Applying to Japanese University || MEXT Scholarship Q&A


Applying to Japanese University || MEXT Scholarship Q&A

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100 thoughts on “Applying to Japanese University || MEXT Scholarship Q&A”

  1. SUJAN KHAIJU says:

    Thankyou for can your helpful video..
    can you plz help me providing previou years questions and answer or the resources through which you prepared for the wriiten examination and interview of mext undergraduated scholarship?

    N also can you plz tell me is it really compulsory to have japanese language skills and knowledge?

  2. anshuman sahu says:

    your fluent japanese is so demotivating for a beginner like me lol

  3. Charles Manakpalah says:

    I am a medical doctor and want to specialize in Cardiovascular Surgery through the MEXT scholarship. Can you link me with a medical Doctor who used the same? Email: [email protected] whatsapp: +231886492390

  4. ThapeloMoima says:

    hi kemushi, i have been learning japanese for about two and a half months now and i plan on studying in japan. My question is: will they accept my application after june? and another question is: what kind of test do you have to take for the scholarship?
    thank you

  5. sarah mutititi says:

    wow you are pretty.PS thanx for the info

  6. tEcHniCaL rANa aShUtOsh says:

    Hey i just wanna ask u that i can apply for mext through india..I m in 11th grade plzz help ne

  7. Anushriya Bhardwaj says:

    Hello ma'am, I'm a student in India and want to do MBA in Japan. Can you help me with it..and can you tell me what program should I choose in MEXT for the same. #AskKemushi

  8. sohailbashir bashir says:

    hello. i study mbbs from china and now i pass my country license exam and i am from pakistan. i want to get admission in PG in japan. i want to get schlorship in surgery major. i want to know information from you. if you will rply me then i will be really really thankful to u. plz tell me is this possible that i get adm and how

  9. Maidros Fëanoron says:

    Going to the interview tomorrow… And I have no idea how to sell my selfish desire to become an interpreter. I'm gonna be a joke. u_u

  10. Justice Prevails says:

    Hey! Is 25 to old to apply to mext are they really strict on age and i would be going after years of being out of highschool thanks. Plus should we apply to the school we want first or scholarships? And do we need any passports or extra visas etc. And do you work and if so what do you do and did you have to apply for a study visa along with the scholarship Thanks 🙂

  11. Dori says:

    Bruh. I’m going to apply next year I think

  12. Rinrin Mama says:

    Is MEXT Scholarship have art ?

  13. Lt Col. Sobha Samuel says:

    If we get selected in mext. So after graduation is it necessary to work in Japan or can we come to our home country and work

  14. JadeOPhobic says:

    Im a senior in high school i plan to try getting a chance to move to Japan but unfortunately ive had trouble in the past with Grades. What choice would be best for me to try to choose if I'm not able to get a scholarship and how much money should I have to try to save if I am able stay there for a few years to further my education if im accepted?

  15. SHINICHI KUDO says:

    Is Japan good for foreigners to study , I mean any type of bias or they favor only a particular race, I read something like this online , As I want to do research in 'nanotechnology' in Japan.

  16. Livia says:

    Oh god I don't know how to feel after this. I applied for the MEXT scholarship this year and I take the exams this Wednesday in Australia, I have to take a 1 hour English exam, 2 hour Japanese exam and a 1 hour mathematics exam, and I'm FREAKING OUT because the maths exam is WAY above what I've been learning in school and even though I've been officially learning Beginner's Japanese since last year, MY JAPANESE IS STILL SO HORRIBLE and I'm terrified that I'm not going to get accepted because of my terrible maths and Japanese skills ;__: (I applied to study a bachelors of primary education)

  17. S B says:

    What if you're just wanting to go to a Japanese university without the scholarship? I have a decent level of Japanese already and since tuition is cheaper (even with housing) in Japan, it's really not an issue. I am guessing you would just apply directly to that school?

  18. Marlinda Jeronimo says:

    may i ask you About the MEXT Scholarhip exam?

  19. Menchitah says:

    I want to study for undergraduate degree but I can't apply for mext since I am already over 22…

  20. منة مرحبا says:

    Are Animation schools available in Mext?

  21. iniohos2 says:

    If I wanted to ask the Japanese consulate I wouldn't be watching your video.

  22. Prajwal Nayak says:

    Hey.. I would like to apply for the Research student program.. Where can I find the list of universities which are participating in MEXT.. And apply for them..? How do I choose a Faculty according to my area of interest and apply for MEXT.. please do help me over this

  23. Stefania Ogun says:

    I want to study at a Japanese university as an undergraduate student but the school told me i need to do the mext does it mean after i finish the mext the will accept me if i pass?????
    Please anything you know

  24. Mano K says:

    Are u brazilian?

