Anthem College Online’s Superior Learning Platform


Anthem College Online’s Superior Learning Platform

This presentation will showcase Anthem College
Online’s superior learning platform. Our vision is to be the most trusted provider
of post-secondary education in the world. In this video you will learn about Anthem
College Online’s unique and interactive instruction that is in every course at Anthem
College Online. Let’s say you were taking a Humanities course.
At the top of the page, the text is read out loud, so we can accommodate both visual and
auditory learners. You can click on the first picture and the quote is read to you. You
can then click on the next picture and the quote is again read to you, so you can better
understand the learning topic. As seen here, we involve different graphics
and animations as well as interactive material. Instead of reading long passages of text or
a teacher lecturing to a class with no visual aids, we give you all the learning material
you need, so you can learn when you have time. You can click on Walt Whitman and you can
read and hear his quote. You can then click on the next philosopher to read and hear his
quote. Does romantic artist seem like a boring topic?
Possibly, but as seen here you can drag pictures into the picture frame and see what pictures
best represent the learning material, you need to learn about. After incorrectly guessing
the first picture, the next three chosen are correct and then the at the bottom, the congratulations
screen tells you why. Here is another interactive component focusing
on romantic music during the 19th century. You can click the English translation to read
what the composer wrote. You can go back to the German text and switch back and forth
as much as you need too. You can also click the ‘play audio’ button to hear the actual
music. Mozart and Chopin are two famous composers,
but how do their musical pieces differ? How could you tell the difference? Here we show
you, by playing each piece and having you follow along with the notes that are highlighted.
You can click each piece and then you will understand the difficulty and difference in
each piece. See here as I will demonstrate how easy it is to learn about this material. What do ballet, opera and Bugs Bunny have
in common? As unlikely as it may seem, they do. As seen here, you can click the play button
to see the interpretation of “The Ride of the Valkyries” by Warner Bros. Are you ready for your upcoming English test?
You will be after all the practice you received from your interactive learning materials.
This isn’t graded and is intended to for you to learn and gain information that will
help you with your assignments. You can click each word and it tells you whether you are
correct or incorrect. Learn at your own pace, when you have time. After you are complete
you can see the picture is the word noun. And with just the click of your mouse, you’ve
just learned more about nouns and know more about the English language as a whole. Upon completion of our learning instruction
pieces, you will not only gain knowledge, but have an enjoyable experience. With 24-7
access to our learning management system, it’s up to you when you will learn. For
more information about Anthem College Online, please visit our facebook site at:

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