Automotive Technology Degrees at Kirtland Community College, MI

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Automotive Technology Degrees at Kirtland Community College, MI

My name’s Justin Greene. I’m a former Kirtland graduate. I currently work at Feeny Ford in Grayling, Michigan. Kirtland’s helped me out in so many ways. I transferred down to the University of Northwest Ohio
and took my education to the next level. Without Kirtland setting me up for that, I would’ve been just another beginner. All of the teachers down at school were more than excited
for the education I already had, thanks to Kirtland. My name is Flo Klein. I’m attending Kirtland
Community College for the Automotive Technology program. Out here we have an outstanding faculty, which they’re
easily approachable and willing to work with you. one-on-one so you get a better understanding of the subject. Having the smaller classes, they have a greater
ability to do a more one-on-one situation. if you don’t understand a subject or if you have a question… They’re always able and willing and able to set-up time to
work with you so you understand what’s going on.

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