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  1. itz riley says:

    it’s funny because you can clearly tell it’s him

  2. kyle nembhard says:

    Give this a like if you saw paul cuffaro

  3. summer winter says:

    What this guy want?!

  4. Uvuvuevuevwue Onyetnyetnyeosas says:

    He really looks like Logan Paul🤯

  5. Esther Ngente says:

    No matter wht u do..ill neva hate u…love u logan

  6. Bryan Garson says:

    This was awesome

  7. Koko Krunch says:

    I LIKE that guy 😂

  8. Fitsum Yeshitila says:

    Sorry logan

  9. Evan LH says:

    You skipped 15 in the like counter

  10. FindingsOf Daniel says:

    Ok I just got back into ur vlogs and I’m dying

  11. J LB says:

    what a shitty costume

  12. Vidit Deshpande says:

    2:50 Logan trying to remove Andy's hand from his shoulder!😂

  13. Vidit Deshpande says:

    7:58–8:11 real life PUBG!

  14. Enzo Diano says:

    The jacket he was wearing on the first part of the video looks like the flag of the Philippines.I wanna buy that design.

  15. HangingWithTheDs says:

    channel 69 69 69 69 69 69

  16. Tammy_buoy 33 says:

    Whose college is this in the comment section

  17. Saaish Vaze says:

    Like counter : 18 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Saaish Vaze says:

    Everyone focuses on Logan’s mistakes …. can anyone acknowledge the people who were with him ….. goodness there are so many hypocrites out there…. Logan , love u man

  19. Nishaant Pawar says:

    You would never stop showing bodies would u..😂😂 Rip koi

  20. JE_ GAMIN' says:

    You should change ur eyes..umm nvm XD

  21. JE_ GAMIN' says:

    Cmon logan paul is teaching me good stuff e.g fuck…and more..jk but i love u logan

  22. Pug Life says:

    I can’t believe they didn’t recognise him

  23. Pug Life says:

    Props to the people who figured out he was Logan Paul

  24. Miccaella Del Rosario says:

    look at how much he has "learned".

  25. Qwarlique conteh says:


  26. LyleMaxene suruiz says:

    7:31 That girl in light blue is showing off her abs

  27. Jasmin Kaur says:

    When you went to library 📚 then 10 second was hilarious 😂

  28. Martin Goff says:

    stop slapping me

  29. mask king Ibny Hossain says:

    So much funny 😂 morning is a

  30. L L L says:

    I am from the future
    It is going to be a tie

  31. Rashid says:

    Oh yeah yeah

  32. Beta official says:

    Man i laughed my eyes out

  33. mohamed sameh says:

    I am from 🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬

  34. Gacha Duck says:

    College student use so much BIG AND GOOD word i cant even say those

  35. THEKILA TV says:

    WTF 18 LIKE🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  36. Muhammad Hamza says:

    please subscribe to my channel for pubg stream i am a new youtube motivated from jake paul please subscribe ❤️❤️❤️

  37. Poppy Giles vids says:


  38. Mr Movie says:

    There is still some blode hair sticking out at the back

  39. Vaidik Vashistha says:

    Anyone watching in there exam time

  40. Mariah Winston says:

    This is Logan Paul
    He will never get a date I’m telling the truth because his hair is just so bad I mean so bad

  41. Kim Cornwall says:

    Do you think he would've have forgiven tedd bundy

  42. Justin Bumgarner says:


  43. anurag parasher says:

    3:34….that laugh is like ksi's….

  44. Khloe Mack says:

    They hate u

  45. Marvel Boy says:

    Like counter… That was really funny… 😂😂😂😂😂

  46. WILLIE ZERO says:

    He kind of looks like FaZe Banks.

  47. Anayah Newman says:

    Did anyone else hear maverick at 3:20??

  48. Alston Townsend says:

    Bro…dont listen to all dose people cause they jealous of your lifestyle…you a cool dude man and If i could swap you for my step brother I would….oh and tell Evan i said sup

  49. Shelia Moses says:

    The girl at 6:10 anybody know who she is? Im tryna see for myself

  50. laneAU88 says:

    14:44 Kong is looking to the heavens

  51. Kyler Thu says:

    when he says softest merch in the game it makes me think that he tries everybodys merch

  52. Sub-Zero Speaks says:

    SubZero caught making Ice Klones.

