An introduction to MSc History (Online Learning)

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An introduction to MSc History (Online Learning)

The main thing that makes the programme at Edinburgh unique is the range of courses that you can undertake from medieval history to modern history, social history, cultural history, global history. And then the ability to actually undertake research in an area of interest to you. At the moment, we’ve got more than 100 students from all over the world who are learning and pursuing their historical interests at the University of Edinburgh. The programme is delivered in order to enable students who are learning part-time and on-line to engage with the material. So, we have a range of pre-recorded, screencast lectures, and we also have a combination of live seminars which are arranged at the beginning of semester as well as non-live discussion forum seminars where students and the members of staff who teach the courses discuss the key readings. The staff at Edinburgh teach specifically to their research interests. What that means is, that you’ll be learning with leading specialists in the world who engage with not only what they’ve written about but also what they’re actively researching. Edinburgh is one of the leading institutions in the world in offering on-line study at Masters level. As such, the university itself has unrivalled experience in not only teaching but also supporting on-line students. We also have resources that will enable you to actually undertake the kind of history that you’re interested in.

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