Athletic Administration Online Masters Degree, Texas A&M University-Commerce

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Athletic Administration Online Masters Degree, Texas A&M University-Commerce

The typical students that we get within
our Athletic Administration Masters Program are the professional who’s out
there in industry, maybe not even in the industry yet, working full-time and
they want to pursue a masters degree and work in the sport industry. I am actually working full-time while also getting my degree and I decided that I could do one more year of school, just to be more marketable. Coming out, you know,
being 22 with a masters degree was very appealing to me and I could get it done in one year. It actually was perfect. When I found out that this university had an online program, I realized I was going to be able to teach football and be able to take classes at the same time. If the classes were face to face, honestly, I probably wouldn’t be able to make it because we put in so many hours during the season that I really wouldn’t
have time. I think we, as a faculty here at Texas A&M Commerce, pride ourselves on that great student-teacher interaction, and even in the online environment you can still have that connection, a personal connection. With the online program, I feel like I’ve gotten that relationship,
that mentoring relationship, with my professors and also with my classmates, almost on a deeper level. They’re so good about always contacting you, responding to you within twenty four
hours if you have any questions. There’s live lectures as far as you’re getting to hear their voice, their inflection. They really instruct very well that way. What’s great also about the online thing too, is say if you’re struggling or if you do have problems, you can always go email your teacher and as long as they know that you’re putting forth effort and you’re trying, they’ll work with you and with your schedule. We do know our students. We, the program right now, is designed
such that every professor knows those students, the students coming in the program, what their professional goals are, and how we best conserve their needs and their interests through our
courses. If you know anything about athletics teachers
and coaches work a lot of hours, and they can’t always come to campus or come sit in
a classroom once or twice a week, and so the fully
online Athletic Administration Program gives these students the opportunity to get an education, get a masters degree. I’m very busy so on our away game, I take full advantage. When I’m at the hotel, I’ll basically, when all the players are done, and it’s curfew time, I’ll pull out my laptop, and I will check my classes again, and I’ll do a couple assignments. I am the boss of my own schedule. It truly fits in with your schedule, regardless
of how busy you are. I think we’re definitely going to be qualified after
graduating with this degree.

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