Ask CA #5 – Social Life at Online School?

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Ask CA #5 – Social Life at Online School?

Justin: I’m Justin. Kendra: And I’m Kendra. We go to Connections
Academy. Justin: And we’re answering the questions
you’ve sent in about going to school online. Kendra: Questions like, “What kind of social
life do you have at Connections Academy?” Justin: This came up when we talked to some
students. Jane: A friend of mine who also goes to Connections
Academy now comes to my house every day and we do school together, which is so much fun. Savannah: Usually in my LiveLessons that we
have, sometimes some teachers let us do webcams and you get to see everybody and you get to
talk and chat. Aspen: Even though it’s online, you still
get to interact with the other students. There’s lots of field trips and socials. Justin: It’s true. When students enroll in
Connections Academy, they usually find themselves with a lot more friends, close to home and
from all over. Kendra: Man, I really like them. Justin: Yeah. They seem really cool. Kendra: Hey, be my friend? Justin: Deal. For all our friends out there
in internet land, you should tell your friend about our YouTube channel and subscribe. Kendra: Later.

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