  25. Jacquelyn Saenz says:

    the school i what to study in japan is called nihon kogakuin university im attending the language school and the animes and university you see i what to study anime manga movies video games series drama and more but i have a problem you see im not ready right now ill be studying in japan until im 30 but can i still go to nihon kogkuin university when i trun 30 dose the school except students of all ages please tell this has always been my dream for a long time and i need to know if i can still apply for the school i love japan so munch i to live there oh and also i dont know if you know this but apply for the nihon kogakuin schools please let me know `😔😔😔😢

  26. RF3RD says:

    Had no idea this existed… Time for me to work hard! Having an artshow there in October, but I want to stay longer. 笑

  27. Haley M says:

    Can you explain for students who apply to MEXT for Medicine program undergraduate?

  28. harsh singh says:

    I am doing my B-tech with computer science and Engineering(C.S.E) . can I apply to M-tech (post graduate) with C.S.E by mext

  29. Tabatha Mason says:

    I'm half Japanese with a dual citizenship but am I eligible for this scholarship?
    I do plan on dropping my Japanese citezenship when I turn 21 I think it is?

  30. CoolCollision says:

    What was your GPA?

  31. chuu berry says:

    i want to apply for research studies

  32. Desigre Woods says:

    Hello, I’m seriously wanting to do this! What does the exam look like going from research student to grad student or PHD student?

  33. Günay Muradova says:

    I haven't studies for 16 years but 15 years. Can I still apply?

  34. Estefanía Sangama Ramírez says:

    Hello Kemushi! I'm Estefanía and I got almost accepted for the research student program (my topic is about social Entrepreneurship, it was awesome to know yours are startups and bussiness). Please, I would love to know how possible is it for me to get the last approval from MEXT (I already presented my Letter of Acceptance). How probable is that they reject me? Also, when are the final results communicated? Thank you a Lot!

  35. Bangtan Guys says:

    If i do not have the GPA required for scholarship will i get the scholarship?

  36. Karina Karpova says:

    Can you work also part-time with a studentvisa? Also how hard is the japanese exam? I want to go in 2022 so i have still enough time to learn it.

  37. Onochie Ubani says:

    I have three boys, we are Nigerians but we want our kids to study in one of the universities in Japan. How do we go about it

  38. Shira Jashana says:

    Hello! I have a very important question because my case is a little different. So I dropped out of high school my senior year but completed the rest of my high school education through a GED or in my case, a HiSET diploma which looks the same as a high school diploma. Would Japanese colleges still accept me if my resume looks good, I've done a lot of volunteer work etc and got a high score on my HiSET test? Same question applies for the MEXT scholarship..

  39. Al Shahriyar Shrabon says:

    hey i am from bangladesh how can i apply for mext scholarship
    and i had applyed in a language school in oct this year but my coe was rejected can i apply again i completed n5 in my country and now i am doing bsc in computer science

  40. Abdullah Iftikhar says:

    Can I apply for the mext scholarship by directly contacting the university in Japan or do I have to apply through my local Japanese embassy/consulate?

  41. SCREAM ING says:

    If you go through the whole process and get your degree in Japan in the career you wanted would it, if you were to come back to the U.S., be able to have a job in that field back home?

  42. Rakibul Hasan says:

    Can I get admission after finishing my Japanese language course

  43. aesthetic memes says:

    Hey i was wondering can i study genetic engineering in japan as under graduate in ENGLISH???

  44. Mariah Bowman says:

    Could you still apply in your freshman year in high school?

  45. Dolly Arthiya says:

    How to apply for mext ?kindly help

  46. Dolly Arthiya says:

    I am engineering student so what are the requirement to join Tokyo University .iam studying 2 nd year BTech

  47. FL CL says:

    Coming back to this video bc I’m getting ready to apply for this application soon


    Absolutely helpful. I will graduate from my bachelors degree programme in nursing in 2020 and wish to further in Medicine I need guidance to getting into the medical programme. E-mail: [email protected]

  49. Amna Tariq says:

    Hi, for the study plan part if some one wants to do a project instead of the research then what type of study plan are they supposed to submit.

  50. Balajied Thangkhiew says:

    Do i have to pass japanese proficiency test before applying mext for my undergrad from my nearest embassy or not needed?

  51. Mohil Garg says:

    I applied for Undergraduate MEXT scholarship through Japanese Embassy of India. My test and interview went well and now I have received a letter from Embassy saying that I have qualified preliminary selection and they have also assigned me a Registration Number.

    So I wanted to ask :
    Does this mean that I am selected for the Scholarship or is their still some other procedures that I have to go through. Actually I am currently doing a B.Tech and so I have to be sure about if I need to leave my University.

  52. Mbgf Ggcn says:

    Hello! I watched your video that is about MEXT scholarship and I really want to apply this scholarship! It was a really beneficial and joyous video!Now I'm a university student in Turkey and my department is English Language Literature. This is my prep-class and next year will be my first class. And I'm 18 years old. Am I available for 3th part of scholarship?

