An ASU Online Cinderella Story

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An ASU Online Cinderella Story

– My name is Erin Weinberger and I am an integrative health science major at ASU from Sarasota, Florida. (cheerful music) Being on campus for the first
time is so cool. (laughs) I really never thought
I would come out here just because it’s so far away and I’m getting my degree online. I walked around campus and I was like, “This is the school that I go to, “I’m getting my degree from here.” And it’s really cool, it’s really special. It’s a beautiful campus, I love it. (cheerful music) I’m in the ensemble which
means I get to dance and sing and act and
play every single night, no matter what. Then I also understudy
Charlotte and Madame. If one of them goes out, I have to go in, so I have to know everything perfectly and I have to be able to
happen at a moment’s notice. (cheerful music) I went to college for two
years a couple of years ago at Wilkes University for musical theater, and I loved it but I decided
to move to New York City to pursue my passion in musical theater. From there I went to
massage therapy school and got licensed in New York State. I needed something a
little bit more substantial than just my license to be
recognized for what I do. So I searched around all over the country, finding a program that really fit my needs and ASU was the only one that fulfilled every single
requirement that I needed. (cheerful music) So studying fits in
differently every single day. When I’m on the bus I have
a lot of time to study. I’ve been doing online
for a couple years now so I’ve really figured out
how to micromanage my time. You create your own schedule. If you need to get up and
work at six a.m. you can. If you need to have your
whole entire day of work and then get out of a show
like Cinderella at 10:30 you can still go home and work after that. Your teacher really helps you out, your students that are
also in class with you really help you out,
and you have a syllabus. So it’s a normal class,
it’s just all online. (cheerful music) Staying motivated is hard
but work is always there and it’s I have a show every night and that’s what I do and I love it. Then knowing that I am
working towards this degree and taking classes that
I really, really enjoy with the curriculum is pretty
inspiring and motivational to get online and do those assignments. (cheerful music) It’s kind of rare that you
find two passions in life. Musical theater has always
been my first passion, I will never stop performing,
it is the love of my life. But massage therapy is also
pretty darn cool and I love it. When ASU gave me the opportunity
to continue my education it was that perfect aha moment
that I could do both things. (cheerful music) My favorite part of Cinderella
is right when the ball starts and we meet our partner
every single night, and it’s the most magical thing
in the whole entire world. Then I get to dance with
my incredibly stunning, handsome, talented dance
partner every night. (cheerful music) Get a schedule, write it down, make it yourself, and stick to it. Once you stick to that, check off everything that you’ve done and you really feel like
a sense of accomplishment when you check that little thing off or highlight it or cross it
off to say that you’re done. Once you get in to that kind of routine it kind of comes naturally and you can just keep going, but you can do it. (cheerful music) My degree in integrative
health sciences is really going to help me with
my massage therapy career because I want to be recognized as someone who is really, really solid
in their core of knowledge when it comes to massage therapy. So having this degree
is really gonna keep me one step up and one level
higher than everyone else that just has their
massage therapy degree. So what’s great about ASU is I don’t have to stop learning, and that just makes me the most excited. (cheerful music)

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