Bachelor of Science Degrees in the UD College of Arts and Sciences

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Bachelor of Science Degrees in the UD College of Arts and Sciences

(upbeat music) – Here, in the College
of Arts and Sciences, our students are curious about the world, eager to engage it, and ready to make a difference. Many students here at UD are pursuing their undergraduate degrees by studying in the natural sciences. We offer over 15 majors in these fields, all of which lead to a
Bachelor of Science degree. These are very popular majors
at UD because they prepare students for a wide range of careers and not just for our first job, but truly a lifetime of personal and
professional fulfillment. – For my career now, I can
see that people who’ve learned to form a hypothesis, to
ask the right question are the people that really advance well. And so, that undergraduate
research experience was very valuable and I know
that something that UD offers to many students is that
opportunity to get your hands dirty in the laboratory to
really understand not just about the theory of science, but how science really works in the lab. – Bachelor of Sciences at
the University of Dayton cover a diverse range
of academic disciplines. Majoring in the natural
sciences provides you with an outstanding four-year
educational experience and prepares you for
great career opportunities when you graduate. Students in the natural sciences
excel in problem solving and critical thinking skills
as well as the ability to work with diverse teams. Each student has the opportunity to work with new information, acquiring it, making sense of it and communicating it to others. Within our diverse academic
programs and research centers, students have a variety of
mentorship opportunities to conduct interdisciplinary scholarship and work on solutions to the
world’s most pressing problems. – We accomplish this
with small class sizes and talented faculty committed to you and you intellectual growth. – [Minh] Student engagement
with other team members outside the classroom has
been consistently found to promote student persistence,
educational aspirations and degree completion. – With superior research
facilities and a strong foundation in science fundamentals,
undergraduate opportunities to work in labs on funded research under the guidance of faculty mentors. – We combine excellent
classroom instruction with high impact experiences
like internships, faculty-mentored research, study abroad, campus leadership and
service opportunities, all of which provide that
well-rounded education that employers and graduate schools value. – UD as an undergrad. I, something I didn’t even think about, I didn’t even have any idea that research was a possibility for
me to pursue as a career and that it was happening
here on this campus. For undergraduates to be
able to do research regularly on campus, where at some places it’s only summer research experiences that are available to them, it’s kind of a unique situation that allows for them to develop and grow and even for those who
don’t wanna pursue research as a career, it gives them something that they can talk about when they go to like medical school interviews or for interviews for different jobs and everything, that they
have experience doing research within the lab. – Our research reputation
and profile continues to grow thanks to many dedicated researchers in the College of Arts and Sciences, working to explain and
solve the world’s problems to advance the common good. – These opportunities are
available to any student studying in the natural
sciences, regardless of major. – The College of Arts and
Sciences also prepares you for the deeper dimension of life. Our Catholic and Marianist
focus on vocation helps you match your gifts and talents with the world’s needs. Employers want graduates
to know about the world beyond the college campus. All students at UD should have access to experiential learning as part of their UD Marianist education for the whole person,
mind, hands, and heart. This means first-hand knowledge
about the working world and life in other countries and cultures. Inter-cultural competencies
are among the top three things employers are looking
for in graduates today. ISE Summer Core allow
us to work with faculty across discipline to
address emerging challenges affecting populations
on a local, regional, and global level through
research and discovery. – Undergraduate and graduate students get authentic research experience. We train to become the next
generation of scientists using integrated approaches
to solve broad challenges of societal relevance. – At UD, we can help build you experience and build your network. Career Services offers a
wide variety of services to help you achieve your career goals. We can assist you in
obtaining an internship or a cooperative education experience before you graduate. – UD Flyers who have a background
in the natural sciences have a leg up in terms of talking about those field experiences and saying not only do I have a really high quality
classroom experience, but I’ve also been in the field. I’ve also worked in this area
and I can talk about that and talk about how I can
combine my classroom learning with what I’ve done
outside of the classroom to be more successful coming
out of the university. – I’m proud to say our
approach is working. Our latest survey of recent
graduates finds that 96% are employed, enrolled in graduate school, or participating in some service program within six months of graduation. We’re proud of that statistic of course and the hundreds of individual
success stories behind it. – The College of Arts and
Sciences give you the knowledge, skills, and experience
to follow your passion, serve the common good, and
succeed in a career you love. Visit our website, or better
still, visit our campus to begin you life long journey here at UD. (upbeat music)

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