  53. Giang Hà says:

    I have a question, please help me
    When you got MEXT scholarship, you choosed the university you wanted to learn or the embassy would decide the university for you? Thank you so much .

  54. Wise Girl says:

    Can I know where can I find the MEXT scholarship website please

  55. that one says:

    Can you apply for undergraduate studies scholar and once you’re finished with that, can you move to the grad scholar?

  56. Peachypoki says:

    Thank you so much for the video !! Hopefully if everything goes right I'll be applying in 2019 for 2020, does anyone know if the chances of being selected are low or is it ok as long as you are eligible and get good results ? thank you xx

  57. Manni M's says:

    Hello ! I would like to study journalism and mass communication ( undergraduate ) and I assume it falls under " others" in social sciences . What do they mean by I ( and anyone
    else ) will have trouble finding Universities that can accept us ?? Thanks your answer is valid

  58. Bảo Bùi Quang says:

    How do you access the MEXT scholarship information? Could you suggest me some websites provide the official information?

  59. Sora Chan says:

    I have more questions about MEXT exam. Can I ask?


    Is a Filipino (pure Filipino) Otaku can be accept in MEXT?

  61. TheFluffyKirbyPrincess says:

    So, like, if my mother was adopted and is 25 percent Japanese, is that enough Japanese to keep me from getting accepted?

  62. Exequiel Cáceres says:

    anyone know what are the contents-syllabus for the exam "Maths A"? i'm applying for undergraduate

  63. Sumbul Samad says:

    How to apply for graduate students plz do recommend me ?what are the requirements?

  64. Enraged Falcon says:

    please help me.They ask a recommendation form for mext (Undergraduate) who do I feel that up with? my school? or any institute I joined recently? or a school in japan?

  65. GAO kuku says:

    Hello kemushi how are you ,i see you doing well .
    I.have question for you ,only one question .
    If i wanna study japan language , can i Apply for mext please answer me thx.

  66. Shinya Matsuoka says:

    Hi Loretta-san! I just saw your video and I got curious does MEXT includes Visual Performing Arts?? Because I also want to try it I’m a senior and will take VAPA please help ( i _ i )

  67. Enjoy the game says:

    I wish if I have had not chose to study in Japanese university . But hey I'm in my last year now . I hope my engineering degree would help me find job abroad after all . I would highly go against coming Japan for perusing high education except if you planning to stay and live here or do kind of diplomatic relations job otherwise I would recommend studying in the US or Canada or even Europe but not Japan . Peace 👍

  68. Arif Joy says:

    can I study undergraduate CSC in English version ??

  69. Krutika Momaya says:

    Is it initially one year scholarship for research student? And then extended on the basis of your academics?

  70. helder simoes says:

    konnichiwa Kem chan, I really love the fact that you start your videos with a full japanese prologue, makes me love them more, because I love the language that is. so I am basically rewatching this video, since I last did in 2017 when I made my first attempt to apply for a scholarship for undergrad programs, but failed for poor language proficiency by then. I was really shocked, because I always heard that there were all-english programs but the embassy (of my home country, Angola) told me after an awekward phone call interview that I had to be really really fluent in japanese. So I had no choice but to enroll in a local institution.

    But I wont give up just yet, japan is a childhood dream for me, I will apply for a postgraduate program once I am done in 2 years, hopefully I master my nihongo by then <3. Thanks for keeping me motivated.

  71. Arekun says:

    I got the mext scholarship for "specialized training college" and lived 3 years in Japan, then I went back home to go to uni but now I kinda wanna apply to mext again for my masters xD but it's weird for masters, you have to contact professors? so confusing lol, I guess I need to do more research about graduate studies in general xP

  72. Rizu Chan says:

    I am 18 years old. I am currently a highschool senior and I am aiming for the MEXT scholarship undergraduate. I have been studying Japanese for about 6 years. I took the JLPT and passed the N4. I won speech competitions in Japanese for 2 consecutive years, 1st place in the highschool division in my Junior year, and 2nd place in college level 5. I never took AP classes and my SAT score is 1260 and my GPA is a 4.0 weighted and 3.6 unweighted. I'm in 5 different clubs, I lead one of them. Do I have any chances of getting the scholarship? I wanna go to Japan for 5 full years and maybe 6 or 7, I want to get my masters degree. I'm scared to death.

  73. Alex Narzery says:

    Even i want to study in Japan but don't know to get scholarship😊😊😊

  74. H a r u says:

    i'm panning to make this exam but, i'm not really sure if i'm going to pass, so sad

  75. S. ROHIT NAIDU says:

    Mext doesn't have any Entrance exams??????

