ARM Education Media – Digital Signal Processing Online Course

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Welcome to the overview of ARM Education Media’s online course on Digital Signal Processing ARM Education Media developed this course to help Educators, Students, Hobbyists and Practitioners learn about the state-of-the-art DSP technologies from the wider ARM ecosystem This modular hands-on course provides a solid, and practical, introduction to the principles of DSP Crucially, it demonstrates the application of those principles using real-time audio processing on low cost high performance and energy-efficient ARM-based microcontrollers For application development, the course uses the industry-standard Keil MDK-ARM software tool There is an explosion of digital data in today’s world This makes it crucial for you to understand, and practice how to process digital signals that come in from a wide variety of sources how to analyze them, and how to extract meaningful information from the resulting data Let’s take a look at how the ARM Education Media DSP course helps you achieve this The course consists of bite-size lecture videos quizzes that reinforce the lectures’ learning outcomes and detailed lab demonstration videos with lab manuals and code solutions By conducting hands-on experiments with DSP algorithms you’ll gain a deeper understanding of DSP theories and concepts Following an introduction to DSP basics such as discrete time signal sampling, reconstruction and aliasing the course moves on to explore fundamental concepts about Fourier and Z-Transforms It then presents the fundamentals of Finite Impulse Response (or FIR) filters and Infinite Impulse Response (or IIR) filters Design methods for both are also covered The course then dives into Fast Fourier Transforms and adaptive filtering Mirroring and supporting the lectures the lab videos demonstrate practical applications of real-time audio processing Examples of these applications include artificial sound generation, human voice filtering, and noise cancellation Thirteen modules form the course, each comprising of about one hour of lecture and lab video content The course is ideal for self-paced study If you are a practicing engineer it’s a great way to upskill particularly as the same hardware and software platforms are also used for professional embedded systems development You will probably spend about three to five hours completing each module If you are an Educator, either the whole course or elements of it could easily integrate with your existing curricula in Electrical or Electronic Engineering Computer Engineering or Computer Science This high-quality affordable course, and others, are available from ARM Education Media for institutional or corporate license and individual sale For enquiries or a tailored quote email the team at [email protected]

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