Arizona Virtual Academy School Overview


Arizona Virtual Academy School Overview

Welcome to the Arizona Virtual Academy. Arizona Virtual Academy is a tuition free
online public school serving students in kindergarten through 12th grade
all across the state of Arizona. One of the unique programs that we
offer at Arizona Virtual Academy is our blended learning program,
which combines online instruction with face-to-face collaboration with
peers, teachers and support staff. Our curriculum is created by K12 and
provides students access to a robust curriculum that
is delivered in a virtual format. We also offer a variety of advanced
placement classes in our high school, as well as a variety of electives
spanning all of our grade levels. The teachers at Arizona Virtual Academy
are a dedicated group of professionals who are certified
within the state of Arizona and work closely with students
on a daily basis. We do offer several clubs for the
elementary middle and high school level. We have several that we meet face-to-face, as well as a variety of
clubs that meet online. We even have a state award
winning robotics team in our middle school program that’s now
expanded up to high school as well.>>Tonight we’re celebrating
AZVA’s prom night. The students are here. And they’re just having
a great time dancing. And it’s one of the wonderful things about
our program is that we do have these activities where students can come and
mingle with one another.>>My favorite part about leading Arizona
Virtual Academy is having the opportunity to work with our extraordinary teachers,
students and support staff each and every day.>>As a teacher I really love
working at AZVA in K12 in itself. I love the connection that
I get with the students. And I really can feel like I’m
making a difference in their lives.>>Our students are unique. And for every student that enrolls with us
there’s really a unique story that goes along with each and every student.>>This is available to anybody
who is willing to take the chance, to take the opportunity to step up and
find something different for their child.>>My goal is for every student enrolled
within our school is that they would receive a individualized education
where they feel valued as a student. And that ultimately they
would reach graduation and go on to college and career. We would be honored to
partner with your family. And we welcome you to learn
more about our program. [MUSIC]

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