An Inside Look at a Virtual High School


An Inside Look at a Virtual High School

(dynamic music)Hello, I’m Dr. Kelly Van Sande,Head of School with K12, and I’d like to welcome you to take a test drive through our high school public school curriculum. First up, at the very top of your list, you will find Class Connect Sessions. It is there that you will find a link to all of your daily sessions that are required for live class attendance, and others that are optional for your live class attendance. When you are engaged in the school, you will have an entire list here that you’ll be able to see when your math class is and your English class and so on, and you’ll also be able to look ahead to future days to see what your course list looks like on those particular days. Right below this area, you will find all of the Lesson Shortcuts. Here, you’ll see the math courses. ELA is English/Language Arts. You’ll find handwriting, literature, spelling, vocabulary, and many more courses all listed here. We’ll take a look at those in just a moment, but as simple as clicking on that course title, that course will open up and you can begin your work within it. Over here, on the right side of the screen, you’re going to find links that you will need to use on a daily basis. The first link you’ll find is access to the course gradebook. It’s in this view that you will be able to see a live look into every single grade in your child’s courses. One of the learning coach responsibilities is to monitor the gradebook, ensure there are not missing assignments, and work with your child in order to submit the work that might be missing or overdue, and to monitor to make sure that those grades are progressing and in line with what you expect to see and the high standards that you hold for you own child. Next, you’ll find the Class Connect Sessions link here. This is important, because not only does it re-solidify the information you see here on the homepage for today’s live class sessions, it also allows you to look ahead into what lies ahead tomorrow or even into next week, and you are also able to access the recordings for all of the previously live class sessions, so if maybe you were absent, out sick, unable to attend a class, your child will actually not miss any school at all, and instead, they can watch that recording and make sure that they never miss out on crucial content delivered by their teacher. When you click the Contact My Teachers link, it will open an Outlook Webmail platform where you are able to interact with your teachers through email. We will issue school email accounts to all students, and allow all emails to the learning coach to go directly to the email of your choice. You can always access any email addresses needed to reach out to your teachers and support staff by clicking that link. In the Materials I’ll Need area, this is where you are able to see a layout of every single material that will be necessary in order to complete the assigned daily lessons. As the learning coach, you’ll want to check this each morning to make sure that you’re able to gather the physical materials needed in order to work through today’s online school lessons. When you enroll with us, you’ll actually receive boxes of materials, workbooks, and textbooks right in the mail to supplement the learning alongside the online school. There are other available links within this area that are resources for students, and you’re welcome to check those out at any point in time once you’ve enrolled. They include areas of encyclopedias, USA Test Prep or other assessment tools, and some various links that might be specific to your school. (dynamic music)Hey, guys.Welcome to English. I’m so happy that you are all here today. Welcome to A and to Z and to J, and to everyone who is joining us today. So, let’s start today by taking a look at what is recently past due, and then we’re gonna take a look at our calendar and see what we’ve got coming on up. So, recently past due was your Unit 7 “Glass Menagerie” test. If you haven’t done that, no worries. You know you have unlimited time until the end of the trimester to get that accomplished. If anybody needs help, make sure you reach out, let me know. Be happy to do a one-on-one, or you can stay after class today and work on that. Additionally, just a friendly reminder, have you turned in your research paper? Please give me a green check if you have turned in your research paper. Fantastic, I see one green check. I’m waiting for 100% participation. Awesome, love it. How about you, J? Have you turned in your paper yet? If not, no worries. You can send me a message through private chat and we will figure out a plan to get you successful with that. All right, awesome, guys. So, this week, as you can tell from the calendar, we are starting a new unit, which is modern literature. That is Unit 8, and that deals with modern fiction and nonfiction, so just to get our conversation rolling today, I’m wondering what kind of literature you all prefer. And to do this, you are gonna use your polling tools, so would anybody please read the question of the day for us, and then, as we read, you can go ahead and choose the type of literature that you like to read. Raise your hand if you would like to read, volunteer? Awesome, okay. Ooh, everybody wants to read, I love it. Now, what we’re gonna do before we go ahead and take a look at “Black Boy” by Richard Wright, is we’re gonna make some predictions about the text before we read. A, would you go ahead and read these directions for us, please?In this autobiography, Richard Wright describeshis experience with bullies, and how his mother helped him to no longer be bullied. Before we read, let’s make a prediction. Number one, Richard Wright’s mother protects him from bullies. Number two, the end justifies the means.All right, great job.Let’s give her a round of applause. Thank you so much for that great reading. Great, so your polling tools are on. You can give a green check or a red X, so let’s start again with number one. Do you agree or do you disagree? What is your prediction? Does his mother protect him from bullies? I see one green check so far. What are you thinking? All right, everybody agrees. Go ahead and tell us why, why did you predict that? Raise your hand if you would like to tell us on the mic. Awesome, 100% participation, love it. Okay, Z, go ahead and tell us, what do you think? Why do you predict his mother is gonna protect him from bullies?Well, besides like the natural inclinationto protection, it also says, if you read into the question, tells how his mother helped him, you know?So, now that we’ve made a predictionabout what Modernist literature is about and we’ve examined your preferences and saw what genre you prefer, we’re gonna go ahead and answer that question that we started with. What is Modernist literature about? To do that, we’re gonna have a little fun right now, so I have shared a jigsaw puzzle with you in the chat. Here’s what you’re gonna do, go ahead and open up a new tab in your browser, and then click that link. (dynamic music)

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  1. Eddie Burg says:

    This is not the high school at all. This is elementary school view – 2nd grade. I wish this is what the high school view looked like. Is there a place where a tour of the real virtual high school?

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