Arizona Connections Academy Online School Overview Video


Arizona Connections Academy Online School Overview Video

[ARIZONA CONNECTIONS ACADEMY SCHOOL LOGO] A tuition-free online public school Meg: Arizona Connections Academy is a free
online public school that allows students to have a unique educational opportunity outside
the four walls of classroom. Vanessa: Arizona Connections Academy gives
me a sort of freedom that you wouldn’t be able to get with traditional public school. Speaker 3: I like it because I can move at
my own pace. Michael: I like how it gives you the privilege
of making your own schedule. Daniel: All kinds of students thrive, mainly
those that want to learn, those that want to get a great education but specifically
there are those that are athletes, those that want to go with their own pace. They don’t
want to be constrained in a classroom. Kelly: I was really impressed with the system
that they had for really getting in depth with a lot of the classes and I really love
that Arizona Connections Academy uses textbooks and a lot of resources. Paula: Connections is by far my favorite form
of education, just the depth of the curriculum that they have, the personalization that they’re
able to do and working with the individual children and structuring their schoolwork. Katherine: I feel that I have an outstanding
relationship with my parents and families, probably even better than the traditional
school. I am able to communicate with them via email, via phone, through my live lessons,
but our communication is just superior. Nicole: I almost feel like I’m more connected
to my students and families than I was in the traditional environment. I get to talk
to my students all the time, see them in an online classroom environment and I get to
speak to my parents all the time. Michael: I love the kids and I love the teachers
and I really like the administration too. I think the lessons are great and they get
better every year. Kelly: I think it’s very diverse. There’s
a lot of clubs that my students weren’t able to participate in at their previous school
either because it was too expensive or they didn’t have time for them so they’re able
to be in a lot more activities. They can set their own schedules. Speaker 10: There’s a lot of ways to socialize
with other kids in live lessons, through the web mail. Kirsten: We have monthly calls with our homeroom
and in sixth grade, I also have a call in a live lesson with my other teacher. Meg: Our relationship with the students and
families is another exciting component because there’s a lot of one-on-one opportunities
and you really get to know not only the students but the parents as well because they’re an
intrical component of the education for the students. Katherine: I love my students. They are amazing.
They’re awesome. I love my families. My administrators are the best. They are so incredibly supportive
and the staff that I work with are extremely supportive. We are such a team at Arizona
Connections Academy. I just, I have so much passion in my heart for my students and my
families. Paula: I recommend it to everybody and I have.
There are several students at Connections because we recommended it. I highly recommend
it. As I said, we’ve done every form of education with my boys and it is by far the best form

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