Ask CA #3 – How Do You Get Ready for Online School?

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Ask CA #3 – How Do You Get Ready for Online School?

Justin: I’m Justin. Kendra: And I’m Kendra. Justin: You have questions about going to
school online at Connections Academy? We have answers. Kendra: Okay. This one’s a great question. Justin: When you have a bad hair day, is it
fine because you’re online or way, way worse, because the computer just makes you look freaky? How do you get ready for school in the morning? Savannah: I like brush my teeth and brush
my hair. It just depends on the day. Noah: Well, I don’t really get ready in the
morning. I mean, I eat breakfast and brush my teeth. Savannah: If I’m having a bad hair day, I’ll
probably put it in a ponytail and I will just try to ignore it. Noah: I was asked to get on the webcam during
a LiveLesson and I had not done my hair at all that day. I’m not the type to wear beanies
that much, but it’s better than having silly hair, I guess. Justin: Fortunately, I never have bad hair
days. Kendra: I made this picture of myself with
awesome hair. If I have a bad hair day, I just stick this bad boy in front of the camera. Justin: You have weird hair right now. Kendra: Talk to the picture. Justin: Whether you’re having a good hair
day or a not so good hair day, look for more “Ask CA” videos and subscribe to our YouTube
channel. Kendra: Subscribe.

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