Assuring the quality and integrity of online IB Diploma Programme courses

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Assuring the quality and integrity of online IB Diploma Programme courses

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme has, for over four decades, prepared thousands of students for success in higher education. It’s an academic passport. No matter where a student is studying in the world, the IB Diploma Programme allows them to access any university in the world or return to their home country. To broaden students’ access to the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, the IB works with social enterprise Pamoja Education to provide high quality courses online. We are currently the only IB approved online course provider, helping to broaden schools’ choices of Diploma Programme subjects. Pamoja is our partner in online education. We therefore, have a responsibility to work closely with them, collaboratively with them, to ensure that our knowledge is imparted to them and that they are able to develop the courses, in accordance with our practices and principles. Our instructional designers collaborate with qualified IB educators as subject matter experts to develop quality content which retains high standards for assessment and academic honesty. The process from start to finish for the development of an IB Diploma Programme course online takes over two years. At the outset of a course development initiative, there are some key touch points between us and the IB. Every student, every site-based coordinator,
every teacher and school leader, are surveyed for feedback to see how things are going and how they could be improved. We currently work with over 60 highly qualified IB teachers located around the world. Specially trained in online pedagogy, they play an essential part in ensuring the
quality of our online courses. All of Pamoja’s online teachers are, of course, experienced and naturally well qualified IB teachers. That’s been evidenced in the quality of the feedback
that they give to our students and also their ability to understand the sometimes particular challenges that some of our students face in working in
the online environment. The students actually see a video. They can always contact their teacher. The teachers are very helpful. The Pamoja students score at least as well as if not better than the ones in the face to face. The examination taken by the students is the same examination that’s taken by the face to face students. As we continue to extend our subject choices online, we are proud to support not only the IB initiatives, but also schools and students’ needs. It’s a really great opportunity for the students to study a subject that our school does not offer. I think it’s important to provide students with choice. Online I think offers an option to students, offers an option to schools. Their classmates are from different countries, different nationalities, different languages. They gain far more international mindedness
through that interaction. Pamoja Education’s online courses manifest a new way of learning. I think an online environment can really tap into
the collaborative and collective work of a community to get the best out of every individual in that community.

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