Artificial Intelligence (Online) Program | Your Learning Journey | Kellogg Executive Education

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Artificial Intelligence (Online) Program | Your Learning Journey | Kellogg Executive Education

>>[ Background Music ] Here’s an overview of
the learning journey. In module 1, the AI revolution,
you’ll discover the basics of artificial intelligence,
machine learning, and deep learning by
examining the landscape of AI and AI tools and technologies. In module 2, managing
customers, you’ll explore how to integrate AI into your
business to benefit every step of the customer journey
and customer experience. In module 3, managing
operations, you’ll find out how to apply AI to improve the
efficiency and the effectiveness of your end-to-end
operations ecosystem. In module 4, business
function applications, you’ll learn how artificial
intelligence can be harnessed to improve the management of
your core enabling functions. Managing people, managing IT
systems, managing finances, and managing risk
in your enterprise. In module 5, AI applications
in select industries, we will explore how to
verticalize AI applications to your industry by creating
a vertical blueprint for AI that you can apply
to your business. We will apply this
verticalization approach to dive deep into use cases
in the healthcare and banking and financial services
industries. In module 6, AI in
autonomous transportation, we will discover the
impact that AI is having on the transportation
and logistics industry. A sector that is at the
forefront of adopting AI as it relates to moving
people and moving goods. In module 7, transforming
your business strategy and capabilities, we’ll see how to prioritize your AI
initiatives using a framework called the AI radar, and
how to map the evolution of your AI capabilities
using the AI capability maturity model. Finally, in module 8,
transforming your business, organization, and society, we
will focus on the human side of AI by understanding how to
create an AI ready organization with the right structure,
the right roles, and the right collaboration. You’ll also understand
how understand how to develop AI initiatives
that are responsible, that are ethical, and you’ll
appreciate the broader societal impact that AI will have on
jobs and economic development. Upon completing this program,
you will acquire the knowledge and the skills needed to
develop strategic initiatives, using AI in your organization, or in the next role
that you’re seeking. I hope you’ll join me in this
exciting learning journey as we examine the many ways that AI is transforming
business and society.

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