BA in Law Degree at Arizona Online


BA in Law Degree at Arizona Online

[ Music ]>>Thousands and thousands of
jobs that are working in law, but are not and do
not technically need to be licensed lawyers. [ Music ] My name is Keith Swisher. I am a law professor and
ethics expert and the director of the bachelor of arts in law
at the University of Arizona. The BA in law program
is actually the first of its kind in the nation. It takes the first
year of law school in a slightly modified more
concise package and gives that to students on the
undergraduate level. [ Music ] Sort of our new exciting
frontier and partner is UA Online. Indeed, it’s part of the
future of this growing program. [ Music ] We do believe that the online
experience can be just as good and for some students,
depending on where they are and the way they learn, it
could actually be a bit better. [ Music ] No other school to my knowledge
is actually meeting this need of undergraduate
legal education. An educational institution can
just stick its head in the sand or ignore that huge
development or, hey, it could actually train the
students on all of the law and regulation they’re
about to see over the course of their career and give
them that advantage. I prefer the second path.

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    I love it!

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    Can l get the website for online enrollment

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