Bachelor’s Degree in Earth, Society and Environmental Sustainability: Online

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Bachelor’s Degree in Earth, Society and Environmental Sustainability: Online

By having an online program, no matter where
you live, you can come and take a degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The Environmental Sustainability Bachelor’s
completion program through Earth, Society, and Environment is a great choice for a lot
of non-traditional students because it allows, it has a lot of flexibility built into it. You can do this degree part time so if you’re
a busy working individual, you’ll be able to take courses in the evenings and gain your
bachelor’s degree. Offering a degree program online opens up
our programs to the world. You don’t need to incur all the costs of a traditional degree.
Students really like the convenience. You don’t need to take time out of your normal
life. In the same way, you don’t need to move where you live. It just provides a lot of flexibility and
it’s an online program that again, meets all the needs that they have. Everything is online but that doesn’t mean
that you don’t get to experience all the same things that on-campus students get to
experience. The courses are taught by the same professors that teach the on-campus courses,
and in lots of cases the courses are mixed between students that are on-campus students
degree seekers and off-campus degree seekers. It clearly comes down to caring about each
student and communicating with them, giving them feedback, talking to them about their
own development and so on. In the two classes I’ve had there’s been,
I think, way more dialogue in the online setting. I say the same bad jokes online as I do in
class and I try to develop some kind of rapport. I try to make it a fun, interesting and relevant
to your life type of material is what I strive for. I also want to be very communicative,
so I respond to an email, I give a lot of feedback, just as I would do in a regular
class. I really saw the students’ blossom. In the degree we have two concentrations,
and so in one of these concentrations, SES, Science of the Earth Systems, students learn
technical, natural science skills that are useful in environmental science professions.
The other concentration, SAE, has to do with society and the environment and it looks at
how social pressures are very important in environmental outcomes. I am currently teaching Sustainable Business
Enterprises which is really about learning about global challenges as they relate to
the environment and trying to figure out what businesses ought to do because business as
usual is not going to cut it with some of these challenges. We know that really on the national level,
there has been a huge emphasis on trying to create jobs that meet the new needs of the
green economy. This is a way of letting people who aren’t traditional students who aren’t
18 to 22 who have jobs, who have families, who have commitments to also get a bachelor’s
degree from the University of Illinois. If you’re thinking about doing this degree,
please contact us. Every student is different and the most important thing to us is making
sure that you’re enrolled in a program that fits your needs.

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