  53. Eddie Arriaga says:

    “They’’re still and always will be horny” 😂😂

  54. 34EDPP53 says:

    6:10 thicc

  55. woo hoo!! says:

    You are my inspirationn mann😘😘

  56. Kaylee Marie says:


  57. Gacha Enzo says:

    Don't be a maverick be a jake pauper

  58. Harry Reeves says:

    John wick

  59. Holly Seppala says:

    how dare the runners say that about logan coment if you agree

  60. Cristian Lopez says:


  61. Manfred Marshal says:

    The girl in the thumbnail she is so beautiful I wish I had girlfriend like her

  62. Furqan Mohammed says:


  63. Tanay Vysyaraju says:

    how do you become a part of the logang? Like if u like the joke

  64. OutCast Music says:

    Kong oh my heart

  65. Reghan Dahl says:

    My sister got in an Honors journalisms program at OU (Ohio university) as a freshman this year. She finished this school year she’ll be a a sophomore next year there.

  66. creeper gamer says:

    R.i.p kong

  67. طاهر الابراهيم says:

    I thought it would show his character to them

  68. Alissa Vole says:

    Logan was roasting logan while college students were roasting logan
    Suuuuuuure no one's pointing fingers

  69. Filip Zivkov says:

    If i was there and he asked me if we should throw him in fire i would have said:''I don't know, should we throw you in a fire"?

  70. EmPlugEe 22 says:

    3:12 I'm dead. 😂😂😂😂😂

  71. Sam says:

    College kids don’t watch you Logan.

  72. Connor Mckinney says:

    Gay rapist

  73. Donny Sternburg says:

    RIP kong

  74. Elizabeth says:

    Great concept for a vid but I don't think the special effect artist didn't do such a good job- you can see his real hair in the back in which I was very distracted by..

  75. Kareem Alexander says:

    I think that Logan Paul is a successful person be strong

  76. Kareem Alexander says:

    I know one that one day he and his brother will be very very famous

  77. Seanmerk Montoya says:

    Logan: Is it now the good time?
    Girl: No
    Logan: Abort Mission.

  78. jackthewolf789 says:

    what is the outro song?

  79. Isabel Shaw says:

    Logan Paul is the best

  80. Zirps C says:

    Logan A and B those are middle School

  81. ALPHA KING says:

    Yo Logan u should for sure do more vlogs like these🔥🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼

  82. souljah Tipu says:

    Another girl YouTube wants to be your girlfriend she starts with K

  83. Transformer Gaming says:

    no your not disgusting our faces are more worse than you naturally let the haters hate

  84. Grayson Linneweber says:

    I just wanna see him get roasted

  85. Victor Rodriguez says:

    @10:59 the girl said ah haha

  86. SPD ツ RED says:

    Horny college students 🤣

  87. CM Punk sucks, Ryback is a legend says:

    Jake paul would break the "like counter"

  88. ft. uzair says:

    Logan Paul is looking like he is a character from the game Far cry 5

  89. OmarSMS says:

    I'll just leave this here, FUCK MY INTERNET

  90. Alond1te says:

    “College kids are my demo” this video literally disproves that statement

  91. Rogueddragon1011 Millthorpe says:

    Watching this in 2019 I almost cried about king . RIP

  92. Roughman 98 says:

    These people were ages 18-24 and he was still 22 at this time and they are waaaay more mature than him.

  93. nick haines says:

    I love you so fuckin much no homo

  94. Alex Roberto says:

    Logan of course thinking his money donation fixes everything!

  95. Junior soccerlife says:

    Hey Logan you should dress as him again and ask students about your fight lol

  96. Fahad Alghanim says:

    whos here when kong and maverick died

  97. YouTube Official says:


  98. andrei handsome vlogs says:

    Yow logan please new vlogs fan from the Philippines

  99. Dawson Williams says:


  100. tacar puzen says:

    I do like your character
    Love from Arunachal pradesh, india 😂😂😂… definitely you will not know Arunachal pradesh

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