  76. S. ROHIT NAIDU says:

    And for undergraduate????

  77. S. ROHIT NAIDU says:

    And yes what in the case of uTokyo?
    Means you're saying that first we have to give an exam and a interview for mext and then for the university where we want to get our btech or mtech…
    Like uTokyo do they have any type of entrance exams???

  78. S. ROHIT NAIDU says:

    And by the way thanks for replying.
    I am rohit..

  79. Nais Sketching says:

    🙏 I noticed that My country proposes the MEXT scholarship, I want so badly to be able to go to Japan.

  80. Nina Encarnacao says:

    Hello …i want to apply for this schoolarship in this year but I want to ask if we not yet know the japanese language .am I will learn it for one year before going to study in the university?Or we must know about japanese language before we apply this schoolarship?

  81. Yoshi Ekurens says:

    Can I apply for a scholarship if I'm trying to get into a school in Japan seeing that I'm not going to school

  82. 승인호 says:

    I know this is like an old video but I just really want to thank you, I've been having doubts lately whether or not I should go to uni in Japan. I was afraid that it was too far fetched or just simply impossible, but you really cleared up a lot of things and answered a ton of questions I didn't even know I had! I'll work very hard from now on, and improve my grades & Japanese language skills!

  83. haile cheru says:

    i am doctor of veterinary medicine can i study any human medicine specialization please?

  84. Marya Zain says:

    Hi, i hv enrolled in a russian scholarship nd now in the MEXT. Will it affect their furst screening if i tell them

  85. George Washington says:

    Hi Kemushi
    I am a 17 year old high school student from Uzbekistan. I will apply Mext undegraduate next year. As for now, I have a good GPA, IELTS 7.5 and JLPT N3. What are my chances? Could you give me any advice like to have some kind of a 特技? If I take SAT and get let's say 1390, then would it be my advantage over others during the process?

  86. Ana Milanova says:

    anata wa kawaii desu ^^

  87. BAGUIDY Bachmar says:

    Hello I'm from Haiti and I want to apply for next scholarship this year at the bachelor level what kind of questions do I have to wait for?

  88. Mian Zeeshan says:

    I am zeeshan from Pakistan i apply for mext scholarship for master research degree…can you guide me about entry exam

  89. bae taehyung says:

    I want to apply for undergraduate and would like to take a course related to medicine like medtech or nursing. Is it okay for me to apply? Because I researched a bit and found out that MEXT is offered to students who wish to take certain fields. Plus I want to be a doctor so idk if MEXT will grant students who wish to take up medicine.

  90. Maryam Yousaf says:

    Excuse me

  91. Maryam Yousaf says:

    I secured 78% marks for ugrad admission can i apply and how much chances are there for padding me pls tell

  92. Sujit Nayak says:


  93. Eissa Alqourabah says:

    i have an engineering bachelor degree. Am i eligible for MBA or Do i have to do M.S. because i am wondering for which proposal i should prepare ? please help me out here. Love you

  94. Pablo Hernandez says:

    Is every research student evaluated the same way? I entered the MEXT website, and I just want to confirm this, they had past exam questions only for english and Japanese. So, are does the only topics they test you in for research students or are there any other topics like math, physics..etc?

  95. Evy van Hoof says:

    Hey! My name is Evy and I'm from the Netherlands and I'm currently debating whether to apply for the MEXT or not. I'm currently in high school and I'm doubting between the Undergraduate scholarship or the Japanese Studies one. I still have a lot of questions but I'm planning on visiting the Japanese Ambassade in my country upcoming monday. Would it hurt my application if I would ask them a lot of more basic questions and spoke out my uncertaincies about applying to which scholarship?

  96. Titan Hyperion says:

    People saying mext is difficult and process is vigorous boys and girls have you ever heard about IIT 😂😂😂🤣

  97. Tripti Sharma says:

    Thank you so much ! This information is highly useful , I was actually looking for scholarships in japan for higher education and had lots of questions, you answered most of them . Need to work hard on Japanese now.

  98. しゃしゃしゃちゃん says:

    Mext isn’t the greatest if u come from a small country like me . When I applied to it I already had N2 and got selected for the interview then I passed the interview too and in the final round (3rd round ) they told me I failed lol I got the highest points in my country yet I couldn’t get it cuz apparently if ur from a small country they might not want u . I just applied for it this year too and I passed the tests and the interview too (now i have N1) but I still can’t relieve cuz maybe they still don’t want me so it’s really sad and unfair that English isn’t my first language…

  99. Alexis Ramos says:

    Girl, would you please do some simple Japanese lessons?!

  100. め きと き says:

    so im british and im kind of confused?
    do i apply before uni (during 6th form) or after ive finished uni here?
    sorry ,,
    edit: so like i do it when ive finished 6th form when im 18? or i can do it before/after?

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