20002000 at the end. That makes 20 millions bucks bill, kills the town budget, and fires the principal, the superintendent, and the mayor 😉

  44. John Dill says:

    "22" would be the correct answer if the question had used string types of "2" + "2".

  45. nrspinelli says:

    the ending made it all worth it, kudos!

  46. For The sake of humanity Puhleez says:

    This is definitely in the top 5 of shorts. What an excellent reading of our current culture

  47. AmandaGirlyGirl13 says:

    I bet at least 22% of the viewers disagree with "four".

  48. 408Magenta says:


  49. monke says:

    boomer language

  50. Eduardo Miguel Ferreira - Teixeira says:

    Can't believe I've been ignoring all the short films on YouTube. I'm totally hooked now.

  51. Bart Fart says:

    " THERE…ARE…FOUR…LIGHTS ! " – Capt. Picard

  52. papp laci says:

    Yeah…americans are very stupid…look at just at flat earth theory :))))))))

  53. Ben B says:

    Still the stupidest short film out there

  54. Eduardo Alejandro del Corral Lira says:

    Actually I think this is correct

    answer = "2"+"2"

    Output: 22

    Edit this film is just brilliant. No child left behind in the US, in Mexico the educational reform is forbidding,the instruction of subject matter such as robotics and,reposessing all elementary imstitutions (I call that robbery)

    Both in the hopes to adhere to the lowest common denominator and basically outlawing academic excellence. But really, wasnt 2+2=5?
    I believe I saw that on an old math book somewhere around 1984

  55. Cade Redfield says:

    the ending was nice 😝 the principal of the school refuses to admit 2+2=4 this whole time,,, at the end,,, the principal trys and weasel out by only giving her $2.000 + 2.000= 4.000,,, no she says,,, its $22.000,,, lol

  56. willyamacaronie says:


  57. Kirk Nix says:

    the truly sad part is that this film was ever conceived of in the first place…
    worse than that is the 7,225 (and counting) people who 'disliked' it – what?, do you idiots actually think 2+2=22???

  58. pat s says:

    So close to the truth …. you are blinded by programming …. WAKE LUP!!!!

  59. knezmej says:

    WRONG! 2000+2000=20002000! Xd

  60. im tired of love says:

    2+2=lapu lapu

  61. பிசாசு குட்டி says:

    These 5 board members… look like my company HR..
    they too act same way .. !!

  62. Prashesh KC says:

    By mistake dumbass🙄

  63. EDQ QDE says:

    8 out of 5 people can't do math. Fact

  64. John Ericson Lopez says:

    Bruh she messed up its 20,002,000.

  65. kraven the one says:

    I would just say well America

  66. Stephen Prewoznik says:

    Progressives better watch themselves around intelligent teachers 🙂

  67. Kristi Speed says:

    This is how I feel when people tell me atheism is a religion…or that Trump is smart.

  68. Raithed says:

    lol get rekt.

  69. zero zzero says:


  70. Bottomof Uranus says:

    This is so goooooooood!!

  71. Emma Ugo says:


  72. Sonu Monu says:

    Just one word….WOW🔥

  73. Fix Films Ltd says:

    Brilliant short film! Both funny and clever, with a great ending.

  74. Jeremy Clancy says:

    utter shite

  75. Patrick Feng says:

    This has aged so well. "If you hate America so much, why don't you just teach in Commie France?"

    It's like they peeked into the future.

  76. c. j. macq says:

    of course we all know the real answer is bacon. bacon is the answer for everything. thanks for the video. in less than 9 minutes you depicted the frustration of the utter insanity in the real lives of so many people. the elite on the right and left are pushing so many lies down throats humanity is abandoning reality and common sense in favor of identity politics, political correctness and misplaced and misguided desires to placate delusions and not offending anyone. we have the right saying medical care, education, food and housing aren't human rights and we have the left telling us gender doesn't exist, gender is a choice, men and women don't exist, its okay for men to use women's bathrooms and compete against women in sports and telling us illegal immigration doesn't cause problems. and to all that insanity I say BACON!

  77. Bimal B says:

    I didn't see that coming 🙂 😀

  78. saud tauqeer says:

    Well type coercion

  79. Jijo Paul says:

    Fired principal!💙😂😂

  80. sean cairns says:

    damn right its 22 thousand! that was great, laughed so hard.

  81. Colleen O'Leary says:

    I want to know who the 7200 were that marked this thumbs down. Lol

  82. coo says:

    Dude hes just a programmer and hes adding strings come on

  83. Голос Бездока says:

    My math works better. It's $20,002,000! She's just didn't understand the rules of the new game 😀

  84. Matheus Tran says:

    Sum people in this world are just filled with too many negative emotions…

  85. jack cohen says:

    The problem with the end is that by the end rather than beat the system and return to normalcy she joins it (though she abuses it).
    Also is this a fan prequel to Idiocracy?

  86. Abraham Noah says:

    This Man can Direct better than the Bloody Quentin Tarantino, However because of his Anti Jewish Global Mafia Logic, he will never work in Hollywood otherwise he might face the fate of the Great Director Tony Scott.

  87. 葉穗 says:

    why is not 20002000$?

  88. Avishek Thapa Sci says:

    I think the video is pointing out the way people say "well that's my opinion" for every debate even when they are wrong.
    You can't just say the earth is flat or obesity is not a problem and just say "that's my opinion" but people are actually doing this and even doing a parade and forcing their stupid "opinion" on other people and if we don't stop them then some our world will also end up just like the video.

  89. Keyboard Dancers says:

    Math for Trump.

  90. chijin kumar says:

    How she has two shadows?

  91. abhay singh says:

    2+2=46 yhi satya hai…pram stya jis prkar se ("prkar mane compass") gola bnya jata hai aur vohi gola maths mai milta log padhte nhi h…lol…

  92. Harry Pearle says:

    One of the best education videos, I have seen.
    I think it points out the basic problems in schools, today. There is a lack of debate, and a lack of respect for ideas.
    I think many schools to not encourage teachers to share their teaching ideas, openly. So, teachers get bored and stressed. THANKS SO Much for this incredible lesson. It should be share widely in education… H

  93. Aaron Walter Ryse says:

    the issue has to do with those gen x parents. and principal. and i say that as a member of gen x.

  94. Wuggly Ump says:

    No, No, NO if 2+2=22 than it would follow that 2,000+2,000= 20,002,000. Just saying.

  95. Christian Izac Zaragoza says:

    "In the last days, right will become wrong and wrong will become right." – Isaiah 5:20

    The bible warned us a long time ago. That warning is now reality in today's society.

  96. Yoda Ron says:

    2+2= 22 IQ over 9000000

  97. qiang wang says:


  98. Juan Taype says:

    Lesson is huMans have become WAYYY TO STUBORN to openly face his/her mistakes and failures. We rather lie to ourselves, until we are faced with no options, but to actually CONFRONT the truth. ;D greetings from Peru! …where 2n2 is 4…but if you have enough money (extremely rich n stuborn, like anywhere else in the world), it can be 22, or 0 or 44 or 1 or 11…or whatever the "kid" inside u wants ;D

  99. HerHealthySelf says:

    Is this a parable about self-ID and #gender activists? If not, it sure could be!

  100. Magdalena P. says:

    Well, I think it's quite simple: there are many subjects, some of them are humanistic (we can discuss about poems or art) and some are sciences (which require iron rules). Mixing them and treating in exactly the same way is, yeah, stupid. But I see the whole thing about arguing with facts.

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