Ask CA #1 – What’s an Online School Day Like?

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Ask CA #1 – What’s an Online School Day Like?

Justin: I’m Justin. Kendra: And I’m Kendra. Justin: We’re students at Connections Academy,
and we’re answering the questions you’ve sent in about attending school online. Kendra: Questions like, What’s a school day
like at Connections Academy? How do you break up your day? Justin: The best part about being a Connections
Academy student is there is no typical school day. These students break it down for us. Noah: I usually follow a traditional schedule. Savannah: I’ll get up and I will eat breakfast
and start my schoolwork. I usually do it in the morning so I can get it out of the way. Caspian: I typically break up a school day
by getting my little small courses done first. Noah: I’ll wake up in the morning, do schoolwork,
study in the afternoon. Savannah: Take a break and eat lunch, and
then I’ll do one or two more lessons. Caspian: And then working on the bigger courses
that I need a little bit more help with. Noah: So basically, what you get at a normal
school, except you do it at home, of course. Kendra: So, Justin, how do you break up your
day? Justin: I stop and eat. Kendra: Where did you even get that? Justin: If you have a question about the Connections
Academy experience, look for more Ask CA videos and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Kendra: See you next time.

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